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Without any other options, an uppercaste unicorn hires a "human" -- an exceedingly rare and unfairly attractive species -- as her bodyguard. Her mission is to travel across the lands of a pre-unified Equus to reach Equestria and reunite the alicorn filly in tow with her sister. It doesn't help that everypony between tries their best to make that not happen.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe and has been converted to prose from its original greentext state.

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Greentext is the writing style the people on the 4chan /mlp/ board use

Keep it up read the story on 4 chan can’t wait for the next chapter

I never see a "Preunification Anon" but have always enjoyed the concept in my head. Here's hoping it's something great. also your pfp is great

Read it on 4chan first. It's great, good job :twilightsmile:

I'm curious to see where this will go!

Comment posted by MyLittleTimeLord deleted Last Friday

Really good so far. Now to go greentext hunting...

First chapter, 9000+ words, different story concept, character depth, delicious tension ..?

You have a like, a follow, and my full attention.

Oh snap, the mother to us all is revealed! Looking forward to reading this, and happy its staring off on a high note.

This story is very interesting so far, wasn't sure what I was expecting, but this is definitely exceeding it!

I really enjoy the tension and the grabs that make me want to read more and more.

Great story so far! I can't wait to read more.

Oh this looks like it could be quite a gem

Haven't started reading it yet, but I will once I get free time. The concept alone is very interesting.

I like this. I wholly approve despite the classic anon name, it doesn't detract from the story as a whole.

Wonderful start. And I didn't see any grammer, spelling, or punctuation errors.
I will be eagerly following this story.

Good world building. Lots of interesting subtleties that I suspect most readers will miss. Interesting characterizations with an unusual mix of personalities that aren't alerady overdone. And of course:

Immune to direct magic or not, there are plenty of corporeal objects around to be thrown at him.

It's always nice to see some casters who aren't too stupid to see how easy it would be for a unicorn to deal with magic immunity.

Curious to see where this goes. It has all the makings of a long and epic journey.

“Pardon me, dears,” Red Letter questions with a genuineness you hope she doesn’t mistake for intimidation. “But why’re you dirtying your hooves on our wagon?”

I hope that is supposed to be Lucky Favor and not Red Letter or a whole different set of problems is about to pop up.

Hell of a shot on a fastish moving target and a friggin blowgun.

Wow, another well done RGRE story.

Hopefully this one will survive the four chapter curse. So far it's one of the better "new" stories in a while.

The Monk
"Thirty minutes, Celestia. I was gone for thirty minutes," he said to her in an annoyed tone. "And in that time, Canterlot has been overrun with insect-like creatures, the groom is hypnotized and unable to perform his job, and you are being flung across your own throne room by...whatever that is. In thirty minutes." -Onomonopia

>that I suspect most readers will miss.

I know I will

There’s that word again. He.


Darn. It's fixed now :twilightsheepish:

I normally avoid RGRE because they tend to feel like they are an excuse to have a harem or have all the mare's attracted to the MC. But so far it is done well enough that it is not just tolerable, but actually an interesting/integral part of the plot. Congrats, I never thought I'd say a story is better for being RGRE.

This is The Mandalorian isn't it?

I know this is just a re transcribe, but man, the pov of convos got a bit confusing at the beginning for me.

I don't know why, but I just really hate the use of the name "Anonymous." That said, I really like the story so far. I also hope Anon here gets to have a real name later in the story.

I will be honest, as interested as I am in this story this is hard to follow. Half the time I don't what what is even happening like I'm missing a few details.

use something like greasemonkey if it bothers you enough, anon -> james, anonymous -> james may, the rest works out well enough

Oh, I do. I've thought about writing a script to do it on the fly for me, but haven't gotten around to it. Partly because I don't like changing or censoring another persons words, and partly because I'm lazy. So I occasionally toss a different name in as I read.

Also, my apologies for those I seemed to offend with my comment. I'm well aware that I'm a broken individual, and that my thoughts aren't always popular. For those who like the "Anon" naming scheme, great! There's nothing wrong with it. While what I think certainly doesn't matter, I am, never-the-less, happy for those of you who are happy with "Anon." I'm also aware that some authors do like feedback on specific thoughts their reader base has. If the author doesn't want my thoughts, good or bad, I can keep my mouth shut.

Again, my apologies for those I've offended.

I understand. It doesn’t really bother me, but it is one of those little quirks that reminds me that I’m reading a story on here. Normally it’s not enough to pull me out, but it does almost feel… lazy? I think it feels more out of place when it is not a comedy.

That said, really enjoying this story. Just hope the next chapter comes out soon enough for me to be able to figure out what is going on.

my view on the anon stories is that they allow you to soft 'reader insert' without being second person ei. "you hug the cute cuddly pony".
but really all it does for me is make a personified 4chan user start walking around /fim.
My only real gripe with it is that they tend to avoid describing the character at all possible costs, no face, no name. Feels like a cheap un-planned character. works okay if they aren't ever the 'camera' for the reader, and you only watch anon from another characters perspective... which loops back around to them having no descriptors to associate with them.
I don't mind if it's well written, but those tend to have developed characters, oh well.

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