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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Lately, things have been different in Scootaloo's life. Her parents have been too busy to give her the love and attention that she needs, and she feels that maybe they simply don't love her anymore. Well, there's only one way to find out for sure, right?

Written for and set in Mattricole's Mother-verse.

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Hooray! I love how everyone plays it straight.

Except Trixie.

We require more of this universe.

God, I love this story! Needs some editing though. Removing this from non-canon and putting it in Canon-verse, it deserves that much.

Words fail me.

"Wait, you three take baths together?"

Scootaloo is the biggest sweetheart ever. She misses all the pampering! xD (I can totally see Scoots getting shampoo in her eye and DT babying her. lol)

Twilight was SO close. So very close. Better luck next time!

Great episode Yuki. Great episode. I look forward to more someday. MOAR PLEASE!


Twilight was SO close. So very close. Better luck next time!

AB and DT are the bigget horn-blocks in the world :P


Trixie is the straight mare of this fic :P She's been to Los Pegasus, and even that doesn't compete with what she sees in Ponyville.

:trixieshiftleft:Sorry Sparkle, but once kids start adopting kids, that's where I draw the long over-due line. 'Cuz y'all're cray-cray.

hmm this inspires me to write something like this

You pay my medical bill. I have type 21 Diabeetus thanks to this.

Sounds interesting; will read later.

Twilight wanted Trixie to become Spike's dad? :pinkiecrazy:

Silver Belle should happen next fic.

Sweetie Belle is a cat!

Great story concept. And also, I've never heard of this 'verse. It requires my immediate investigation.


:trixieshiftright: "Sorry, Sparkle. Trixie´s door doesn´t swing that way"
:twilightsmile: "Don´t worry, I can fix that too"
:trixieshiftleft: O_O
:twilightsmile: "Oh, Trixie, don´t give me that look. You will be a good father for our little dragon son"

No. No! NO! No! :pinkiegasp: Yukito, why? :applecry:

3879623 Your profile pic makes it look like you'd say something like that. :twistnerd:

3883376 Eeyup, glad I drew it.

W-wait I read this for a bit and then I realized you said APPLEBLOOM was the father? but she's a girl....:applejackconfused:

In this universe Diamond Tiara considers her coltish enough to call her the "father".

I know about Mattricole's story and I am still confused and frightened.

Before I continue reading the part about the Lemonade stand was hilarious. I've studied Business Management and Economics. That's quite a literal joke if you think from that point of view, even if slight unrelated. Just well done, made my day :raritywink:

Okay... the hell did I just read, again?!

Pleae, ya have ta help! She could be out there alone an’ scared!” Apple Bloom pleaded.


She simply smiled and gave a squee.”[/quote]

remove end quotations. And I don't think squee is what you were looking for. A different emotional utterance more than likely.


Not that bad of a fic.

Am I the only one that wants to see these stories on a much more serious note? Cause I actually wanna see this story taken more seriously.
With that said, I love these stories! :rainbowlaugh: They had me holding my sides most of the way through. The ending was rather touching and I loved it. :moustache:

I'm so barking confused. Woof. :scootangel:

Sweetie Belle rushed to a nearby chest and reached inside. Pulling out a headband with cat ears and putting it on, Sweetie Belle turned to Silver Spoon with a smile.
“No! You can’t get off just like that this time!”
Sweetie Belle frowned and then crawled closer to Silver Spoon, stopping next to the filly and rolling onto her back. “Nyaaaaa?”
“… Ugh. Fine, all is forgiven,” Silver Spoon grumbled as she brought a hoof to Sweetie Belle’s stomach and began scratching.


:trixieshiftright: and The Great And Powerful Trixie is once again SO out of here!:trixieshiftleft:


I'd love it if Scootaloo's middle name was actually revealed to be Maria! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Let's see... Possible one sided twixie (Or just Twilight being Obsessive about Friendship), Sweetie cat (What?) and the continuation of madness.

Quite amusing.

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