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This story is a sequel to Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited)

This is it. This is our final mission. Capture Mustafa alive. Do or die, we have to catch him. Little did we know that we're going to another fucking realm.

After fighting in Equestria for like eternity, the rangers finally made it back to Earth and fight again to save the world. But when Daniel, Chase, and Forbes were tasked to capture Mustafa Ammar alive, they were teleported to another human realm that they have no idea where it was. But it didn't surprise them because they have been in a world of ponies. What they didn't expect, is an army awaiting for their death.

T for the harsh languages.

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Noticed a lot of grammatical errors, but apart from that seems like an interesting story. I'll follow it.

Yeah, I still need to fix my grammar. I'm terrible at it.

Eh its storywriting, theres always gonna be mistakes.

I like this story, and especially protectors of harmony. Its just the grammar kills it a little. If you want, we could talk about me proofreading what you write. Let me know if you're interested, I can respond in a few hours.

I'll definitely take that offer.

I'm sorry that this is taking a long time to update, cause right now I'm focusing on the second World War story of mine. But don't worry though, this story will be updated just like it used to be.

sorry about the late response, I want to get working on it but a family thing came up. maybe a week or so? Hard to say but I'll start on the world war 2 one as soon as I can.

Meh, no problem mate! I'm always here btw and never leave this page. And take care of your family first brother. They are the most important person in life. So don't waste your time to just to proofread my story. If you had a problem, just go and handle it first. I don't mind.


Damn, Daniel, you got me hooked again!! I have got to follow this!

Nice chapter my boi, waitin on the next one!!!

Nice.....waiting for more.

Cool story


"Then what are you going to do when someone tried to kill you. You just sit there and accept the faith that you're already dead?" Chase was about to retort but he couldn't find a word for it. The terrorist shook his head, "No. I have promised myself to live my life to the fullest. I know my wife and my daughter wants me to be happy. But with all of this, I couldn't find it. Not just yet until I find a way to escape from his tyranny." The terrorist looked back at Daniel defeatedly. "I am sorry."

There... Grammatical error.
And this fic is perfect btw.

Okay, I missed that lmao. Thanks dude! <3

That was nothing pal.:ajsmug:

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