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We must protect Flurry. The royal offspring of Cadence and Shining Armor, the baby has been given a lot of backlash over her Alicorn status within just 10 seconds of screen time.

We call. For justice! Innocent. Before proven guilty! For those who love Flurry or just cautiously optimistic about her! Stories that go here show she's not a mistake! But a character! Protect the lil milkshake!


Twelve Song


seye eniugnas

The Flurry Inquisition

No hersey

Forever 44


seye eniugnas

Passions Star



Flurry's hard core protectors. Nopony expects it. Mess with the child, mess with them.


1. No heresy or the Inquisition will put you in the comfy chair.
2. Don't be a prick
3. No NSFW content whatsoever!
4. No Trolling
5. Have fun, this is a place of fun and we don't want to kick anyone out or ban them. So if you feel an argument or anything in general not fun coming along, stop. And just do something else.
6. All Joking and silliness aside, Listen to the inquisitors and moderators We aim to keep the peace and prevent conflict. Though at the same time we are not beyond approach. If you have a problem ask us and we will happily talk to you about it.
7. You can post as many stories as you want, just as long as it's in the right folder
8. HAVE FUN!!!

Contest Winner: :Isn't Life Wonderful? By RainbowDashX12345

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Don't worry, Flurry is among the characters in this


I like Flurry's eye design. I've never been a fan of beady eyes and find them to be an incredibly lazy choice. I tend to think that Flurry has normal eyes because she was born an Alicorn.

In the episode Celestia and Luna say that an Alicorn birth has never been seen before in Equestria. My belief is that they were born outside of Equestria and that when it comes to Alicorn births, the only thing that is known about it is that it just happens.

412389 In reality, we had timeouts, I think. I dunno. That was ten years ago.


How were you punished in first grade?

412387 Oh, please. Reminds me of how they punished us in the 1st grade. It was more fun than it was disciplinary.


Are you sure you're prepared? ... Are you sure you can handle it? ... Very well.

Can I just ask, "the comfy chair"???

You can post any SFW stories in the folder relating to Twilight, regardless of whether or not they include our adorable new addition to the royal family.

Wait.. I guess some of you will be reading my first ever story.... :twilightsheepish:

Ironically, the first Flurry Heart story I have planned has to do with her pulling a Kylo Ren before abruptly pulling a Darth Vader (reformed at the last opportunity).

(Click this next image to enlarge it):
My reaction:

I am glad to find this group. I adore Flurry Heart, she's cute.
I wasn't bothered that she was an alicorn because I had known that when Shining Armor and Cadance have a kid, s/he would be an alicorn.

Seriously, people are already hating her, and she's just a baby?:pinkiegasp: A Alicorn baby mind you, but still... People are idiots though, even here so I suppose I should not be surprised.

408498 ok, cool. i'll wait until the story is completed before submitting as i dont have a plan for the story, i write it as i go along, so Flurry may only have a cameo or a full on role

Sure thing. We can chat tomorrow (or later today since it is tomorrow in my time zone). Also, yes, I understand time is hard to find. College has swamped me too, so do not worry. Whenever you're available is when we will be able to discuss this.

408569 Next time, just approach me. I didn't know about the deleted comments until today because I'm mostly busy with college work, and I'll be sure to discuss that with him/her. The rules were a combined effort, and if they somehow come across as offensive or angering, then we will work it out together.

Oh I would've pm'd you if it weren't for the fact that Authority Cop made it unapproachable for me to do so. I just assumed that based on his behavior that you would've reacted the same way.

Also, you're focusing way too much on No Heresy here. Although I do have my own frustrations with that person, my whole point of the post is seeing that your rules are not matching what you value. Bringing people in who censor and limit group discussion on Flurry is counterproductive to who you are "protecting". And yeah, check out my blog. Although it was throwing my frustrations at No Heresy and Inquisition in particular, that doesn't mean that I don't see this group as something worth joining. Talked to my friends on Skype about this, and we all were seeing this group as a problem due to majority of the rules (primarily the ones I highlighted in my blog).

I know my aggressive tendencies in it are slightly offensive (just slightly) but that doesn't detract from the point that the group needs fixing. It's mostly an aggressive satire post, so don't be too offended by it.

408566 Whatever problem you have with No hersey is your business and yours alone. I don't see how venting your frustrations on a user through a group solves anything, and frankly it's quite childish. Now if you have questions or concerns about the group, please say what's on your mind. You can PM me or another admin if you feel angered by the group rules if you would like.


But when you directly target one of our members in a comment that doesn't even relate to Flurry AT ALL

Does it really have to relate to Flurry? Or are you just trying to dodge what I said?

You are welcome here, but please be respectful to others.

So I can't criticize the group? Well great, I was right on the dictatorship ruling here. Great group, very friendly.

I wonder if sarcasm is around?

That's all we ask

How about you start by getting admins who actually don't censor people and aren't disrespectful to others? Or is that not in the deck of cards?

I don't give respect to people who don't give respect to others in the first place.

408539 Allow me to direct you to rule number two:

Don't be a prick

We are a fair and peaceful group (Though I can't speak for our Inquisitors :eeyup:) and we are here to listen and consider what you have to say--

But when you directly target one of our members in a comment that doesn't even relate to Flurry AT ALL, we have a problem. You are welcome here, but please be respectful to others. That's all we ask (Also, I will fix that typo as soon as I get home). Have a good day.

1234 #35 · Mar 28th, 2016 · · 3 ·

1. No Heresy or the Inquisition will put you in the comfy chair.

Right. No heresy isn't even good enough to be a mod since he or she can't even deal with people on his or her's own profile. Has to block people on impulse without even giving them a chance to get a word in.

10/10 Great mistake, group admins.

Great dictatorship.

EDIT: Misspelling heresy on your main page is heresy.

Also, authority cop, you're good at being a dictator. Censoring what you don't like because you don't like it.

Guys and gals, stop being heretics.

408489 You can as soon as the next chapter is posted. And she must be a constant.

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