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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.


This story is a sequel to Kamen Rider Unicorn

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead for those who have not finished the main story. It is highly recommended that you read that first before reading this story. Otherwise, if you have already, please enjoy!)

Graduation is almost here, and Sunset will soon begin a new chapter of her life. With the prevention of the Gaia Impact, life in Canterlot City has returned to relative normalcy...That is until Sunset woke up and found that everyone she cared about now treated her as if she was the Old Sunset Shimmer, the girl who was once feared and hated. Her friends see her as the Queen of Mean once again, and no one believes that she was ever good or nice. Not even her own girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle.

With little to go on, and few to no allies, Sunset will have to solve the mystery of how and why her friends and loved ones believe she hasn't changed. But the more Sunset looks into this mystery, the more Sunset realizes how bad her situation truly is.

The exciting conclusion to Sunset's Kamen Rider journey begins now!

Featured 8/12/2019, thank you everyone!

Chapters (10)
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Okay, first off: what the hell!?!?

Only now am I seeing this fic for the first time, been trying to find this sequel since July:raritydespair::flutterrage::applecry:

Haven't posted anything here but comments so I'm guessing there is a "hide fic" function considering the timestamp dates back mid-late July.

But I'm happy in seeing this now!!!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::yay:

Getting into the fic, nice to see we're getting into Forgotten Memory, guessing the Memory Memory was used here unless we're going EqG canon with the rock (Haven't read this fully through yet, why I'm speculating now) Getting vibes of the Drive/Faiz movies sice we're hitting the "Public Enemy #1" trope. Oooh this is getting juicy.

Trixie grabbed ahold of Sunset’s wrest
With their memories wiped of all the ‘good’ memories of you, you’re sparkling angel form can’t be attained
With you’re speed power, you should be able to vibrate that ice and

1. Wrist.
2. Your.
3. Your.

I guess we’ll always be I divergent paths, Sunset Shimmer

1. Uhh... On? At?

How has it four o’ clock now

1. Umm... Is?

not to mention it’s partner, Weather
You’re turn batty

1. Its.
2. Your.

the sunt was already halfway down on the horizon
Memoria, you prayed on the insecurities of a young girl
By some miracle, or convince, the stadium lights kicked on

1. Sun.
2. Preyed. E, not A.
3. Convenience. Or should it be Coincidence?

Of course, just try not to cop a feel or Twilight my deck you
sharing in their interests, and I gotta say, you’re interests
The next to appear was a young man, he black dress pants, and a teal colored shirt
my actions could not be forgiven, but slowly yet surly
While Fluttershy’s parents were normally quite folk

1. Might.
2. Your.
3. Missing some words here.
4. Surely.
5. Quiet.

Stellar Flare continued to examine her body as she said, “W-Well of course I remember that! But it’s another thing when you actually have it happen!” The older woman’s hands then rested on her chest, and her face blushed. “A-A-And why are these up here?! And why are they so big?! For that matter, why are yours big as well?! Are we pregnant?!”

“Yes, I was going to ask about that, Sunset. These don’t normally get this large unless a mare’s close to giving birth to a foal, but I don’t feel as if I am with foal,” said Princess Celestia.

Don't worry folks, Sunset's going to keep them abreast of the situation.

Yes, I had to say that just to get it off my chest.

Twilight moved around until she was in front of Sunset, she then draped her arms over her girlfriend’s shoulders and gave her a very predatory smile. “That depends.”

Sunset’s smiled widened as she wrapped her arms around Twilight’s waist and brought their bodies closer together. “Depends on what, Sparky?”

“Depends on how fast we can your bed setup, Sunny.”

Shouldn't it be, "How fast we can setup your bed"?

Welp, this is going to get me to watch Build. Everytime I read I swear you give me the willies as if I'm watching the battle itself. But it's also cheeky of you to hide your story right before you finished the last chapter. Adds to the excitement quite well though.

Oh god damnit you just had to put that bit at the end. Well played.

Ok, who are the other Xtra Riders?

Jesus Mary and Jospeh Memoria!

"Mine are a drop in the bucket compared to yours!"

AND SHE ATONED FOR IT! SHE ATONED AND MADE UP FOR HER SINS IN THIS SERIES! You right now are becoming THE VERY TYRANT YOU HATED! God somebody slap some sense into her.

9777680 The time stamp is due to when I uploaded the chapters. The last half was done later, but I wanted to upload it all at the same time.

9777759 Thanks again Sans! And on that note, cue the rim shot. And glad I can stoke the fires of interest in the Rider Universe.

9778062 Of course, this is me after all.:raritywink:

9778073 For now, it mostly consists of Unicorn and Tempest since they are the beginning Riders. Much like Kuuga is the start of the Heisei Riders, Kamen Rider 1 is the beginning Rider of the Showa Riders, and more recently, Zero-1 is the start of the Reiwa Riders to come.


I'm guessing that they will meet other Xtra Riders along the way.

BTW, I have to ask, why did the Equal Memory replace the Eternal as the E of the T2's?

Shin Memoria: HA! I FINALLY DID IT! I WON!

*Kamen Rider United appears. Il Vento Doro plays in the background. Another speech on friendship*

Shin Memoria: .... guess I'll die.

So since the "Main" Heisei Riders were charged with destroying the Xtra Riders, does that mean Sunset and Tempest are at odds with EVERY Heisei Rider, including Tsukasa and all the others that have helped Sunset? Will we actually have a fight between Unicorn and W, and Nasca and Accel?

What's got me more worried though is.... well..... you ever hear of Kamen Rider Amazons?

No. But I was really just asking for clarification on something.

Well let's just say.... if what you're saying IS correct? Then the two or POSSIBLY three that are coming after them with the other Heisei Riders..... they're the LEAST concerned about killing her.


I've been looking forward to this. (A good friend hasn't because he can't stand to see Sunset's relationships crumble, so I'll read it for him.)

At least this isn't Anon-a-miss.


The Memory Stone is alive? Or...no, must be the evil sorceress. How has it become this powerful? Memory Memory?


Now who's that biker? Wallflower isn't a Rider...or IS she?


Starlight?! Was NOT expecting that! And here I was just wondering if she could help...


Did Trixie already know about the magic journal?

And yay, Equal's helping!


Shouldn't they have thought to try calling for help on the phone sooner?

And yeah, figured she'd use the Memory power to revive past enemies. It's the movie, after all.


So it WAS the evil sorceress!

And we're getting a new movie-exclusive form! Yay! Kick her (shapely) ass, Sunny!


That. Was. AMAZING. Well done. WELL DONE!

Alternate Title: "Damn, it would be nice to know Zi-O right about now!"

“Memoria! You preyed on the insecurities of a young girl and tricked her into enacting vengeance! As a result, your deeds have not only harmed the target of those feelings, but that same young girl and the world itself! Your evil will no longer threaten this, or any other world! IT’S TIME TO RESTORE HARMONY!”

A fitting song to end on:

“So, it has come to pass, the battle between the Heisei Riders,” the man pointed towards the four Legend Riders, “and the Heisei Xtra Riders,” his left hand pointed to Unicorn and Tempest. “A threat has come to the Rider Worlds, one that could see the end of all Kamen Riders, but hope may yet be on the horizon for you see My Overlord and Kamen Rider Decade are – Oh dear. My apologies, I almost gave away too much.”


HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS AWESOME! This entire project has been so...so...AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! /):rainbowkiss:(\ I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it! /):rainbowkiss:(\

:pinkiehappy: This has been the best damn ride I've been on yet, on this site! And I sure as hell can't wait for the next one!

I really wish you didn't upload the whole story from first chapter to last in one go, it was really annoying to binge read it all, however this was an incredible journey and a fantastic way to end the Unicorn series once and for all. Glorious job Michael, cya down the old dusty road....

Also, for one last time, damn your Cliffhangers!

Yeah...killing is the least on their minds. At least...the least on one of their minds...

Some of those Amazons while goofy looking costumes..... the shit they did....

Yeah. And Alpha. Just...Alpha.

Which one? Normal Alpha or Neo Alpha?

Believe it or not there's a worse version of him.

I couldn’t help but read the whole thing in one go! This was your best to date. Can’t wait for the next story!!!


...Interdimensional incest. Huh.




This is gonna be awesome!

Ok, first of all, you are insane! Second, YES!


Ah, the mundanity of life.

“B-But you never thank me,” said Snips with confusion.

And it begins...

“Sunset Shimmer, what the heck do you want?” Applejack asked sternly.

And here we go...

Once Sunset was standing, Bulk began to cower in her presence and then swiftly moved out of her way. Sunset could plainly see the fear in his eyes, a fear of what she would do to him for not getting out of her way in time. Sunset hated that, she hated seeing that fear, after everything she had done to stop people from looking at her with those kinds of eyes, it was too unbearable.

Uh, that stings...

The former unicorn looked everywhere for the communication cube that Tsukasa, Kamen Rider Decade, gave her to call him. But no matter where she looked, the cube was nowhere to be found. Sunset growled in frustration, she would never misplace something so important, it was the same as if she misplaced the journal. WAIT, THE JOURNAL!

Then where is this thing?

However, when Sunset left the room, something odd happened. On the coffee table in the center of the living room, arcs of lightning began to spark into existence. Again, and again the arcs would shoot out, and as they did, the image of the cube would appear, as if it were turning invisible and becoming visible again. The cube released a burst of energy that seemed to pull at the space around it, making it visible, but then it all snapped back, hiding the cube once again.


Just then, a blue laser bolt shot passed her head, causing Unicorn to stiffen up at the sudden attack. She turned around and saw that it was Trigger, his Chrome Magnum barrel still smoking from the fired shot. “Trigger, what the hell was that for?!”

Oh, crapbaskets...

[Since the arrival of Kamen Rider Unicorn, and declaring that the city would be her domain, heroes have risen to stop her. Kamen Riders Nasca and Trigger have continued to fight against this evil villainess, even after she introduced the creatures known as Dopants to try and conquer the city. Who knows what her true intentions could be? But it seems our heroes have gotten stronger in order to combat this evil with the introduction of Nasca’s Star Chaser form and Trigger SWAT.]

So, it's not just changed memories, it's changed past?

The person Sunset had knocked down was another girl. She wore dark blue denim pants, and a tan striped sweater. Her complexion was a light-green color, while her hair was a deep grass green. The new girl’s eyes were a warm brown color, matching the rather earthy tone of her hair color. The young woman stared up at Sunset with an annoyed look and said, “It’s fine. Although I’ve been here for a while.”

Hey Wallflower.

Fluttershy overheard their conversation and curiously asked, “We do? Who?”

:facehoof: Ah, never change.

“Oh, good for Micro Chips. ‘Most Likely to Invent Cold Fusion’! Even though I made two devices that allow my friend and girlfriend to harness the power of devices that hold incredible power and created THREE different artificially intelligent robot animals who assist in defending the city! It’s not a reason to be jealous! Not even a little! Heh, heh!”

I'm sure they just think Cold Fusion is beneath you...

“What? Not like I’m wrong, besides, it’s says so right here.” Rainbow Dash held up another Superlative, one that read, “Most Likely To Get Married: Sunset Shimmer & Twilight Sparkle.”

:rainbowlaugh: Well, I'm sure they aren't wrong.

“Um. I-I think he’s sweet,” Fluttershy whispered.

Huh, cu... Wait! A girl finding a boy cute, in Unicorn? That is a rare sight!

The others chuckled at Trixie’s expense as they filed out of the room.

Seems like they missed someone... ups.


That I did not expect.

“She’s got a nice flank as well.”

:facehoof: Well, at least you didn't lose your sense of humor girl.

“Sister, if you continue to hug my niece that tight, I fear she may bend at an angle that ponies aren’t meant to.”

And once again undeniable prove that Luna is best princess.

“Sorry, I’m just used to hearing you say, ‘No student parking in the faculty lot.’ Or, ‘learn how to play you newb!’”

Luna raised an eyebrow at that. “I’m not sure what a ‘newb’ is, but this ‘faculty lot’ sounds like a place of great power.”

See point above.

“Can’t say Ah have, but…”

“It feels familiar, right?” Rarity asked.

Yeah, stuffs missing isn't?

“Never underestimate Pinkie’s perfect eye for potential busty beauties! Now, as I was saying, they’re just about average, but nothing to sneeze at either. Unlike Rainbow Dash’s.” Pinkie pointed her thumb at the rainbow haired girl and made a motion with her hand starting from her chest with the flat of her palm and going up and down.

Pinkie is fucking savage!

When she did, something strange happened. The guitar began to get wrapped in strange green energy, the energy seemed to try and hide the guitar from view, but for some reason the guitar shimmered as if it was trying to remain. But it was no use, the energy swallowed the guitar and its stand, removing the instrument from sight, as if it never existed.

Ok, that is really freaky.

Twilight’s eyes widened, and her left eye began to twitch as she heard those words. “There’s a…a reh…a reh…a reh…”

Someone unleashed the beast...

“Stronger magic can negate other magic. Sunset Shimmer has wronged you, and everyone. Everyone seems to have forgotten the tyrant that she is. But you haven’t.”

Huh, there is more to it this time it seems...

“But of course, it just had to be Sunset – freakin’ – Shimmer who gets all the power, the glory, the adoration, and…” Wallflower looked upon another window, showing some tender, romantic moments between Sunset and Twilight. “……love.”

Huh, someone is jealous.

“Okay, whatever weird BDSM crap you’re into, we don’t want any part of,” said Rainbow. “Second you can just –!”

..Kink-shaming? From Rainbow? Now that is new.

Sunset let her hair hide her face as she released Twilight’s wrist and let her go. The girls watched in the doorway, waiting to jump in should Sunset try something while she had ahold of Twilight, but their fears were for naught, this time around. As they began to leave, Rainbow Dash added, “AND DON’T MESS WITH OUR INSTRUMENTS!” before leaving. Twilight stayed in the doorway a few more seconds, looking upon Sunset Shimmer as her back was turned to the bespectacled girl, and feeling a strange hurt in heart. Twilight dismissed the feeling and followed after her friends.


“So…here we are,” said Sunset as she crossed her arms.

“Here we do are!” Trixie replied, mimicking Sunset’s stance, and after a second realizing how ridiculous her comeback sounded.

"Just a question, what exactly are we doing?"

“Well, to a degree, yes. Because I know that you would’ve knocked my teeth in for calling you…well…what I called you earlier. And…” Trixie rubbed her chin as she thought. “I don’t know how to put it, you seem…less off putting? More approachable? Something like that.”


I’m sorry this is happening to you; magic should not be used to tear friendships or love apart! Magic is meant to bring people together, to create wonder and spark imagination, and sometimes even bring two lovers together. Whoever is doing this is marring the very nature of magic, and the Great and Powerful Trixie will NOT stand for this! We will find this memory thief and set everything right! You have my word as a woman and as a magician, Sunset Shimmer!

Double awww.

Sunset smacked her forehead, and then bonked Trixie on the head and made her go “Ow!”. “Sorry, about the intrusion, Nurse Redheart. We’ll be leaving. Hi, Bulk.”

Perfectly handled.

Trixie eyes widened as she saw Sunset begin to cry, all the frustration and anger of this situation was finally getting to her. The strength in her grip loosened as she let Trixie go, she fell back onto her rear, hugging her legs to her body as she cried. Trixie sat down next to her; this was a little awkward for her. Trixie was never the consoling type of person, but, seeing Sunset so defeated and helpless, it felt wrong not to show her some kindness. Gingerly, Trixie wrapped her arm around Sunset’s shoulders and brought her closer, letting the flame haired girl rest her head against the crook of her shoulder.

Yikes... Well, you've done it now, she is crying.

C’mon Trixie, Sunset’s too strong to do anything like that!


Twilight wanted to tell Sunset no and slam the door in her face. Why should she give her bully the time of day, let alone invite into her own home? Then again, Sunset did look distraught, desperate even, and she had been acting strangely over these past two days. “My brother’s home, and he’s a cop, if you try anything – anything – he’ll throw you out or arrest you.”

God, this is all so awful...

Oh no…don’t tell me I’m becoming one of those girls who falls in love with her abuser?! Wait, do…do I like girls?!

And things start to get awkward...

Without any warning, Twilight moved forward and kissed Sunset on the lips.

Well, someone is going for a quick one this time.

The battle of memories and feelings was still being waged inside Twilight, everything about this based on her memories would say that Sunset would take full advantage of her without a care in the world, but what she felt said differently, she felt safe, felt…loved. Twilight gripped at her head, it felt as if there were two different versions of herself arguing back and forth and she was caught in the middle.

God, this is so heartbreaking...


Couldn't have put it better myself.

The bike and Unicorn flipped several times before finally landing on the side of a skyscraper. The magically infused tires clung to the building like static cling and allowed Unicorn to drive on the side of the building without falling.


Let me guess, you were going to transform into that OP form of yours, right? Well, unfortunately, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Oh, fuck!

“Why? Because we’re partners, that’s why! I know you’re the captain of every sports team in CHS, I know you’re overconfident, kind of annoying at times, and the only other girl in our group of friends who as perverted as I am!” Unicorn took a few deep breaths as she tried to calm herself. “But, you’re also the most loyal friend anyone could ask for and would come through no matter what if it meant helping out your friends.”


“Yeah…I’m Unicorn…Always have been, and you…you’ve been my partner…fighting Dopants side-by-side, and now…I guess if I’m going to die in this new hell…it’s better if it’s by your hands…” Sunset smiled up at Nasca, at Rainbow Dash, and finally collapsed.


“I’m just a past villain coming to even the score. Henshin.”

Oh, that was why you took away her memory, that makes me accept it a bit more.

Search your feelings, Rainbow Dash. You know I won’t hurt her, and neither do you.

Well, someone enjoys Star Wars :rainbowlaugh:

Spectacle hugged her daughter, trying to bring some comfort to Trixie. “You shouldn’t have to carry all of this on your own, Trixie. You should tell Principal Celestia or Vice Principal Luna, I’m sure they’d be able to help Sunset Shimmer.”

Trixie#s mom is cool.

Trixie nodded, and Spectacle got up to leave. When she closed the door, she made one last hand gesture and made another tarot card appear.

He, funny.

Trixie’s eyes bulged out at reading that last line. As of midnight, today was the third day. Did that mean that they were already too late? “Wait, we don’t know when the culprit actually erased the memories, and if that’s true, it could’ve been at anytime!”

Oh boy...

Spike’s jaw dropped upon hearing this. “You kissed Sunset Shimmer?!”

Spike.Exe stopped working

A determined look appeared upon her face as she said, “What I should’ve done a while ago. Look Up!”

Now it gets interesting.

“If she gave it to me…” Twilight sat upon her bed as tears began to well up in her eyes. The look of rejection and shock on Sunset’s face when she pushed her off, showing nothing but contempt and fear. “Oh my gosh…she was telling the truth…!” Twilight shot up to her feet and grabbed her cellphone. “I have to tell the girls!”


“I remember, everything.”


“Look, I don’t know if this is permanent, or if it’s just because of the reality being messed with. If it’s the latter, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure your future, and my friends’ futures, are not destroyed by some ego maniac on a power trip!” Starlight declared with vigor. “So, all I need to know is, are you still willing to fight to get back what is rightfully yours?!”


“Did I say, ‘half a day’? I meant ASAP!”

Now that is the answer I wanted to hear.

“About that,” Twilight chimed in, “I don’t think it’s true.”

Time to break this deception!

“What’s got me ‘riled up’, is the fact that Sunset Shimmer trusts you so much to remember that you’re all friends, and in your case,” Trixie pointed a finger to Twilight Sparkle, “girlfriends, that you won’t even give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s being honest!”

Trixi, I just want to hug you right now!

Trixie placed her hands on her hips as she glared at Rainbow. “I know what you’re getting at, Kamen Rider Nasca.”

Trixi is on a roll!

“I don’t think, I know. Trixie’s right, everything in that journal is the truth,” said Twilight.

Things are finally starting to turn around.

“You’ve never begged for anything, you’re sure as hell not starting now, so stand up and just ask us for help.” Sunset turned her gaze back up at Rainbow, who stretched out her hand towards her. The flame haired girl smiled gratefully as she took Rainbow’s hand and was hoisted back up to her feet. “To be honest, I think we all had doubts about what’s been going on. What we remember, and what we feel don’t exactly match up. I should be angry, but right now…I just feel…ashamed, and sad. Dammit…I’m supposed to represent loyalty, and I can’t even tell the difference between a fake memory and the feelings that have been telling me otherwise.”

Awww. I just want to let you know, you are really bringing in the feelings right now, and god is it working.

“Love birds, the Great and Powerful Trixie would like to solve this mystery sometime today!” Trixie scolded.

Trixi is just a delight.

I wanted to see who we missed, but it’s no use, we’ve talked to everyone, A to Z!

Haha, funny reference.

The amateur magician hurriedly put herself between Wallflower and Sunset. “Whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Let’s not antagonize the person with the all-powerful mystery rock!”

She has a point.

Finally, Trixie just slumped her shoulders and waved to Sunset. “You know what? Just leave me here! Go and save the world or whatever!”

Trixi is awsome!

“Like you hurt her?” Applejack asked.

What was it again? Oh, right, karma is a bitch!

“Erasin’ our memories without permission, fer what? If we made up with Sunset and became friends, then that’s our choice! It ain’t yours to decide that we only remember the bad and see her as such,” said Applejack.

“And how do you know that she hasn’t changed! You erase all the good memories, and only focus on the bad, people can change!” Twilight glanced to Sunset who had a little smile on her face. “So, don’t push your own opinions on us!”


Shining’s eyes bulged from his skull upon hearing this. “WAIT – YOU’RE WHAT?!”

Shining.Exe stopped working

Memoria clapped both her hands together, and upon doing so, the Memory Stone released dozens, upon dozens of smoke trails that flew out and around her. When one of them landed on the ground, the smoke began to take form, in less than a few seconds, they were all face to face with enemies of their past. Dopants that represented the twenty-six T2 Gaia Memories. Accel, Bird, Cyclone, Dummy, Fang, Gene, Heat, IceAge, Key, Luna, Ocean, Puppeteer, Queen, Rocket, Unicorn, Weather, Yesterday, and Zone. But they were not alone.

Another round smoke wisps emerged from the Memory Stone, and what appeared next was another round of Dopants, that of the PhoenEXE Corp. T1 Gaia Memory Dopants. Arms, Terror, Taboo, Claydoll, Smilodon, Dog, Utopia, Anomalocaris, Magma, T-Rex, Money, Bat, Quetzalcoatius, Injury, Lightning, Dog, Jewel, Spider, Commander, and Eyes.

Well... That is an army if I ever saw one...

“Maybe…ideally, I’d like to defeat you before that happens…but,” Sunset glanced about, to her friends, to her allies, to her lover, “if it means having to start from scratch, to build that trust with them again, I’ll do it, because they’re worth it!”

Now that's the spirit!

“So, we’re doing this? Alright, why not.” Equal summoned her Staff of Sameness, twirled it around, and entered an attack stance. “Bringer of balance! Kamen Rider Equal!”

Yes, yes we are and I love it!

The two weapons became one as a construct sniper rifle formed over the Chrome Ultimatum. The scope zeroed in on the location of the Eyes Dopant, who was hiding behind a large tree. The barrel of the construct rifle glowed brightly, and then Trigger fired. A sharp beam of light sailed through the air and pierced through the tree and through the Dopant at the same time. Trigger fired two more shots before landing on the ground, the last two shots hit their mark and caused the Dopant to explode.


“Time to roast this overgrown turkey!”

And worst of all, you won't even get any meat from this.

The kick carried the energy into the spear, sending it flying like a missile towards IceAge. The elemental Dopant fired a massive burst of ice energy, but the spear pierced right through it, all the way until it struck IceAge and caused a red, fiery explosion that wiped out the last of the “Elite 4” Dopants.

Oh, this is so creative.

Unicorn’s body gained armor plating as she channeled more power into her right fist. The Metal Ring continued to ricochet off the trees until it hit a rock, angling it just right to send it sailing back towards Jewel. Unicorn threw her punch and struck the Dopant in the chest, at the exact same time, the Metal Ring hit the back of the Dopant. The two pressures and energies resonated within the monster, causing it to explode.


You can’t destroy them, because they still exist in memories. I have the memories of these creatures, taken from the people of Canterlot City, and your exploits! So long as the memory exists, so will they! Face it, you’ve lost, the sun will set soon, and this will all be over!

That's a tad bit unfair.

Twilight, everyone! I’ll miss you…!


The flame haired girl’s eyes fluttered open; the others gave her space as she began to move awkwardly. “Who…Wha…” Sunset looked upon the group and gasped in shock as she tried to back away but fumbled about before finally stopping on her hands and knees. “Who are you?! W-Where am I?! Th-This isn’t Canterlot, why am I here?! P-Princess Celestia?! Princess Celestia where you?!” Sunset gasped again when she looked upon her hands and then the rest of her body. “W-W-W-W-What happened to me?! Why’s my body look like this?!” Sunset couldn’t feel her magic, she was in a body she didn’t know, fear gripped her as she got into a fetal position, covering her head with her hands, balling them into fists for makeshift hooves. “Please, someone, a-anyone…help me…”

Oh, that one hurts...

B-B-But the memories from before, they were…were…MEMORIA! What’s going on?! Wallflower asked.

The betrayer shows his face...

We sought out the two women who were trying to recreate the Gaia Memories, those two fools made one for us, we promised them money, but instead, we took the device and erased their memories of our encounter, none the wiser.

Ah, these two idiots.

“The Union Memory, it combines all my knowledge regarding the Gaia Memories, as well as what I have learned from you regarding magic. If you can awaken its power, we might be able to defeat Memoria.” Starlight glanced towards the sky and grimaced. “But we don’t have a lot of time, you have to try now, or all this will be lost!”


“Wrong…” All eyes returned to Sunset as she spoke. “You…You can erase memories, but you can’t erase what’s in here!” Sunset pressed her hand against her chest. “Our hearts have memories too, they remember not images, but feelings, the connections that we’ve made cannot easily fade away…that’s…that’s what friendship is…heh, now I get it, Princess…”



Damn right you are!

< ACCEL! >

< BIRD! >


< DUMMY! >

< EQUAL! >

< FANG! >

< GENE! >

< HEAT! >


< JOKER! >

< KEY! >

< LUNA! >

< METAL! >

< NASCA! >

< OCEAN! >


< QUEEN! >


< SKULL! >







< ZONE! >







< MAGIC! >




Oh boy, this must have been a bitch to color!

“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”
“Hear us now! We are KAMEN RIDER UNICORN UNITY!”

Ok, two things, first, the song is once again a brilliant choice and second AWESOME!

“Which means we can close the door on that memory once we take it out. Your army’s about to lose a few troops.”

The tides are turning!

The Magnum weapons began to elongate and meld with the arms of Unicorn, transforming her arms to four-foot-long cannons.

If guns can't solve a problem, use bigger guns.

“How the hell could I write this tripe?! Unicorn isn’t a villain! Sunset…! Oh gods, Sunset!”

Ah, this feels right.



[RainbowFans: D-Mond’s right, everyone, she and Nasca are fighting for us all! Let’s support them no matter what! #UnicornHERO #NascaHERO]

Exactly Scoots!

Wallflower’s eyes widened with disbelief. “How can you say that?! After everything I’ve done to you, to your friends and girlfriend?! Why would want to save someone as invisible as me?! I’m…No one would miss me anyway!”

Bullshit, you saw what you did wrong, so there is still the chance to start over.

“Memoria, you preyed on the insecurities of a young girl and tricked her into enacting vengeance! As a result, your deeds have not only harmed the target of those feelings, but the young girl and the world itself! Your evil will no longer threaten this or any other world! IT’S TIME TO RESTORE HARMONY!”

Damn straight!

Starlight sat up and looked around, she then sighed as she said, “Unfortunately, yes. Guess I’m not an amnesiac anymore.” Starlight watched as Shining Armor walked over to her. “Do you remember what I did?”

Well, that is interesting.

“Tough, because I say you are. Pinkie, do the thing!” Sunset ordered.


Rainbow Dash cleared her throat and said, “Uh, hate to be ‘that girl’, but, uh, how are we getting back into town?”

I hope you are not too exhausted. This will be a long treck.

Sunset chuckled as she walked closer to Wallflower. “I’m not typically into BDSM, but I’d be willing to give it a shot if you’re offering?”

Yep, everything is back to normal.

“I don’t hear Fluttershy complaining,” Trixie commented.


“But, leaving Earth to stay in Equestria…that seems a bit drastic, don’t you think?” Twilight asked.

Huh... That I did not see coming.

Night Glider stomped towards Starlight and grabbed her jacket and looked the genius in the eyes. “That’s not your decision to make! Even though you were kind of a bitch here and there, I thought we were friends, right?! Or were we just deluding ourselves?!”


“Oh nothing, just noticing that the pony version of you, even in human form, is more, ahem, ‘stacked’ than you are big sister,” said Luna.

These two...

“Interdimensional incest…that’s what’s happening right now…and I am witnessing it firsthand,” said Sunset in a mortified tone.

...Couldn't have put it better myself...

“I too would like to know, if the portal has done something to our bodies to make us carry, I think that should have been something that you should have warned us about,” Luna added.

...I got nothing.

Songbird Serenade. But my friends and girlfriendjust call me Sara.

I did not expect that one...

Welcome one and all, families and friends, to the Graduation of the Canterlot High School Senior Class of 20XX.

That is one way of doing this :rainbowlaugh:

For Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, their future was just beginning, a new life together, as well as new journey for them and their friends. However, that doesn’t mean evil will sleep quietly, for there will always be darkness looming and ever waiting for the moment to strike.

But, just like there were always be evil, so too will there always be Kamen Riders to battle them. And Sunset Shimmer would always answer that call, they all would answer the call.


Sunset gripped the doorframe hard, trying to keep herself from crying. Twilight rested her head against Sunset’s and said, “It’s okay to cry, Sunset.”


Twilight’s face lit up at the insinuation. “No, no, it’s not that! W-W-We just thought it would be more ergonomically and economically efficient to use only the one bed until we can fully determine if the space can allow for more than one bed! I promise our intentions weren’t –!”


“Depends on how fast we can get your bed setup, Sunny.”

Someones thirsty!

“Tempest…as in Kamen Rider Tempest?! The one who helped you against Sunflower and Clear Skies back during the Gaia Impact Incident?!” Twilight asked.

Huh, what might she be doing here?

Just then a Veil appeared some feet away from them, it wasn’t the normal Silver Veil that Decade used to traverse through time and space, no, this was gold colored, a Golden Veil. Fizz took out her Driver and had it wrap around her waist, at the same time, she took out both the Horse and Storm Bottles, preparing for the enemy to come.


The Golden Veil pulled back and revealed something that Sunset was not prepared for, other Kamen Riders. Before her stood four different Riders, ones she had not seen before. The first had red armor, with red compound eyes and a golden crest upon his helmet. The second had black, red, and violet armor pieces, and looked more like an armored demon rather than a Kamen Rider. The third had red and silver armor, chains, and eyes that resembled bat wings. The fourth had silver armor, with red compound eyes, but in his hands, he carried a saber, which was at the ready.

Oh, fuck me sideways...

Kuuga stepped forward and said, “We’re the Heisei Riders of the main universe. You two, are the Heisei Xtra Riders.”


Suffice to say, our worlds are in danger of total annihilation,

Wait, wait, you said Main Universe, so one world.

To eliminate you, and save our worlds from destruction, said Hibiki.

I'm getting Showa vs Heisei flashbacks and that is not good...

Time stopped; the Riders all frozen in place mere inches away from entering combat. Even the lightning that raged overhead was frozen mid strike. A man in his twenties came walking from the side from nowhere, wearing a black scarf and beige coat, and carrying a strange book in his right hand as he strode towards the frozen battle.

Woz? Oh boy, this will be fun.

“So, it has come to pass, the battle between the Heisei Riders,” the man pointed towards the four Legend Riders, “and the Heisei Xtra Riders,” his left hand pointed to Unicorn and Tempest. “A threat has come to the Rider Worlds, one that could see the end of all Kamen Riders, but hope may yet be on the horizon for you see My Overlord and Kamen Rider Decade are – Oh dear. My apologies, I almost gave away too much.”

Tsukasa and Sougo? Yes please, two of the beast leads this franchise has to offer.

To lose is to die, to win, is to see the end of one or more of the Rider Worlds. Can Unicorn and Tempest figure out a way to stop the Rider Worlds from total annihilation? Or will they need to pay the ultimate price to save all worlds?

I personally prefer it the way the Neo Heisei Era has done it, with one continues Rider World, minus Build. But hey, we'll see where this is going.



I personally prefer it the way the Neo Heisei Era has done it, with one continues Rider World, minus Build. But hey, we'll see where this is going.

It's never consistent these days whether there's one world or multiple. Yeah, most of them have been implied to be the same world, but then we have Zi-O, which claims that they WEREN'T the same world, except when they are. Or something.

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