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Here at MLP:CiS, we believe in mature-rated fiction that is respectful, positive, and most of all; consensual.
We believe that characters should not be treated as objects, and that there is nothing hotter than giving and asking permission.
This is a safe space to talk about and/or read stories where the sexytimes involve setting and keeping boundaries, and all that good, sexy consent stuff.

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Oh boy... Implications of the word master.

What if I'm in both the rape group and this group?

Definately, consent is sexeh. :pinkiesmile:

After all the dirty, no-good rape groups out there, this is very refreshing! :twilightsmile:

363286 thank you master.:twilightsmile:

363280 yes master. *I go get a soda and come back.* here master.


Tell you what. Go get me a soda and I'll declare you a good pony.

363278 bad ponies, I'm bad now, I thought I was a good little pony?


It's what happens to bad little ponies who ask too many questions.

363275 what's permission?


That's when you approve of what the other person is doing or give them permission to do it.

363268 consent what that?

I like consent.


You're still giving them your consent, though.

hmmm.....I don't know I like to be told what to do, it feels good, I like being used like a object, is that bad???:applejackconfused::fluttershysad:

  • Viewing 1 - 15 of 15
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