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Hmmmm · 11:19pm Nov 15th, 2016


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2243171 Deary It's easy. Go under edit and go down to her thing and it has a trash button. Just delete it. *purrs* meet me on Skype

2243181 Rather that is the case it meant something to her otherwise she would not have left it there.

2243180 But its fake tho.

2243171 Mhmm I knew Victoria great girl always fun to be around. As for the police profile thing it is easy to remove. Sadly I dont think anyone in there right mind should remove it. Good people leave the site day in and day out. Does not mean they should be forgotten.

  • Viewing 389 - 393 of 393
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Police Profile.

First name: Veronica
Last name: Never recorded....
Crime Record: Do you want another page sir?
Hobbies and Likes: Man you wanna do something Ima do it.
Favorite drink: Colombian Brandy.
What I think of people: I hang with most people, but you hurt me or my hommies I will cap you.
Age: 13

The rest will come when it happens...
Love you all!.