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These Winds and Tides · 10:27am Dec 15th, 2013

Hello, everyone!

So I'm happy to announce that the latest chapter of Quetzals and Caves is now live! I deeply apologize for it having taken so long. I really want to try and get these updates out faster for you, the ones who enjoy my work. :heart:

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The first chapter of Quetzals and Caves, First Impressions, won an award!

30/06/2013: Wholy carp! Quetzals and Caves just hit EQD! And then it reached the Feature Box here!

29/07/2013:Well lookie there!
Another story of mine won a lil' something!
Closing Time is a oneshot that I wrote for the June contest prompt in the School for New Writers. And then it won first place. I was amazed and thrilled!

Thing(s) I Wrote

Forging Gossamer


So, just some story ideas I'm kicking around. I'm... well, abysmally slow at creation and none of these may go anywhere but... what the hay. Might as well jot them down somewhere so I can look back at the ideas some day in the nebulous future and think, huh, I really should've done something with that.

• Where does the metal come from that makes up the machines the pegasai use for making weather? Some of the machines are immense but don't plummet to the ground so.. Hmm. Possible adventure or slice of life regarding the collection of said mystery material. - Out now and being added to! Ascension

• Something regarding Ditzy's cutie mark. I have an interesting idea regarding its origin and think that it could be played out well from a first person perspective but .. still a lot of drawing board planning for this to go.

• A nod to Italio Calvino's Invisible Cities. I have an intriguing character in mind to represent Marco Polo but I'm still formulating who would fit for Kublai Khan. As for the "cities" themselves... that could be fun to cobble together as I go.

• A shattered worlds scenario. This might end up with some HiE as part of me wants to incorporate the Unknown Armies universe in somehow. In fact I might bridge even more settings and toss in other lesser known RPG worlds I've enjoyed over the years. Talislanta/Equestria crossover? ...Maybe.


• GiE - Gamers in Equestria. This may have been done before but I haven't seen it so I figured -- what the hay. Dungeoncrawling good times.

• A scavenger treasure hunt. An idea I'm knocking around for a one shot piece regarding a trip down memory lane. Just, taken by some that it wasn't intended for. Out now and complete! One Fine Day

• And one I forgot to note last night, a story about a project that's one part musical performance and one part urban spelunking. A small group of musicians breathe life back into abandoned places.


• A story based loosely on the Lacuna Coil album, Dark Adrenaline. This one's seeming that it'll be quite a bit darker than my existing fare. Of note, though, is that knowledge of or even listening to said album is completely unnecessary. I'll plop down a blog post about my inspirations at some point, perhaps.

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Hey! Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry I didn't see your message . Things here have been busy and crazy . Did get just a little snow last week . Not enough to close the base but the schools closed.
Just been working and starting to plan and save for the cons. How are you doing?

It was a cute story and a fun read! Well done for your first publication! I left ya a message on Discord about it after I read it and meant to comment on the story too but then I forgot :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for the fav on 'The first time ever'. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:


Sorry for taking so long to respond! I .. kinda forgot :facehoof: Anyhoo! The app I use is:

That's alright. I'm not always on top of replying to comments, either. Although I'm doing my best to get better. :heart:

It's a bit wonky sometimes if you just send an entire page to it but selecting the text first and then sending it to the app seems to work pretty reliably.

I'll give it a try!

And you make a great point about the 'how' thing.

It's something that aspiring HiE writers really need to consider.

Initially my wonder was as to whether or not it was in the same basic universe as Silver and CSI but then when I thought on it I figured that didn't make much sense since it seemed a completely separate first contact sorta story so I figured that question out

There is a lot of shared worldbuilding between them, but they're not in the same 'verse.

I tend to write almost all my pony stories with 1860s level tech.

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