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Comment posted by SnowflakeBlaze117 deleted Dec 11th, 2023

I hope you're aware that I have a very long waiting list right now... And in the interest of getting that list shorter, I've made commissions very expensive.

Hey dirty little secret I have a commission for you about my OC Blood seduction she's a hybrid pony and she can beat twilight sparkle in any way be it in wits or in willpower or even in magic power the reason why she's a hybrid pony is that she has two curses on her one is vampirism the other one is the curse of the succubus otherwise she's an alicorn of a forgotten age and dark magic she is a good kind and generous pony
But she has been a very special some pony to princess Luna and her sister didn't understand her bestie and she has been a little bit mad since they got separated from her bestie that is why princess Luna went nightmare Moon on celestia because she was so mad being separated from her bestie the forgotten age part is mostly due to the nobility of ancient equestria they didn't understand her at all because she was different than them princess Luna was her only friend in the past but she made more friends from the mane six My OC Blood seduction is the princess of dark magic and the goddess of fertility
and I would appreciate the story being anthro if you don't mind please

Ay! Thanks for adding my story to your list. Love your work and I hope you like mine!

Thank you for adding my story Apples & Carrots
I hope you enjoy the second chapter :raritywink:

I hope you enjoy my story very much

Thanks for writing it -- I'm looking forward to when it's complete and ready to read!

Thanks for adding my story to your lists.

I'm afraid I'm too busy for that kind of thing these days.

Comment posted by KRMebius deleted Aug 16th, 2023

Not annoying, no. ^.^

But what might annoy you is that the answer is ... I don't know.

I have some big plans for some big contests ... but that means it needs big money, which I can't afford to spare at the moment. I've currently got 3 different golden gooses in my henhouse, but none of them have laid a golden egg yet. Once one finally does and I can finally afford to drop that kind of money on something frivolous, then I'll be running a series of contests like Fimfic has never before seen! But I don't know when -- or even for sure if -- that will happen, so it's a waiting game. (Unless someone wants to donate funding for it, lol!)

(Oh, and no, I can't get too specific about the plans for those contests, even though I already have planned them out very specifically. I wouldn't want to give anybody an unfair advantage by potentially giving away a contest's theme and allowing them far longer to work on their entry.)

ayo, i havent been here in a while. Would it be annoying if i asked when your next porn contest is?

Thanks! ^.^

Though actually it's only my 100th story on this account. If you count my SFW account too, I'm up to 162 now, and passed by 100 about 40 stories ago.

Congratulations on your 100th story.

Thanks for adding my story to your lists. Hope you'll enjoy it.

  • Viewing 464 - 483 of 483
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