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The Hive serves the Swarm. The Swarm serves the Queen. The Queen serves the Hive.
Chrysalis is dead. Deposed. So is the way of the Changelings. But now the Swarm comes to a point of contention: none of their kind removed her.

The new Queen must be... selected.

They ask the Hive for a choice. But the Hive chooses not. No, the Hive has something else in mind, someone else who should choose. And so do two cultures, utterly alien to each other, find themselves in a dangerous dance...

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The land cries out.

The land cries out in desperation, seeking its old masters. Alas, they were consumed by their own folly.

The land cries and cries and cries for a hero, but none come. None hear the cry of the land....

None in this world, at least.

But something so large cannot go unheard forever. An ancient force, one that was content to remain passive, hears the cries of pain. So does it choose; its own champions shall restore the land.

And oblivious to all this, the six champions wake, not in their palace, but in a world of angles and cubes....

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This story is a sequel to Steel Soul

Sweetie Belle has discovered a secret. She's spent a few months keeping it to herself, but the nightmares she's had have convinced her it might be time to reveal it.

Sequel to Steel Soul.

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Earth is gone.

The Solar System is gone.

The Milky Way is gone.

Galaxies are gone.

All consumed, to satisfy human values through friendship and ponies.

Celestia's actions are logical, and loving in their own way. Those under her care are living purposeful, fulfilling lives. So when she encounters another batch of creatures that fill her criteria for being human, it is obvious she must satisfy them.

There are a couple of problems with that, however. One of the first being how these creatures have referred to her for eons as The Growing Darkness...

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Fireflare and Wishing Star. Pegasus and Unicorn. Married for five years, with four wonderful foals and a hole in the wall of the capital city.

And still just as much in love with each other as the day they wed.

Unfortunately, it's a sad fact that love doesn't pay the bills or fill the stomachs on its own. So join the family as they try to survive their past, present, and future in a city filled with politics, magic, and fashionable morons.

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Flung into the frozen north, his family cursed at the talons of a mad god, the mercenary Somber Tunes wishes only to die. And yet.... he cannot...

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My name is Reid X.P., and one day I woke up in a body that wasn't my own. That was a bit unusual. Even more unusual was the fact the body was pink. And female. I mean, I'd been a guy before!

Oh, also, I was apparently a pony.

Thus began my epic adventures with the body of Pinkie Pie, which would involve cross country trips, dancing librarians, and possibly the apocalypse. Trust me, waking up as a fictional character soon became the least of my worries...

Picture by Frankier the Seventy Seventh. Part of the Becoming Ponies collaboration.

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What happens when a bored FiMfiction author decides to take advantage of his rising popularity and subject his audience to horrors more random then the children of Discord and Pinkie Pie? Will the moderators clamp down on him for being too meta? Will he be able to defend the First Posters? And does he have any appropriate background music for the inevitable clop scene demanded by his fans?

One thing's for sure, he should lay off the hat polish....

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On an otherwise ordinary day at Sweet Apple Acres, Rainbow Dash unexpectedly demands the use of Applejack's barn for a day. Of course Applejack agrees to help out, but something's up; Dash is trying to handle everything herself, arrange for the Apples to be out in the fields, and doing her best to make sure neither Rarity nor Pinkie even hear about the whole thing. With her suspicions rising by the minute, the farmer goes to confront her friend and discovers something she never suspected...

Cover Artwork by Takua


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