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Update! · 6:51pm May 8th

Attention to the 0.5 of you who barely knew anything about me, I've got a status update!

This past year has been greatly transformative for me. I learned how to apply myself and learn skills, most importantly, and got over any last strands of depression that tugged at me.

So! On to the goodies.

I'm a busy person, but that doesn't mean I don't have some work here to take care of. Here's the layout for my plans for these stories.

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my published stuff

I first watched the show when it came out, that time period was a lot of fun!

Those days are long, long past, but there's still plenty of joy to discover in MLP.

If you read my stories, you have my gratitude. If I read your stories, thank you for writing them!

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Comment posted by toxiconym deleted Jan 20th, 2019
Comment posted by toxiconym deleted Jan 20th, 2019

You seem like a swell guy. I hope you have good fortune in the future.

In other news, your avatar looks like Bart Simpson if he wanted to die.

2391680 Well, you are herp, after all. You're larger than life :ajsmug:

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