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"My name is Kelly Randell. I have been a fan of Kamen Rider since Double, and I sort of have a thing for hot villains... Ryoma being my favorite of the bunch. So it comes as no surprise that I come dressed up as him to Comicon."

'So... if the title and art says that she's becoming Gold Drive, why then does the description imply that she becomes Duke?'

"So then I met this guy who was selling a bunch of trinkets. He offered me the limited edition Lemon Lockseed that hadn't even been released yet... but then I saw the badass Banno Driver. I bought that instead. I think I made a good purchase...

That's what I would have thought had I not then experienced a Slowdown and ended up in a world where everyone's skin is colored differently, I ended up as a professor in a high school, and the Driver had become active. Yes. Banno's active. I'd be afraid, but right now I have other problems, like the local bully or Roidmudes randomly popping up everywhere. And don't get me started on that edgy Little Red Riding Hood cosplayer.

Basic gist: High School sucks. As always."

An Equestria Girls Displaced fanfic crossing over with Kamen Rider (Specifically Kamen Rider Drive) and RWBY. Image by Egophalic. Character tags may change depending on how important they are. The story is split into several six-chapter arcs. Each will be revealed in time.

Arc 1 (Chapters 1-6): The Golden Drive Arc, the beginning arc for this fanfic in which Kelly adjusts to both the new world and her powers as Gold Drive, and how she's not the only Displaced in this world.
Arc 2 (Chapters 8-14): The Shimmering Sunset Arc, in which Kelly learns about being a Displaced, her place in the universe she had been thrown into, and how there's a threat that could be bigger than she could ever imagine.
Arc 3 (Chapters 15-??): The Dazzling Adagio Arc, in which Kelly ends up having to face both the Roidmudes and the Dark Swan at the same time, and how she ends up receiving help from the most unlikely of allies.

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You have my attention, now let's see where you go with this.

Nicely done!! Though, gunna be honest, having THAT guy Driving your body...welp, it's your story, but that's a whole lot of NOPE in my opinion. Still, gutsy move, and I can't wait to see where this goes!!

Best of luck, and I can't wait to continue this ride!

I like what you're doing with the switching mechanic, I'm interested to see the end result.

Well shit not good. When I have my rider enter the multiverse the first crossover I'm doing is with this one. Because frankly I am wondering if Kelly is going to make her own version of tridoron and get tire koan at least.

Trying to get into the displaced universe but need help on idea of how to make the Horned King work with this and how to get involved in this better than just join up...

The forums will help you with that a lot more than I can. I'm just writing up a story based off a subgenre of stories that I like to explore.

So, when is Drive going to show up mildly annoyed? Only mildly because Kelly is saving people. Then again, Gou and his signal bikes would probably arrive first, then call up Shinnosuke to let him know that he has back up available at the cost of some of his shift cars. Actually, this opens up options if Kelly decides to make her own vehicle to help lessen the glitch or force Banno into a secondary body so she can fully be Gold Drive while keeping Banno around. Double Tridoron, double the fun!

You will not believe how much I just squeed after reading the summary. I love all 3 of the things in this, and since I AM a multiverse traveler, I could probably just travel to that dimension for fun, but then it would be in the middle of an arc, and that's not fun. Sooooo yeah. Gotta keep a reputation among the other travelers, don't I? It's bad enough that the others get on about my pony obsession, and the slight fact that I may have squeed so loud that they all woke, but that was it. Living in the same dorm as Decade and his protégé, my brother, is frustrating to say the least. How do you feel about that?

Rwby and a red white yellow and black picture at the end hmmm that is a total coincidence

I agree with Jsyrin, but other than that this story is pretty great.

Yeah, my apologies on that. I imported the document from Google Docs and it somehow messed up the links. I forgot about that when I was putting the finishing touches on it.

They're fixed now.

I noticed something that Judge said, and it makes me curious about something Banno said as well.

Exactly! We may have five Super Evolved Roidmudes to power up the Sigma Circular, maybe more!

A shame Freeze isn’t around. He would have ensured your hijinks would go unnoticed.

These two lines make wonder something.

Is Freeze not there at the moment, meaning he is somewhere else? or Is Freeze literally dead, as in not coming back?

I think it will be the former, but, who knows?

6788223 I'm having to agree here somehow I'm thinking lupin is involved with what is going on. Don't forget gold is also part of his system in terms of abilities. That may indicate his rider form is as powerful as a super evolved roimude seeing as he gave drive and the others quite the beating when he first appeared which was comparable to a super roimude in terms of beat down.

Ah, this is awesome. Very well done.

Is it wrong that I want one of my OC riders to be in this fic?

Not sure. The way I set the story up, there's probably not going to be room for a crossover. I might end up making time for a crossover to happen inbetween arcs, but for now, not sure.

6965936 Would you mind if I sent you a PM of the various riders and their powers?

I could set up a crossover that takes place in between the Golden Drive arc and the next arc, so fire away.

AN UPDATE!!! YES!!! Hmmm, interesting, looks like our male Rose CAN go home when he wants. Also, Nerve is freaking scary, who knows what may have happened to our Red Hero after that? Seems like our Displaced Kamen Rider also is on Sunset Shimmer's trail for breaking friendships. But will it still take Twilight to bring those 5 back together? Will our new Drive manage it? Or will that not happen due to Flutter getting killed By BANO!! Great Cliffhanger, though hopefully it won't be too long before we can get the next part of that scene, for my nerves at least.

Anyway, great chapter, great to see you active...and gods above I'm hoping to see more of you soon!

Hey Psyga, when you start having other Displaced show up, I'm open for a Crossover!

A fusion driver? One that could tap into the lock fruits or the shift cars? After all, the lock vehicles work, so it's reasonable that the others exist.

Kelly and Banno became W? Nobody told me about this!

And the first token has been found... one of two to be exact...

In her hands were D-Sword Vega

I forgot to fix that line. It should be

In her hand was D-Sword Vega

And to everyone out there reading this, what do you think of Buki? I'd like to read your thoughts, but since I'm not psychic, you'll have to type them out as a response to this comment.

I really enjoyed doing this Crossover! And honestly, that's the first ever Kamen Rider Displaced my guys have met!

7446822 793520 Hi, Here is a PM I Just sent to you today regarding 4 Epic Displaced Story Suggestions that I Highly Recommend for you to make...http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/messages/9537316
...Nuff Said.

Sounds like stuff's about to heat up with the new reaper.

:rainbowlaugh:Did anyone else felt like laughing when Banno told Kelly he wanted her to run the Roidmude down with Tridoron?

Okay... So I have a feeling that Tracer and Reaper just showed up...

7724312 Sadly no. He's not in my list for people to appear in this story.

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