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Paradox Theory

You cannot just expect happiness, you have to create it. ~A great many people.

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Creation God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

First new chapter of "What Is Friendship Now" Just Went Up Give It A Look I Could Use Some Critisicm­čĹî

Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And a happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

2441404 Nice to you see you too

Hey there, pal.....sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you for a little while.....okay, a LONG while, but I hope you're still around....

Hope to see you again.


Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

Hello hello! Thanks for the follow! C:


No, but for real-

If it's that bad, just abandon ship. That's what I did, albeit for different reasons.

Also, if you need something besides MLP to get into, I'll leave this here.

2332732 Well, when the site you fell in love with starts becoming more and more threatening and painful to visit, you tend to stop coming around very often.

2332713 Just nice to see how nothing's changed here, is all.


2332156 That means "xD".

Happiness is a construct created by the US government so that we stop paying attention to 9/11 and their obvious involvement and subsequent cover-up.

Am I quotable enough to put in your bio? :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 293 - 312 of 312
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-The Basics

Name: Jarin Whitnah
Age: 21
Weight: 185 lbs or so?
Height: 5 foot, 8 inches. (I may be 5'10", but I don't know for sure.)
Home: Oregon
Nationality: Where do I begin? American. 1/2 Canadian, and a mixture of Scottish, Irish, English, British, French, so on.
Cheese preference: Good Old Cheddar.

Alias: Paradox, Para, Paradox Theory, Mr. Theory, or Doxy. Edit: Doc, because Snow.

-Pony Stuff
Best Pony: Pinkie Pie. No exceptions!
Best Ship: Shining and Cadence.
Worst Pony: Fl- nope. You should all know that Snips and Snails are collectively worst pony.
Worst Shipping: Sparity. (Spike and Rarity.)
Best Episode: Hurricane Fluttershy, or Twilight's Kingdom.
Was EqG good?: First one sucked, second was okay, third is my favorite.
Pegasus, Unicorn, or Earth pony: Unicorn

Fave Console: Super NES and my 360.
Best Game Series: The Elder Scrolls,
Best TV Show: Doctor Who
Best Anime: Sword Art Online
Fave Color: any kind of green-blue mix.
Fave Food: Grandpa's home cooked smoked pulled-pork sandwiches,
Fave Snack: Tortilla Chips
Fave Song: Summer of 69'
Fave Artist: Queen
Fave Movie: The Lion King. (Funnily enough, it's as old as me.)
Fave Book: All of the Nicholas Flamel books.
Fave RPG Class: Wizard or Sorcerer.
Relationships: All alone.
Best Peeps: . . .

(Got this idea from Wywint.)