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I came here to eat breadcrumbs and indiscriminately shit on cars. And I'm all out of breadcrumbs...


Marble Pie has a little problem at night, and the solution isn't something she's looking forward to.

Warning: contains diapers, implied diaper usage, ABDL themes

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Glad to see you back, and with a cute story to boot.

Silly ponies :derpytongue2:

Cute story! Thanks for making something about bedwetting that wasn't someone's fantastical view of it. I grew up wetting the bed and it was fucking awful.


seriously though, i'm glad you're back, and that you're doing okay.

This was an entertaining read :). Good to see another story from you.

A cute little story with an unexpected ending. :rainbowlaugh:

It ends to abruptly, what forces me to plea for more..... But what could happen to 3 adult mare who are always sleeping together in one bed, wrapped in thick diapers?

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