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The Autumn Princess

If you know The Princess Rarity and / or RushingAutumnLeaves, then feel free to check out this account that they share!

Our Writing Process

when we get the idea and start planning it

then the fun begins and we get to do this for a while

...and normally, one (or both) of us ends up like this and we don't get shit done

a typical conversation between us

The Princess Rarity: boop.
RushingAutumnLeaves: beep beep motha fucka
The Princess Rarity: ...when you said that, I just got the vision of a midget yelling those words out of the window of a bus they stole.
RushingAutumnLeaves: ...Toni honey are you okay.
The Princess Rarity: Jocelyn, darling, you should know I lost my mind a long time ago.
RushingAutumnLeaves: Oh baloney. What are we going to do with you
The Princess Rarity: :P watch technicolor horses, bitch about random shit and write cute fluff for said technicolor horses?
The Princess Rarity: *le poke you*
RushingAutumnLeaves: *le pokes you back with my noodle spoon*
The Princess Rarity: wtf is a noodle spoon
RushingAutumnLeaves: the spoon I'm using to eat my noodles. Obviously.
The Princess Rarity: you can eat noodles with a spoon?