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Flim and Flam show up at Twilight’s castle and try to sell her a new vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately for them, the busy mare has no patience for their aggressive marketing tactics.

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Oh yeah, twilight. You show those two idiotic morons whose boss.

I already told you about Gabby being roommates with Spike?

A cute little story. Always good to see these two get their comeuppance.

Flam turned the machine on again, while Flim pointed the hose directly at Spike

Forget being annoying, they just crossed the line to abusing.

That bit at the end with the rusty nails ooooooo thats gonna hurt but now im thinking there both actully dumb enough to try and sue her for it

"I also have to clean up this pile of extremely fine flour, and this fire."

:moustache: You know Twi, That thing looks more like a space ship from one of your books
:twilightsheepish: To the MOON!
:duck: Looks more like a dumpster fire now
:moustache: Flim-bay and Flam-bay
:facehoof: Now it looks like a used Bar- B-Q
:pinkiegasp: Mmmmmmmmm grilled horse meat LETS EAT!
:rainbowderp::applejackconfused::flutterrage: Manable Pinkie. . .:derpytongue2: With Fava Beans

so, these guys commit theft, kidnapping, and extortion? where are the guard to arrest them? but twilight will never throw the book at them... she values the book too much to let them bleed on it.

10121537 Meanwhile: :rainbowhuh: "Uh, girls? What was that explosion on the other side of town?" :rainbowderp:

You know, for theft, kidnapping and attempted extortion, Flim & Flam got off really easy.:twilightangry2:

The level of power that thing had reminds me of the premier for Rocko’s Modern Life.

Frankly, Twilight should have them arrested for theft and abduction.

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