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Been readin' here for a while


Any recommendations? · 7:40pm April 11th

I've been away from MLP for a very long time, last episode I watched was around season 5.
Is anything they've made afterwards worth watching? I didn't really like what they started doing with the storyline after season 3.

And what about fics? Any good new fics going on currently, or is it all oneshots in the featured box?

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my published stuff

Pretentious brony. I've been here since the time pony avatars dominated YouTube comments sections.

I fell in love with the show when it came out.

I'm 14 15 16 17 18 years old and in love with my girlfriend. I like metal. I like to write, but I need more motivation. I love the stories on this site. Celestia is best princess.


Thank you for reading.

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Comment posted by toxiconym deleted January 20th
Comment posted by toxiconym deleted January 20th

You seem like a swell guy. I hope you have good fortune in the future.

In other news, your avatar looks like Bart Simpson if he wanted to die.

2391680 Well, you are herp, after all. You're larger than life :ajsmug:

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