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The Rise & Fall Universe: Explained

Main Stories;
1st: My Little Pony: Origins. (Partly complete)
2nd: My Little Pony: Journey Beyond Equestria. (Not started yet)
3rd: Spring-Locked. (Not started yet)
4th: The Purple Mare. (Partly complete)

Tie in stories that can be read without having to read the main 4 (these take place 16 years before Origins);
1st: Return of The Crystal Empire. (Partly complete, on break.)
2nd: Rebuilding The Crystal Empire. (Not started yet)
3rd: Reuniting The Crystal Empire. (Not started yet)

Prequel stories (these take place about 20-30 years before Origins);
1st: Cadence: Forbidden Love. (Not started yet)
2nd: Cadence: The Lost Duchess. (Not started yet)
3rd: Cadence: A Royal Baby. (Not started yet)


Scrapping The Purple Mare · 10:53am May 31st

I'm scrapping the purple mare in its current form due to how i want origins and its fellow ups to go and i fear the ideas i want to use will conflict with The Purple Mare's current canon


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Thanks for the fav on "To Name a Rainfall," I appreciate it!

I see you have begun to read some of my stories. I would highly recommend my latest attempt at a TCB story, The Last Performance. People seemed to like it but my most popular one is The Advisors. But that is if you're up to read them... Just stay away from my First Story. I keep it up to look back at how my writing has somewhat evolved but well... Don't read it. It is more of an embarrassment with the controversy it sorta caused along with my previous username....

Thanks for adding one of my recent story to your list. I do hope you come to enjoy it as more chapters come out.

Cheers for the add.

Cheers for the fave and watch.

  • Viewing 162 - 166 of 166
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