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This story is a sequel to A Golden Drive Through Equestria

This story takes place during the Dazzling Adagio Arc.

Mackenzie King is an avid Kamen Rider fan, though he had been disillusioned with one of his favorite Kamen Riders, Gou Shijima. With the help of a mysterious merchant, he fulfills his dream of being Kamen Rider Mach. However, he is thrust into a world where multi-colored humans live, with him ending up in an academy that views him less of a human and more of an experiment.

If that wasn't bad enough, his appearance got the attention of Foundation X, who seek to retrieve his Driver, even if it means killing Mack in the process. Mack must try to keep on his toes with both them and the scientist who's looking over him, Twilight Sparkle, in order to stay alive in this Mach Speed side to A Golden Drive Through Equestria.

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Okay, I gotta ask. What ever happened to this story? This is awsome. I understand live can get in the way, but i would at least like an update.

I have a quarter of an update in the back burner, same with Golden Drive. The idea I had was that both would be updated at the same time to convey the idea that they're both happening at the same time.

Good to hear, sorry if i sounded impatient but is just been a few years sence this story got an update. Its really and i would like to see it continue, keep up the good work.

Nah, it's okay. If anything, I'm sorry for not updating more often.

Maybe i can help, i write fiction myself maybe i could give you a few pointers on how the stories should progress. I understand if you decline its your story after all.

I'm interested in that. Though I do have some idea of where to go with it, it's nice to hear someone suggest something on the off chance that it's better than what I had in mind.

I was thinking something along the lines of after mack gets his replacment mach driver, he tries to get to know twi better. But the only thing she seams intrested in ( at least in this point in the story ) is how he got such tech and how he get to there world in the first place. He tells her everything he remembers but it rather sceptical. After while he just ducks out of the lab with that robot following in toe and soon comes across the shadow bolts ogling the ride macher ( thats the officel name of gou's motorcycle). It turns out the bike is a gift from the man on the bike from the end of the first chapter if he is who i think he is. With a note saying he'll needit for whats coming. The girls try to rope him into their little click because they ride bikes too and as a means of bullying twilight. But the robot sends the off, mack takes the ride macher and leaves to explore the town. You could probably find a few interesting ideas in there. But again it your story, if im crossing any boundaries let me know. And another thing, stick a link to kamen rider machs instert theme when ever you have a fight scence when mach henshins. It would be appropriate

No. It is not, but close guess.

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