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Story/Move Cliches I hate

Not all of these are absolutely terrible and should never be used. However in some casses, if they're executed correctly, they could actually be great.

-The chosen one
-"The Prophecy Says So" ideal
-Injustaphobe (some one who never commits injustice and leaps at any examples of it despite any reasonable circumstance like hunger)
-Two dudes and one girl trio
-A emotionally corrupt person who might as well cry his/her way through the entirety of the story
-A forced in love side plot for no reason or way to serve or properly justify the main plot: Maze runner is a great example of this
-Benevolent, double crossies, no exceptions, evil dude
-An old wise boring man with lots of power just couldn't be motivated enough get off his fat ass to do anything about it.
-Simple archetypes
-Simple choices one after the other practically leading a monkey to the end of the story.
-Idiot plots (a plot that happens because they're all idiots. Unless it's done to comedic effect then props to you good sir)
-Going out of their way to sensor a character's speech, fuck and bitch, impeding any actual emotion were it could serve well.
-Going out of their way to sensor gruesome events or just avoiding it all together.
-"I'm just a normal guy," scenario.
-Dinner time with the villain because the story couldn't already explain that he was a bad guy so he just has to preach it to the main character that he is a villain despite the fact he just executed a small country


I'm Still Alive: Dragon Kindred, a new fictional series... · 1:29pm Nov 2nd, 2018

Hey, so its been a while since I've written anything or associated much with the MLP fanfiction community but in the one year I was dead, I also began writing a whole new original story named, Dragon Kindred and the Gyr Worshipers, the first in the Dragon Kindred series.

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2429157 Thanks! Also, dude, Merry Sue is the greatest term I have ever heard for those Polyanna wannabes that stay happy always no matter how unrealistic because the author thinks smiling airheadedly when you're being tortureburnstabbed and sold into slavery is somehow honourable. Now that I think about it, even TVtropes doesn't have a term for that.

2429153 Yea pretty much any hero that goes way out of their way just to instill justice no mater how petty it may seem. I mean, most stories don't go that far with their heroes but what I guess what I really mean is a Merry Sue. I hate Merry Sues.

I could feature cheese in one of my next chapters if you want.

Alright, alright, here's a real comment.

"Injustaphobe"... You mean the "Knight Templar" kind of character? The kind of guy that'd use "Smite Evil" on a mattress-tag-stealer?

Also, no, "Cheese" as in the food.

2429151 You mean that one guy who gets shipped with pinky?

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