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After Rara's concert in Ponyville, Applejack had hoped to spend some time with her childhood friend in order to catch up and talk a little. However, things don't go as planned when she walks into her friend's trailer.

Warning: contains diapers and ABDL themes.

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Didn't exect a new story from you this soon, with you just wrapping up "Royal Oopsie."

Regardless, I did enjoy this,. It was nice to see a diaper fic involving RaRa. There's a lot of ponies who I would love to see diapered, and she would be one of them.

Not to mention that her interactions with Applejack were just too adorable in this story, RaRa, you are one silly, yet cute filly.

Nice story, Pigeon, I can't wait for your next one.

7629455 Thanks! I honestly didn't expect to have this out so early either, but after Royal Oopsie's last chapter I got this idea stuck in my head and just couldn't stop writing.

Who knows, maybe I'll be able to knock out a few more stories I've been meaning to get too before this writing bender of mine ends.

This is adorable, what else Can I say? First padded Rara fanfic. If there is one thing it needed, it ought to be useage

DamnI was beat to the punch for first Rara story. Oh well, I'll give it a read later once I'm back on my laptop ^^

I can't think anything but "Omg it's so cute!" :raritystarry:

7629515 Keep up the great job. I loved every single one of your stories so far.

This one was rather cute!

Rara was absolutely adorable in this fic!

That said, how does Applejack pinch her arm?

7629923 Huh, you know, that's such a common phrase that I didn't even see the problem when I first wrote it down. Whoops! :twilightsheepish:

7629547 Sorry 'bout that. I look forward to reading yours once its done though.

Daw, so cute. We need more fanfics of diapered Coloratura/Rara.

7629547 I was going to do one as well early next year. Hopefully this is a sign of more diapered Rara fics on the horizon.

Ccuuuuttteeee!!!!! :twilightsmile: short and to the point I wish I could write like this :twilightoops: nice job

7629978 It's no big thing, I've been stewing on the idea for months and as they say the early bird catches the worm, I'm glad to hear you say that, I really love your stories so I'm hoping that when I finish it you'll enjoy it and maybe give me a lit of things I could improve on

A simple but satisfying story, comfortable with being a bit of fluffy writing and without pretense. Probably the best diaper-related story uploaded to the site in the last several months, unless I missed some hidden gem.

Mechanics are solid; you even punctuate dialogue correctly, which is disturbingly uncommon in this little niche, so props to you on that. No spelling errors I saw during my skim, punctuation was objectively fine (although a few parts could have done with a comma, which you might find if you read the story out loud, but that's nit picking).

I would suggest trying to be a little more eloquent, though. There's little in the way of stylistic choices or writing techniques, leaving the story rather dry and forgettable. The 'narrator' is also a little too informal, although that's more personal preference than author error.

Overall, I give it a solid 6/10. Bear in mind I actually use the rating scale as it's intended, so a 6 means you're above average and have made a perfectly readable story, but lack the Chemical X to make it memorable and distinctive. Might I suggest Cold in Gardez for FiM Fic, or the late Terry Pratchett for a published author? Both have distinctive styles that, with several hundred pages read, should hopefully rub off on you.

Keep writing, and may your quill always have fresh ink on it.

Really glad somone made a story about RARA!! I liked it great job.

I loved it, it's very cute.

A very enjoyable tale of not feeling shamed for finding something unconventional to be relaxing. It certainly gets to the point as a well-written quick read.

Many people fear shame for being found out for having such a soothing interest. The concept is frowned upon and associated with a lot of dark stigmas. Howevermost I know, including myself, are really just looking to recreate a time when the world didn't seem so demanding, unfriendly, and bogged down with stress. Even if in brief it is nice to feel that sense of unconditional love with no strings attached along with no responsibilities.

Great job having Applejack serve to help make the situation a lot easier. Having someone who won't negatively judge you for such a thing is a great start to shedding the fear of shame.

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