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I have created this group to have the stories organized into categories in order to better cater to all your Rarijack needs. From Friendshipping to Fetish Fuel (I found at least one), it can be added, here, and properly categorized. Or at least as categorized as I could get it. There are a couple I just didn't know where to put them. Sooo I made a folder for that, too.

Picture by the absolute best Rarijack artist on Deviant Art, White Diamonds Limited.

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Maybeeee I can.....

Y doesn't anyone finish most of the stories they are good but then they don't finish em

Hey there fellow RariJack fans! I'm commenting here to ask if there is someone who had experience from Proof-Reading as I have one RariJack one-shot waiting to be Proof-Read, and my current Proof-Readers are busy with my other story, so if there is some with experience from Proof-Read and are not so busy, please contact me.

I would love to release the one-shot quickly as it has been waiting now a week. And it's going to be VERY late Nightmare Night/Halloween fic.

Could anyone here write a story about Applejack catching a really bad sneezy cold? I'd like some care-taking by Rarity please. :ajsmug:

Thanks!! :twilightsmile:

(casually wanders in and puts a fic in this group)

Accidentally added a story to the wrong folder but deleted it from that one and put it in the right one. Hope it doesn't cause any trouble.

This comic gave me all the Rarijack feels: Beauty by RedApropos

My cat bumped into my Applejack figure and it fell over right on to my rarity figure. AJ was resting on Rarity's neck so I just left it like that. My reaction was, "Hey cat get off of..." *stares at figures* " The universe has declared Rarijack to be true!!!! :raritywink::heart::ajsmug:"

Nooo... don't put my story where others can find it and make me feel like I don't deserve the attention! :fluttershysad:

(okay so I secretly love you a bit for that but still...)

308606 I'm not very good with shopping tools. :P

Hmm, this banner's nice, but would there be any way to crop it down a little so that it fits better? Just a suggestion, it looks a little squashed as it is.

ive got a rarijack story :3

Comment posted by articunos bitch deleted May 21st, 2013

Welcome, new Rarijack fans, to the Properly Organized Rarijack Group!

Unlike the other Rarijack Group, we have categories for your viewing pleasure.

And I've added a Tearjerkers category. This is for stories that have a sorrowful tone and ending.

We need more fanfics of this couple I love opposite attract pairings.

WHOO! We got Casper B. Wordsmith! If we get Butterscotch Sundae, I'll squee.

287803 No worries, friend. ^^ Just need to get more ponies in on this action.

You founded the group so technically you are the first, but I am first to join. I misspoke, my apologies friend.

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