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Raging inhibitionist.

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A sweet little BDSM romance, set in Manifest Harmony's Clocktower Society.
Updates every several months years when a chapter is ready.
Expected to reach about 60k words.

Finished odd little bits of non-clop

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Thanks for the praise!

(Somehow it seems that The Toymaker's Marefriend had dropped off the clop list on my user page -- if you missed it, there a bit more for you to read here.)

Creed really does need to make some progress, though. With an epidemic-impacted summer vacation coming up one would think I'll have nothing better to do than work on it, but, alas, the internet is an omnipresent time sink these days. Hope springs eternal, though :-)

I'd like to let you know I have absolutely *adored* your writing. I've finished Dominant Creed, Rescue Service, and Planked. You have such a good and solid grasp of the mindsets and mechanisms of both BDSM play and the lifestyle behind it.

I realize things are likely slow going for Dominant Creed, and I'd like to ask you take your time. Nothing good was ever rushed.

I hope life finds you well in these uncertain times. Stay safe out there!

I have not read 50 Shades either, but people I trust and respect assure me that is not a compliment ...

However, in the spirit I hope it's given, thanks for the praise. :-)

Your work was recommended to me by another author. And I can see why. I'm realy not into bondage myself,but looking beyond the subject I find a certain elegance and beauty in your writing style. One I someday hope to emulate. I think I'll continue to read your stories, perhaps someday I'll be able to improve my own writing style beyond...well clunky and quite frankly bad.
Until then ill be watching you.
People are people and horses are horses you get that and I thank you for it.
I haven't read it my self, but if someone told me you wrote fifty shades of gray I'd probably believe them.

This is a test.

\begin{array}{|c|l|}\hline \text{Pinkie Pie} & \text{Laughter} \\ \hline
\text{Applejack} & \text{Honesty} \\ \hline
\text{Rainbow Dash} & \text{Loyalty} \\ \hline
\text{Rarity} & \text{Generosity} \\ \hline
\text{Fluttershy} & \text{Kindness} \\ \hline
\text{Twilight Sparkle} & \text{Magic} \\ \hline

"\sqrt{546}=23.366\,642\,891\,09", recited Twilight proudly. She was correct, of course.

Thanks for the following and the fav, both are greatly appreciated:pinkiehappy:

A shirt colored one, of course.

Oh, you are, are you?
Which color shirt am I wearing? :twistnerd:

I'm following you.

Right Now.


Actually I looked this one up before and it was said to be honorific in meaning although the actual word is san where as replacing S sounding words with ch is regarded as cute in the Japanese language.
But I can see your point, it also said it was used between siblings, namly the younger sister so Ill just call you Troposphere from now on.

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