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As Ponyville's self appointed animal helper, Fluttershy takes responsibility for all the critters around town. And with Fall already deep underway, she overworks herself to make sure all the animals are prepared for the long winter months. At least this time she won't be alone, as you offer to lend her a hand.

Maybe she actually won't work herself ragged this year. Maybe she planned ahead and started early? Or maybe did the same as she always does. Regardless, you'll be there to help the beautiful pegasus... And hopefully not make a fool of yourself in front of your crush.

AN: Just something small I started a while back. This started as a RP with a friend of mine (you know who you are.) So It's not perfect, it's just a little cute romance story involving YOU and Fluttershy. The dialog from you is implied, just trying a different writing style as I like to do.

I hope you enjoy, partially inspired by the cover photo. Feel free to point out errors, it's only proofread by me, once through mostly. So there is bound to be errors.

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I really enjoyed this. I've been searching forever to find a fic that takes place in the winter, I guess I'm just a helpless romance after all. Especially in these scenarios.:twilightsmile:

LGM #2 · Dec 5th, 2017 · · ·

Far be it from me to judge how you title your stories, but I believe it should be "A Butterfly's Kiss".
Nothing more off-putting than a misspelled title.

That anything like a helpless romantic?

Sorry mate, didn't mean to rag on you, I get the same from my friends.

Its fine m8. I'm not the best at talking or in this case typing.

Man oh man, this was such a sweet story, I loved it. Very nice work, I'm surprised there isn't a narrated version of this on youtube. Still, keep up the amazing work.

This was so sweet! I love it! I felt a few tears starting to form and my cheeks hurt from all the smiling! 100 :moustache: out of 10 :moustache:

*Brony Novice was here and has read this story* :moustache:

Note to self: Come back for editing later today

Thanks for the step by step tutorial. This works really well for us dqfansurvey

Pinkie Pie had headed home for a special Pie family reunion. Something to do with rocks you can guess, it seems that’s all her family is about. But you’re not one to judge, last time she never let you live it down.

Live what down?

She may be a pegasus, but you know she’s not the best in the flying field. She prefers most of her time close to the ground. But her body is light, and all the years of being on the ground have adjusted her body to not hold heat as well as it used too.

Is that how it works?

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