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Ponyville does have a resident changeling, see Slice of Life.

Well... that was different :twilightoops:

I like it :twilightsmile:

And I think the original story was a worthwhile read, Fluttershy did ask Twilight a sincere question.
And Rarity's remark about having a changeling tenant I think was fun.
"I'm renting my basement to a changeling."

Oh, there are changlings messing with her head! I get it! You had me wondering for a while. Nice work!

I don't care for dark stories, almost as a rule.

I upvoted this one almost without thinking. Almost.

I don't care for dark stories, but I rather liked this one.

An interesting story. I enjoyed reading it, though I was a little confused at times :pinkiecrazy:
And of course it doesn't matter because nothing matters, and if nothing matters then it wouldn't matter because nothing matters.
Therefore, it wouldn't matter. Unless it was actual matter.
That's a whole different story.

You are now entering...The Twilight Zone!

Just gonna leave this here~ >.>

Here's what made me favorite this story :

It still works as a compelling story on it's own even if the reader happens to be completely unaware of the bandwagon trope it is skewering, because of the plot resolution at the end!

Give it a try for yourself.
Read it again while pretending you've never been exposed to the bandwagon idea. It's still a (creepy) story, it still stands on its own.

Author Interviewer

Rainbow was a griffonkin

I can't believe you actually put that in here. :V

Ego-stroking aside, I feel like this was kind of lost on me, because I was too focused on identifying the stories, since I've read so many. An unfortunate paradox, since you wouldn't want to go into this not having ready any...

OK, a comment on the title alone:

Um, are you just now figuring this out? Like, is this a surprise to you?

We are on the earth. Earth is a rather large place to us; about 12,750,000 metres in diameter if I remember correctly. The universe is 8.70387203477e+26 metres across.

If we round 12,750,000 to 10,000,000 and 8.70387203477e+26 to 10^27, then the earth makes up 1/1,000,00,000,000,000,000,000 of the diameter of the universe, and even less volume- 1e-39, or 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of the volume.

This is the actual math.

You are small.

Nothing you will ever do will matter in the grand scheme of things.


However, in an argument to the contrary--the "grand scheme" itself is what doesn't matter.

The fact that the sun will at some point die in no way affects the lives of anyone on the planet. The volume of the cosmos is a pointless fact of interest only to astronomers, and then only in a largely abstract sense. The possibility that we could one timeline in an infinite variety of them is has no bearing on life.

There is no greater meaning to life. But life absolutely matters, because we are only capable of perceiving things on the smaller scale; ergo, events on our small scale, measured in some few years and decades, are the only thing with meaning or significance.

The universe, as a whole, is pointless and might as well not exist for all the significance in plays.

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