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23. I have no gender, i exist as being of pure energy. Asexual. Has mild ASD.

The Rise & Fall Universe: Explained

Main Stories;
1st: My Little Pony: Origins. (Partly complete)
2nd: My Little Pony: Journey Beyond Equestria. (Not started yet)
3rd: Spring-Locked. (Not started yet)
4th: The Purple Mare. (Partly complete)

Tie in stories that can be read without having to read the main 4 (these take place 16 years before Origins);
1st: Return of The Crystal Empire. (Partly complete, on break.)
2nd: Rebuilding The Crystal Empire. (Not started yet)
3rd: Reuniting The Crystal Empire. (Not started yet)

Prequel stories (these take place about 20-30 years before Origins);
1st: Cadence: Forbidden Love. (Not started yet)
2nd: Cadence: The Lost Duchess. (Not started yet)
3rd: Cadence: A Royal Baby. (Not started yet)


MLP G5 Fanfic idea · 5:12pm October 2nd

Caution: Spoilers

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Merci Beaucoup for adding Nightmare Night to your library what about it did you enjoy?

Thankie for adding The Mayonnaise Ghost to your library. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the add....nice profile pic by the way.

Thanks for the follow ! :pinkiehappy:

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