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Okay, first off, you don't get to call me Flurry Heart. Not unless you have special privileges which are only afforded to those who are related to me and/or are national heroes. Or, I guess, if you're that guard that mom sends after me...

Point is, I'm Skyla. Got it memorized? SKY. LA.

Now these are the stories of how I earned myself that name. And a few other titles. And look, maybe mom and dad say I'm just going through a phase, but I say PHASES ARE FOR WIMPS. This, is who I am!

And the only reason I'm using Circus-Cinnamon's photo is because I can't find any other photos with how I really feel on it. I mean seriously, crystal ponies, I'm yelling half the time, is it that hard to take an angry picture?!

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Damn, you write fast.

I wish I could write that well that fast. :)

Well, this looks like it's going to be fantastic... though I am wondering how coat dye and streamers hid the whole "wings and horn" thing.

Also, I love the idea of teenage Flurry Skyla interacting with Limestone. The language involved could probably strip paint from twenty paces.

7068148 At the rate they're going, there'll be about 3,000 alicorns by the time she's 15.


The pony whose name is written in this note shall dye... :pinkiehappy:

Heh, that was funny, good job. Though good point about the name- being named for a disaster isn't exactly a nice thing. Cadance and Shining Armor are in for at least another few more difficult years. The only way things can get worse is if the Cutie Mark Crusaders showed up to help her find her Cutie Mark and that's... actually, not sure the Crystal Empire could survive that combination (CMC+super powerful teenage alicorn).

So I added this to my RiL cause I was gonna miss my bus and had to hurry. Then I took one glance at the opening paragraph, and already it was hilarious so I just read the whole thing.

Thanks for making me miss my bus you jerk.

But yeah. I can tell this is gonna be a great story. Also that cover art is perfect.

Oh god, I was laughing from the very first paragraph. When the club started hovering, I cracked up.

She's grounded

I'd say a thousand years will suffice.

You know, I was leery at first. And now...


Okay, let's see where you can take this! :pinkiehappy:

7068145 Stop making me feel bad. I must train!

And could you have someone teach her to be a ninja?

Really like the premise for this story. Always was a little disappointed when she was revealed to not be named Skyla.
But I have a question. Is all chapters going to be like she is retelling what has already happened? I don't mind if it´s going to be like that i just prefer to read stories that is happening at the moment.

An entertaining start and kind of humorous. A little too heavy on the filler words ("so," "like," and "you know,") for my liking, but that's about the only complaint.
...wonder if we can get an animation of Maud firing the party cannon and going "whee."

I applaud you. And Skyla. I haven't seen the episode yet, but 'Alicorn princess' + 'straight-laced parents' + 'named for giant disaster she did when she was a week old' is a recipe for a Skyla like the one you wrote.

I have to admit. When I watched this episode, I thought "Flurry Heart" was a totally fucked-up name.


I wouldn't call my dog " Flurry Heart " :ajbemused:
Stupid parents putting "cute" names to their children, never stopping to think how it will affect them once they grow up. Just ask Fluttershy.

I like Panther. He's funny. Best line on the story.

"Only the finest shit for you my dear."

She didn't bring down the house, she brought up the house. *runs away from the rotten tomatoes*

Well, it's looks like it's written so that your hearing it straight from a teenager's lips, so those kind of words being prevalent would make sense.

I saw the title and description and thought "This is going to be gold"

I was right. Thank you.

7069062 I understand the rationale, but it just gets a little too repetitive for me.

7069011 Great baby name. Maybe good for a toddler. Cute for a filly. A teenager? I don't think so.

the stress the bordom forced responsibility of nobility and stupid people expecting you to be "princess" and celebrity from birth and weird mombo junk of alicorn destiny big deal stuff who wouldn't have chill?

The fastest I've ever accepted head canon.

I just noticed that the abbreviation of the title is R.A.T.S.

I like how the cover art attribution in the description is in character.

Gonna be reading this later.

Didn't really like the drunk part, but that's how people are today I guess...

I hope there will be a diplomatic meeting between Skyla and the Yaks. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, so yeah, this story is pretty awesome.

Point is, I'm Skyla. Got it memorized? SKY. LA.

Hello fixfic #32,987! It's nice to meet you too! :pinkiehappy:

It's not really a fixfic. I don't like or dislike Skyla more than I like or dislike Flurry Heart. This story is about a rebellious teenager, though, and plenty of those have the teen take on a new name for their new identity... and Skyla was already pre-existing.

I went into this with low expectations, largely based on that cringy synopsis and how the fandom seems, as usual, unhealthily obsessed with some pre-existing crappy OC.

But it turned out better than I expected, so enjoy my like and follow.


5 trollestias out of 5


Fuck, this head canon is too much.

[...] if I hear of anypony trying to smack him down or hurt him I will go full on FLURRY FURY on them, kapische?

I hope you're 100% aware of how brilliant that line is.

She got taught by grauntie Celly, you know.

Finally, I've found a relevant use for this picture.


long may she be fluffy and cute

Bwahahhaah :rainbowlaugh: it continues!

It sucks that nobody got a pick, that would have been flippin' awesome.

I think you mean "pic".

You know, I am beginning to believe that Alicorns pick up titles and names as some inherent quirk that they cannot escape from. Flufflebuns will probably just be one of those names made in teeny-tiny-super-fine print.


That... That... is an image that was truly worthy of waiting for the right moment for its use.

Ok, Cadance definitely learned a lot from Celestia. Wonder how many other wars "General Flufflebuns" will set off, and whether hares can win those wars for her too. Poor Sunburst, when he agreed to being her crystaller, he probably didn't expect all these problems. At least she's sort of looking after him too.

Of course, Skyla accidentally sets off a war, and then completely wins it with bunnies. Skyla does not do things ordinarily, does she?
I applaud you again.


Hey, she explicitly stated she was not responsible for the war.

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