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Rarity has noticed that Applejack has an odd habit. Twi. Dash. Rares. Shy. Mac.

And now... Rara.

Which leads her to ask... what's up with that, anyway?

Coverart by Luminuara the Lumineko.

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There was a pattern here....

She hadn't seen it before. Or rather, she had refused to see it before.


Were ponies really so... naive?

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"Did I ever tell you about

the night

that the mannequin came to life

and haunted

all... the... costumes...?"

Cover art is a cropped version of a work by Xenon.

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Holder's Boulder.

It's brought the Pie family good luck for generations.

It's one of the core features of their rock farm.

It's Limestone Pie's personal favorite.

It's also egg shaped and came from a dragon's nest...

Coverart by mrcurlystyles

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In the wake of the Canterlot Wedding, Fluttershy has to ask Twilight a very difficult question.

No, wait, strike that. Reverse it.

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Princess Celestia has decided, rather abruptly, that Twilight Sparkle needs to learn some of the minutae of running a government. Specifically, dealing with certain... noble entitlements, and the need to check in on their lands every once in a while. There is, in fact, one particular old family that needs, shall we say, just a little check in to be reminded, in a way, that they are purely technically speaking sworn to serve the crown. All Twilight needs to do is run a teensy little survey, which should only take a few days, and maybe befriend the ponies living there.

Her friends decide to come along as emotional support. But really, Twilight isn't that worried. It's just a name, after all. And they've faced down monsters before. It's incredibly unlikely to be dangerous, in any way whatsoever.

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What is confidence?

It can take many forms. A knowing smile, acknowledging your own presence in the room. An eager strut as you show off your latest creation. A dash of arrogance, on occasion; perhaps not the best outlet, but when you do something incredible you do deserve a little acknowledgement.

But the most important question: How does one inspire confidence? Maintain it? Nurture it?

Well... that's my job.

(Cover by DT.)

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Everypony knows how the tribes united... right?

There's a play every Hearth's warming, repeated across the entire country of Equestria, that illustrates the founding of the nation and the figures therein. Yes it's been watered down for the foals, but honestly it can't be that inaccurate.... right?

Well... a certain unicorn might have other ideas. Given that she was around when it happened, Twilight decides to listen. But what she says might shatter a few illusions and rile up the wrong ponies.

After all, Princess Platinum can't be trusted. Can she?

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One is a pair of ancient magitech artificially created gemstone-mounted intelligences sharing a hardlight body fused together by mutual hatred and driven mad by their own self-imprisonment under the endless waters that they are capable of controlling, towering a good eighteen feet tall.

The other is a tiny gray horse.

Smart money's on the horse.

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