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Me in Descending Order - Future Aerospace Engineer, Brony, Aeroplane Nerd, Tifosi, Artist, Author and Bisexual. When I get the inspiration, I write stories that I love to share


Want to commission some art? Help a friend out · 1:43pm Sep 7th, 2018

So a friend of mine in Malaysia wants to go to SeaPonyCon in Singapore at the end of October. He's short on cash, but he's a talented artist who needed much badgering from me to open a commission list

If any of you want to commission artwork, please give him a look, his artwork is pretty good and reasonably priced


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Well you're welcome!

Glad that my pastel equine fever dream could be of some use to people for real.

You're welcome, I recently had a friend who came out as trans and threw me for a loop given it came completely out of nowhere. It was nice reading something that on some level helped me get in her head, given its something I can’t even fully comprehend experiencing

Thanks for giving Relections a fave! Happy Pride Month!

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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