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Pony wallpaper artist, music producer and fanfiction author.

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Location: United States
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Hi there! I've been in the fandom since 2012 designing pony desktop backgrounds, then started writing fanfiction in 2014. I also produce music, draw sketches, or just make whatever I feel like on the side.

Please note that many of my stories are rated for adults, and will not appear unless mature content is enabled in the site settings. When you're done reading, please do leave a comment. I read all of them :)

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Music - Dark Magic · 3:51am October 5th

Even though I haven't finished any new writing in the last several months, I'm still working on other pony stuff outside of Fimfiction. Here's a new song that I made about Twilight Sparkle. The concept is a dark and mysterious trance tune about her getting chased through the Everfree Forest by corrupted magical aura. Check it out if you're interested :)

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Thank you for adding my story, "A Prisoner's Suffering" to your "Read Later" shelf. I hope you enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

Glad to know you've added the small tale that is Atomic Number to your shelf! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for deciding to read my TwiLuna fic! Be sure to tell me what you think. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for your interest in The Secret Life of... Applejack! You might also enjoy the other Secret Life stories I've written.


Story Approver

You're a re-occurring name in my notification box, I hope you enjoy my story, and I'm glad to see you added another to your bookshelf. :twilightsmile:

Okay, that answers my question.

2452716 Because I like stories about the Wonderbolts, and it looked interesting. Still need to get around to reading it.

If you don’t mind me asking Game-Beat, why did you add my story A Dream Come True (A Wonderbolt Story) to your read it later?

Thank you for adding Pack Leader to your favorites list. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Merci for adding Forever to your library once you've read it please let me know what you've thought of it on the story page. Please.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in my first fanfiction here. :twilightsmile: If you happen to read it, I look forward to hear what you think. :heart:

Thank you adding my story.

Thank you for adding my fic to your list of things you plan to read :yay:

Story Approver

Thanks for adding my story to your bookshelf! :twilightsheepish:

2416995 Hmmm. I might have to try that sometime.

2416984 For software I mostly use Paint.NET (website here) with dozens of plugin packs installed from their forums to expand it's functionality. Most other artists use Photoshop though. Certain parts like fractals and 3D objects require other programs (Apophysis 7X, Wings 3D and Blender) but those are more complicated and you can certainly make wallpapers without them.

The My Little Pony Vector Club on Deviatart is a very valuable resource, as that is where I get 90% of the character images from. Also, coming up with a good design is the hardest part so it never hurts to browse tons of other wallpapers for ideas. Equestria Digital has compiled a lot of better quality wallpapers over the years.

2416977 The best one I would have to say is definitely Zelda 64. Twilight princess is also a good one. I haven't played the new one so I can't tell you. But that's cool, I was just curious. How do you make the wall papers? I'm curious. If it's not too terribly difficult, I would love to try my hand at it.

2416961 Nope, I haven't made one... and to be honest, I've never actually played a Legend of Zelda game in my life. :twilightblush:

2416948 that's perfectly fine. You do you, and don't let anybody trick you or tell you otherwise. It's refreshing to see somebody who actually just enjoys what they do and give out top-notch stuff like what I saw from you. I am just curious though, have you done one that involves the pony Version of link? Or one of the pony? That's what I was going to request, but if you've already done one I'd love to see it. And if you don't have an interest, that's just fine too.

2416943 I don't unfortunately, sorry. :ajsleepy: It's something I do for personal enjoyment and would rather not be tied up with requests/comissions. I'm glad you like them, though! :pinkiehappy:

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