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Welcome to my world, my mind and my own Wonderland. Writer, Analyst, Critic, Movie Buff, Gamer, Researcher, that's who I am.


My Farewell. Thanks for everything, but I have to go · 5:00pm Dec 31st, 2019

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The Quickening

If stories aren't your cup of tea or you want something different, you can come to this column and read some articles, whether they're MLP-related or not. Although most of them are product of their times, it can be consider as a time capsule nonetheless. Just click in the theme you're more interested in and check it out (the column will be constantly updated, when a new entry is available).

-Pinkie Rose

-Them's Fightin' Herds, Part 1

-Unusual Writing Tips, Part 1

-Unusual Writing Tips, Part 2


-Metroid or: How a good game doesn't necessarily mean a commercial success


-Slice of Life (MLP Episode)

-The Curse of Nintendo

-Number 6 in My Little Pony

-Internet, society and fandoms

-Starlight Glimmer

-The Legend of Zelda or: How to control your own expectations


-Is MLP decaying? And what will happen next?


-The triumph of garbage literature

-DC Extended Universe

-The Age of Adolescence

-Kirby or: Underwhelming by the audience

-The dark side of Rareware


-When the Big Ones Fall

-Why Super Smash Bros. is my biggest influence



-Videogames are for kids (too)



-Childhood is dying


-What is happening to modern cartoons?

-Growing with the audience

-Nintendo Online Service sucks... and we too

-Internet rumors

-The problems modern Disney has to deal with

-Jules Verne

-LGBT oversaturation in modern animation

-The new dark era for animation

-How your own audience can destroy you

-The problem with videogame leaks

-The end of television?

-Fandom dramas

-2010 decade

-Star Wars

-Female role models

-Super Smash Bros. and our imagination

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You're welcome (when it comes to the comment you left on my page, I mean: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/279401/MLPFiM+and+Animation+Fan#comment/2529478).

When I have the chance to read them, I'll let you know what I truly think of your stories.

Thank you for adding According to Plan! to your bookshelves. We hope you enjoyed it.

-Coco the bearded

Thanks for the faves!

Thank you for the fav. ^^

No problem. You deserve more recognition!

Oh wow! Thanks for adding my story to your specially named folders! It feels like an honor! :twilightsmile:

Thankies for der fav n stuff.

Thanks for the bookshelf adds, I really appreciate it. :scootangel:

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