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"NOW MAKE THEM KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" | I love my daddy Snow | I am shipping trash | might follow u 4 SunLight pics

Follow me on my Social Medias!

twitter: sunbuttsparkle
instagram: sunbuttsparkle
discord (most active): sunbuttsparkle#4808
e-mail (hangouts, kinda never look at it) : sun.butt.sparkle@gmail.com

or you could always PM me on here!



Marinette and Adrien from Miraculous Ladybug (so pure and innocent I luv them)

Yang (RWBY)

Nora (RWBY)

Akko (Little Witch Academia)

Lotte (Little Witch Academia)

Welcome to my Userpage!

Hi , I'm Sun!

I like RWBY, Steven Universe, MLP, Little Witch Academia, and Miraculous Ladybug.
I'm 20 years old, and I joined the fandom in 2010.
I discovered this site in 2015, made an account, and now here I am!
I have a great group of friends and I make a shitton of blogs, so here's your only warning.

some MLP stuff I guess:

Favorite Mane 6: Pinkie
Favorite Character: Sunset
Favorite Background Character: Vinyl
Favorite Ship: SunLight
Favorite Background Character Ship: OctaScratch
Favorite Mane 6 Ship: RariJack
Favorite CMC: Sweetie Belle
Favorite Episode: idk sorry
Favorite Season Premiere: Season 4
Favorite Season Finale: Season 7

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yeah, of course! I'll add it.

May we have a drama category in Sunset Shimmer is best human?

happy valentine ily bby


hap valentin

rwby is now a hentai because of that leonardo x tentacle scene am I right

Woah we made accounts very close to the same day and we have similar follower counts.

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