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Rarity has noticed that Applejack has an odd habit. Twi. Dash. Rares. Shy. Mac.

And now... Rara.

Which leads her to ask... what's up with that, anyway?

Coverart by Luminuara the Lumineko.

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PiMan #1 · Nov 30th, 2015 · · 7 ·

This could have been interesting but it was ruined by your choice of style.

I agree it had a nice thought behind it but unless its suppose to be a song or poem rhyming just kills it for me :ajsmug: Honest Truth

Well somebody decided to go Dr. Seues for this one. It's a nice story, but next time you rhyme, please put in poem form.

I always love a good rhyme, but I wish this story had a consistent meter. But the story is still good, and I enjoyed it.

Okay it took me like five or six lines to figure out that the dialogue was supposed to rhyme, :applejackconfused:

Once I figured that out it was much easier to enjoy, :twilightsmile:

This tale that you've laid out for us is simply out of sight. A pleasure for my eyes to read. although it's late at night.
To bring some clearer credence to our Apple mare's intents! To sway those silly dissidents who might still ride the fence
Of friendship true, of friendship bold, 'tween farmer and pop star. Their kinship will ring loud and true to ponies near and far!
A nickname given out may seem innocuous until...our hatted damsel lets us know it's not run-of-the-mill.
But not just Rara earns that place within fair AJ's heart! Each pony that improves her life adds to her work of art.
Be Rares or Dash, be Twi or Mac, the shortening does spread, to each and every loved one held close to fair AJ's head.
With question answered quite succinct, the dresshorse finds a smile! To know her worth in AJ's heart will last her quite a while.
So once again, I give you thanks for this fine rhythmic tale. Though I cannot be shocked; to please, your horsewords rarely fail.

It's a shame this is getting so many negative comments, I thought it had real emotional impact. Yeah the ryming took a bit of getting used to, but in the end I kind of liked it.

This is the first time I've heard someone other than Zecora rhyme.

Rah rah, ah ah ah! Ro mah ro mah mah! Gaga ooh la la! Want your bad romance!

Thats what the title made me think of

Come on i want your revenge, you and me we can write a bad romance (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!) We can write a bad romance!

This is the first I've read a rhyme fic that wasn't a poem, song, etc.

Amazing writing there :twilightsmile:

A lovely bit of headcanon with a novel spin. The rhyming works well for the vast majority of the time. I quite enjoyed this. Thank you for it.

Huh! I like it! The rhymes are alright, with a bit of a twist. I hope you didn't hurt your wrist. Not too many stanzas that I must admit, that to make it coherent must take mental grit. Funny how thinking of a rhyme seems to spread it, just like this time. Ah well, I guess it's off to bed with me so says my body, it does decree.

they rhyming kills what should be a good story

I like the story, I like the rhymes! I do find it quite sublime! Not a thing most writers do ( I think) in their stories, but I think within this story, it fits quite perfectly. A tale weaved beautifully, with its own unique quirk; a tale from the heart, a true honest artwork.

And the grinch's heart grew three sizes that day...

I don't understand what happened in this story. With the rhyming and the southern drawl, I got completely lost. Why does she give them nicknames? What happened at camp? What did Coloratura understand about her?

Dr. Seuss would be so proud...

:derpytongue2: Cute little story. I liked it!

It took me a while to realize it was rhyming. :twilightblush: My mistake!



The story will be infinitely better :pinkiehappy:

I most definitely didn't expect poetry when I made the decision to read this, but I'm so glad I read it. This was an instant favorite! :yay:

I want to read it but I can't cause the rhyming is pissing me off to much.:fluttershbad:

Yeah the rhyming was kind of out of left field and unnecessary. Not to mention out of character. And inconsistent with the story... She's talking about trying to get away from hoity toity Manehattan hipster ways, not resurrect them.

Applejack: ...Well, it's a fine story, Zecora.

Zecora: Thank you, my orange friend.

Applejack: ...But did you mean to write it in the way that y'talk?

Zecora: ...

The title keeps reminding me of Rasputin.
Rah! Rah! Rasputin!

that musta been a task to write
peeps say writing for Zecora is a pain but you did a whole fic

Did not expect that explanatory ending! Nice!

Cool format and explanation of the nicknaming, too!

A funny and cute little tale of how AJ shows her respect for other ponies.

The rhyming while a bit off at times was still cool. Kinda like Dr Suess.

I especially like the ending with Pinkie running off using the repetitive phrase use throughout the story.

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