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It’s been over a decade since Twilight Sparkle lost her life. Everypony has moved on, but Spike has retained a special part of her body for safekeeping. Once a year, the lonely dragon gets to hold it and feel her magic again.

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7993235 I am sorry for making you sad...

Just kidding, that was the whole point. :trollestia:

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if this is sweet or creepy. Like, on the one hand, I get it. You're keeping the one part of Twilight you can, the part that won't die, that'll keep going for years and allow you to pretend she's still here. But on the other hand (or claw), it's not healthy. You're hanging on to someone that's died, and not moving past that. Plus, you cut a part of her body off to remember her by! That just ain't right, man.

As a story, it's well-written. A good piece, tugs the heartstrings in all the right ways. I think it would work even better as a prologue to some sort of dark/horror piece where Spike goes insane trying to keep his friends with him forever (:pinkiecrazy:), but I can't fault the writing. You're not a bad author, if this is anything to judge by. Keep going, and you'll do well.

Edit: I realize now that you've written enough stories to have already heard this kind of stuff before. And here I was thinking I'd encourage an up-and-coming new writer. Ah, well. Always good to see good writing, no matter how long the author's been doing it.

This was a very good story... The feels were real

7993252 Now that you put it that way, I guess it can be interpreted in a creepy way. Though, it was my intention to show how Spike is struggling that badly to move on. Obviously it's unhealthy in the long run and I agree with that. But for a short one-shot story I didn't really feel like getting that far into it.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Tugs beautifully at the heartstrings. Very well done, definitely adding to my favorites. :twilightsmile:

7993314 I'm glad it was effective. Much appreciated. :pinkiehappy:

... it's hard to make me cry, but you did so with ease...

Why was I expecting Spike to commit self delete

I think that would have taken the genre from sad, to just plain dark. Definitely not the ending I had in mind while writing this, but I know some stories have taken that route before... :pinkiegasp:

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