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You've ended up in an alternate universe where, while the ponies are the same jobwise, their personalities have changed. Applejack is now the fancy Sparkling Cider, Rarity's the hard working Ivory, and Fluttershy has become the animal impersonator, Cottontail.

You had a crush on Sparkling Cider, though you were rejected by her. At the same time, you gained a giant stuffed animal. It seemed like a coincidence that Prism Wing invited you for lunch the day after... and then you instead meet the creator of the stuffed animal.

Little did you know, you've been set up on a blind date.

Cottontail is an AU Fluttershy, particularly of the Ultimare Universe, made by Siden. Art done by mylittlelizombie.

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We need more cotton tail and fluffy hoodie snuggels. Please:twilightsmile:
PS:awesom story.

Yeah, I'm okay with more. I have to say, though, I kinda wish this had been a multi-parter.

You beat me in being the first one to publish a story about this universe. Although on the other hand, I'm happy and delightful that somebody else knows about this universe. Seriously, I thought I was the only one! (Well, not exactly the other one since you found fanart but you get the idea)

Hmmm never heard of this AU. Can't say I'm a fan of Rarijack or whatever, but it seems interesting.

where is this AU? I looked it up but nothing came. . .
I love fluttershy and I think this is an awesome rendition of her. I wanna know more about this universe.


You can find it here.

7732869 make more cotton tail. she's awesome. that's awesome. and adorable. why does no one know about this? I love the art. I should stop now. but I can't. more cotton tail plz. make it a sequel. I like 2nd person stories.

I'm very jealous lol


You called for moar...

... But nothing came.


I'll see myself out now.

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