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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)


I'm now on SubscribeStar!
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"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it, or you must sign up for Dirty Little Secret's SubscribeStar and get him to write it for you." - Toni Morrison (paraphrased)

All onboard the dirty train! Because we are about to read some "bad" goodiness. -- Lazydrill

Dude. Never stop being awesome. -- Shachza

All hail the messiah of clop! --Mephiles

You.... I hate/ love you, you magnificent writer.:applejackunsure:I been reading your work for 2 years and no one has made me more "uggggghhhhhh" then you. I tip my hat to you:raritywink: --Yurick45

You are a true porn genius, and I always look forward to reading your stories. --WhispersInTheDark

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I don't have faves -- I just have read it later lists.

Thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

do you have room more another pony com

Thank you for adding my fic to your bookshelf. I hope it really turns you on.

Wow you’re still here

Well, I'd be open to it. But every time I've ever tried a collab in the past, it ended up fizzling out into nothing.

Okay hear me out, a story collaboration with Leech and You... I rest my case your honor, horny bonks for all!

Edit: uh I meant you two making a story not me included, because my sentence wording there might be bad.

That's fine I'm just obsessive in thanking people and probably need an intervention.

Haven't voted on it or read it yet.
It's just in my read later folder.

Thanks for the attention on Sparkle Family Values. I always appreciate your votes and attention! :heart:

Well, my SubscribeStar supporters already have access to a bunch of partially finished stories. ^.^

Can't wait for the next awesome story

No horny jail can contain me!

  • Viewing 408 - 427 of 427
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