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Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them.

We respect a laser-like focus on one topic.

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[Adult story embed hidden]

A sweet little BDSM fluff piece, set in Manifest Harmony's Clocktower Society.
Updates every several months when a chapter is ready.
Expected to reach about 50k words.

Finished odd little bits of non-clop

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This is a test.

\begin{array}{|c|l|}\hline \text{Pinkie Pie} & \text{Laughter} \\ \hline
\text{Applejack} & \text{Honesty} \\ \hline
\text{Rainbow Dash} & \text{Loyalty} \\ \hline
\text{Rarity} & \text{Generosity} \\ \hline
\text{Fluttershy} & \text{Kindness} \\ \hline
\text{Twilight Sparkle} & \text{Magic} \\ \hline

"\sqrt{546}=23.366\,642\,891\,09", recited Twilight proudly. She was correct, of course.

Thanks for the following and the fav, both are greatly appreciated:pinkiehappy:

A shirt colored one, of course.

Oh, you are, are you?
Which color shirt am I wearing? :twistnerd:

I'm following you.

Right Now.


Actually I looked this one up before and it was said to be honorific in meaning although the actual word is san where as replacing S sounding words with ch is regarded as cute in the Japanese language.
But I can see your point, it also said it was used between siblings, namly the younger sister so Ill just call you Troposphere from now on.

No. It will be done when it is done.

Also, I'm pretty sure my name is not Chan. If you're going for the Japanese suffix, it is my understanding that the Japanese would consider that a weirdly condescending and belittling way to address an adult stranger whose decisions you hope to influence favorably, and I'm rather at a loss as to what you intend to achieve by that.

ETA Troposphere Chan?

More like three months. :ajsmug:

Creed was put on the back burner while I finished The Rescue Service. Now that TRS is completed, it is on the top of the list (except for, y'know, my actual job). Do note that I usually take at least a month to finish a chapter, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

What happened to the dominant creed, I feel like its been YEARS!!! Plz Troposphere Chan, I need!

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