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Think you got what it takes to be creative? Then Join this group! No rules except no roleplay and no hate comments! I will do my best to update this group, and I do need someone to help me monitor this group 24/7. Thanks and have fun! :yay:

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Hello! Sorry for getting back so late. Yes! You can absolutely add your stories to this group - that’s what it’s here for:twilightsmile: If it’s a request story, it goes in the request folder. Any other story goes in the Very Creative folder.
Happy writing!

Are we allowed to add our own stories to this group? If so, then in what folder?

Gooooooodd afternoon everypony! Hope you’re Wednesday’s going great so far:pinkiehappy:. Midnight Sparkle just set up the new Welcome Forum, so definitely check that out to get to know each other and chat:twilightsmile:. See ya around!

Very cool! I’ll check her out if I ever need a design:twilightsmile:

Thank you!

Actually no; the cover art was made by Moonlightfan. She's incredible at these designs, though she does expect payment from them:raritywink:. You can actually go to her for designs, though she may be a bit busy.

Why thank you kindly:pinkiehappy: I like yours too! Did you design it yourself?

We're doing good! I love your avatar:scootangel:!

Ooooh I’m liking the new cover pics! How’s everyone doing?

Your welcome!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite. :raritystarry:

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