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Comet Burst

The man without a plan.


Maud is out on an expedition, earning her rocktoriate.

Pinkie lives in Ponyville and is a part-time baker, part-time savior of Equestria.

Inky and Blinky are now crystal harvesters in the Crystal Empire.

Ever since her daughters found success outside of the family farm, Cloudy has been overjoyed. Yet, something still lingers when she walks the quiet house and grounds.

Why does she feel so lonely without them?

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And Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock need their own character tags.

And you need to call Inky and Blinky "Marble" and "Limestone."
...nah, you don't really. Although I will admit to some brief confusion when Igneous mentioned somepony else called Limestone who wasn't his daughter :rainbowhuh:
Couple of nitpicky things I might PM you, but a very nice piece nonetheless. I sort of pictured my own grandmother in Cloudy's place actually. My mother told me that she once got a call from nana, crying because her house was empty. Having an empty nest can be crushing for a person so attached to their children. So it was overall very relatable.
I almost cried. Almost. But it takes a lot for me to do that over a story, especially a short one, so kudos there. :twilightsmile:

5345961 Empty Nest Syndrome is never fun for any loving parent. :ajsleepy:

And Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock need their own character tags.

Maybe after Season 5 and the rumored "Pie Family Reunion" episode. :eeyup:

*sniffles* That was beautiful :fluttercry:

Sad, beautifully sad.

Keep up the good work! :)

The title made me think of one thing:

Bart Simpson, "Het there. My name's Dr. Cheeks. I'm making my rounds and I'm a little behind."

If you remember that episode, you will of course be laughing right now.

A lovely little bittersweet story. Short but very enjoyable :twilightsmile:

... I think I'll call my Mom tonight.

Thanks for this, Comet. A touching story. :twilightsmile:

Anytime, Bad. Anytime.:raritywink:

A good little Slice of Life fic.

There’s a tag for their mom now c:

I was honestly expecting pinkie and her sisters to knock on the door and visit them.

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