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Eepl su bi hish shuploo. Zhshio shuplii bu zhshio wiipetliirupeshumee, iig ke reei bo klolv.
--Shre Leyshuroo bo Shoommlv (Scale's Grateful Regality), Sea Serpent Philosopher. Rough Translation:
"Water binds us all. To deny the current is to deny existence, and is the essence of foolishness."

Written for the ultimate crackshipping contest.

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Some people do great things because they want to advance the cause of knowledge.

Some people do great things because they want to make the world better.

Some people do great things because they want to turn a profit.

And some people do great things because they are BORED.

Cover art by Liu Ting

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We all have sides to ourselves we don't like. Personas we take up on bad days, or strange days. Things we'd rather forget.

Fluttershy has plenty of those.

And they argue.

A lot.

Coverart is a fusion of works by UtterlyLudicrous, DaAfroMan, icantunloveyou, Kooner-cz, RainBowDash89, jhayarr23, and sonofaskywalker.

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Dragons are good at fighting. Very good at it. Supurb, even.

So why are the dragonlands utter garbage?

This was the question that plagued Princess Ember when she became the Dragonlord. She had already proven her strength and power in the gauntlet of fire. In the end, though, it was Spike who retrieved the Bloodstone Scepter. Spike the clanless, whose form had no power, who worked with ponies of all things...

Something was going to need to change. And one thing Ember knew, Dragons... disliked... change.

This was originally for the Imposing Sovereigns competition, but was not able to complete it at the time. Cover art by Cider-Crave.

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Twilight Sparkle gathers her friends to embark on a quest for glory!

This... does not go as planned.

Written for Aragon's Comedy is Serious Business competition. Coverart by Suirano.

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This story is a sequel to Psychadelic

Epiphany's mother is an easy-going mare in tune with the universe and the balance of magic, who needs magic glasses to see the world the way everyone else does.

Epiphany's father is an off-the-wall draconequiis, who runs circles around the laws of physics and spreads chaos wherever he goes because that's what he is.

As for what Epiphany is... well, it's rather complicated.

Coverart by Chocolatechilla.

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It's dying.

No... not dying, exactly. Moving on.

Changing in a way that I never expected.

And now... now I know. Now I understand.

Written for FTP16. Cover by Huussii.

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Everybody in T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. has heard about agent Doodle's exploits. He's managed to befriend a sea monster, taken on a Tarripus, and even earned a knighthood rescuing Celestia from... something highly classified. There's not a pony, donkey, cow, or [redacted] in the administration that doesn't respect the donkey and his contributions to Equestria.

So when Agent Sweetie Drops is paired up with him on her first assignment, she is understandably very excited. And a little bit nervous. But she'll try her hardest to help the legendary agent out!

Even if the target has... other plans.

(Image created by Bonmod. Be warned: The original is ANIMATED.)

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Seven ponies have been transported from ancient times to the modern era. In their own time, they were heroes, and to this day they are (mostly) remembered fondly. However, the time between their departure and return has left society completely different.

Princess Luna, remembering her own period of adjustment, wisely decides that the Pillars of Equestria need personal guides to this new era.

She, not so wisely, selects them herself without consulting anyone and assigns them to their select heroes.

This... may not end well.

Cover image composed with vectors by thebosscamacho, Hendro107, davidsfire, SketchMCreations, SLB94, FloppyChiptunes, and of course the MLP staff.

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People say that light is good and dark is bad.

The truth is far simpler... and far subtler.

The light reveals.

The dark....


A short little story for All Hallow's Eve. Let Nightmares reveal what the dayborn will leave.

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