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Faded pictures bleached by sun, the tale's told, the summer's done. In memories, the pines still play, on a sunny summer's day.

Pony Plans For 2016

[ ] Adapt the "Daughter Of Evil" songs into PMV videos (or even a story!)
[ ] Write my Legends Of Everfree / EG4 fanfic and make it much better than the last

[ ] Release a voice reel for a character
[ ] Achieve 1000 subscribers
[ ] 1500 subscribers

[ ] Write a short story sometime

Latest Stories

Name: Nicole
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Country: Canada, eh?
Favorite Color: Blue
Best Pony: Sunset Shimmer (May be subject to change, I jump around a bit)
Best Mane 6: Twilight, Rarity or Ponka
Favorite MLP Song: Smile or Play Your Part
Least Favorite MLP Song: Love is in Bloom
Best Villian: Starlight or Discord
Something worth noting: I can't make up my mind on anything
OTP(s): SunLight et FlutterCord
Worst Flaw: Procrastinating. A lot.


My IRL Voice (AKA me having too much fun singing badly) · 12:53am Mar 22nd, 2016

Just if anyone wanted to know, I have this horrible one-take recording of Love Me Like You (that I am still quite proud of regardless) that I sang with a guy on the Sing app. Sharing it with you guys because I'm feeling adventurous today. Singers, have a good laugh.

And yes, I'm the girl.

Here it is.