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My Top 10 favorite MLP Characters · 3:07am Last Friday

Now that I've covered all the episodes I wanted to revisit, let’s now discuss my favorite MLP Characters. What makes them some of my personal favorites? Is it based on their personalities? Is it based of their backstories? For this list, I’ve narrowed it down to 10. Too traditionalist? Yes, but also accurate since believe me when I say this: looking back to the show, most of the cast didn’t leave an impression in me. I shouldn’t be saying this, but not every character (especially some of the

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The Quickening

If stories aren't your cup of tea or you want something different, you can come to this column and read some articles, whether they're MLP-related or not. Although most of them are product of their times, it can be consider as a time capsule nonetheless. Just click in the theme you're more interested in and check it out (the column will be constantly updated, when a new entry is available).

-Pinkie Rose

-Them's Fightin' Herds, Part 1

-Unusual Writing Tips, Part 1

-Unusual Writing Tips, Part 2


-Metroid or: How a good game doesn't necessarily mean a commercial success


-Slice of Life (MLP Episode)

-The Curse of Nintendo

-Number 6 in My Little Pony

-Internet, society and fandoms

-Starlight Glimmer

-The Legend of Zelda or: How to control your own expectations


-Is MLP decaying? And what will happen next?


-The triumph of garbage literature

-DC Extended Universe

-The Age of Adolescence

-Kirby or: Underwhelming by the audience

-The dark side of Rareware


-When the Big Ones Fall

-Why Super Smash Bros. is my biggest influence



-Videogames are for kids (too)



-Childhood is dying


-What is happening to modern cartoons?

-Growing with the audience

-Nintendo Online Service sucks... and we too

-Internet rumors

-The problems modern Disney has to deal with

-Jules Verne

-LGBT oversaturation in modern animation

-The new dark era for animation

-How your own audience can destroy you

-The problem with videogame leaks

-The end of television?

-Fandom dramas

-2010 decade

-Star Wars

-Female role models

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