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After endlessly failing at earning her cutie mark for so long, Scootaloo has come to the conclusion that her special talent must involve higher risk activities, and tries to earn her cutie mark in bank robbing.

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My Little Delinquent: Larceny is Magic.

My little Felon Probation is Magic

God damn this was an awesome read!
I like how smoothly it all went, lols at how frank she was about everything.

I think I need to read this a second time sometime soon! :pinkiehappy:

5091874 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Trying to make it move along smoothly with such a short word count was difficult, so that's reassuring to hear :twilightsmile:

You should do a sequel that is more of a story than one shot.

Well that happened.

Part Two: CMC: On the Run.

Ohh! This was actually pretty good for how short it was!

5091917 Short word count? It's really irritating that Apple Bloom is two words isn't it? (If you don't believe me check out the character tag.)

In the sequel, Scoots leads herself, applebloom and sweetie belle to do this again, only this time robbing Italy of 4 million dollars in gold with 3 Mini Coopers :derpytongue2:

This was certainly an entertaining piece:pinkiehappy:


needs more thermal drill

Well. That. I.
That's original.:trollestia:

Needs more stealthing.

Scootaloo's jaw dropped so hard that somewhere out there, Vinyl Scratch pissed herself.

That's very amazing.

So much payday reference. Sadly, i don't have any payday art :L. Loved the story! I only wish she would have actually gotten a bank robbing cutie mark, and have her friends be her comrades. Would have made an epic series, leading up to when they robbed the royal castle.

5093785 This made me lol so hard :pinkiehappy:

5095630 You're talking about the game, right? :rainbowhuh: I've never even played payday lol, so whatever references you see are coincidental.

That actually sounds like an awesome idea for a sequel though, but as much as this could be continued or turned into a series I highly doubt that'll happen. This was just a short idea I wanted to finish up. :twilightsheepish:

>>Game-BeatX14 Yes i mean the game payday. And i hope you at least write a sequel :pinkiesmile: it would be so AWESOME.:rainbowderp:

Complete and udder beauty. :pinkiesmile: You made my YEAR with this.

Ol' scoots is in for a fun career!:scootangel:

Hilarious short story you wrote there. I want to see :scootangel:'s life in jail in Chapter 2.

This is very interesting.
Do continue. :trollestia:

Scootaloo kickflipped off her board, smashing it straight into the teller's face and knocking him over.

''Civilians are an asset. You kill 'em, they're gone.''

I'm seeing a whole bunch of PAYDAY stuff in the comments. I am a die hard PAYDAY fan, so I'm gonna read this.

"Give em hell!"

Funny little story you got here.
And the weirdest part is, I can see Scoots doing that.
9/10 Scootaloos!

Scootaloo robbing a bank in desparation for her cutie mark?...Yep, sounds legit. Just one question. Where did she get an Uzi and c4? :unsuresweetie:

Cross bows I could see but guns are a little far fetched for me....oh well, funny as hell, be awesome to see a series on this.

Ah, but the Cutie Mark could be interpreted a few different ways! Cutie Mark Crusaders Police Fillies YAY!

(I desperately want to see Scootaloo get off on a technicality - that it couldn't possibly have been her because the cameras showed a blank flank but she clearly has a Cutie Mark)

This was hilarious.

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