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You are... Well, you're not a narcoleptic, but you are constantly fatigued and a very heavy sleeper. Especially when you eat. Your best friend is so energetic, you can hardly keep up with her before you pass out from exhaustion. She's your next door neighbor, unfortunately, so you'd have to put up with her antics.

However, you have had a crush on her (or rather, the way she acts), but never really took the time to confess to her. That is until one night, when a visit to your crush's house turned into a sleepover.

The image (and a line in the story) came from Figgot's artwork. I absolutely had to write one out of this.

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Comments ( 11 )

This is an adorable story of how Pinkie wears headphones with cat ears. It is quite interesting of why Pinkie has always been really cheerful and how she feels more comfortable with her neighbor whenever he's around. :twilightsmile: (Also though first comment!)

cute little lovers tale, not too rushed or too paced, well done

Very nice story!
*insert obligatory demand for a sequel here*

Cute story

It really spoke to me since i myself dont wake up before 3 in the afternoon if i dont really really have to

Normally, I don't like 2nd Person fabrics, but that absolutely adorable picture of Pinkie lured me in and I got to witness a surprisingly good short fic. Good job!

Is it odd that I was thinking of anime while reading this?

Nice story by the way. I really enjoyed reading this. :twilightsmile:

It's kind of weird how you mention playing Super Bash Sisters with Diane, then mention the actual Smash Brothers/Street fighter.
Also, I'm sure you could have come up with some sort of pony-themed pun instead of just Starbucks.

Good eye. I edited it now.

7820654 Haha, Alley Puncher, nice one

I'm down for snoozing and cuddles and snoozing cuddles.

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