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Rainbow begrudgingly agrees to help a desperate Rarity by modeling a dress. Unfortunately for her, she gets stuck wearing it. Doubly unfortunate, the dress has some... unique design choices.

This is going to be embarrassing.

Warning: Contains diapers, diaper usage, ABDL themes, and humiliation.

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This was pretty funny

Welp, that just happened...:moustache:

I do hope you left this incomplete on purpose so that we can see more. :pinkiesmile:

I'm a little confused how Dash managed to get herself diapered by putting on the dress.

Is there like a cloth diaper sewn into the dress or not?

7730007 The dress has a removable flap that holds a diaper while attempting (though, in this designs case, poorly) to conceal it. When Dash got into the dress, there was already a diaper in place because Rarity wanted to check and see how the dress did had keeping a diaper hidden. Does that clear it up?

Well I love the look of this so far, can't wait for more!

7730031, yes but wouldn't it make more sense to wear the diaper first and then put the dress over it?

7730167 Technically yes, but as Rarity said she knew Dash wouldn't agree to wear the dress if she knew it involved wearing diapers as well.

Quite enjoyable so far! Looking forward to more:scootangel:

great to see see this story I hope to see more of it gain soon.

Silly rainbow could have just lockedxthe door. Well I get her actions are gooong to fetxher farther from the shop. I just hope their not too much focus on the used diaper when that happens.

Hmm, the style is somewhat improved, most notably the opening with the list of defining characteristics for Dash and Rarity, but the plot thus far feels like it's the weakest justification for padded shenanigans you've made (of your stories I've read so far).

Much can be laid on Rainbow being panicked, but the lack of her reflecting on her ill-thought impulses means that I can only assume you made these choices for plot convenience, not character-driven reasons. The obvious thing she could have done is just say something like "You can't come in, Sweetiebelle, Rarity is working on a top secret dress and she wants me to guard it!" Something to up-play her bravado and 'cool' side. Alternatively, she just presses herself against the door to keep Sweetie from opening it, or even hide amongst what I would assume to be a myriad of materials and supplies.

I'm going to keep my eyes on the story, and look forward to seeing where you take this, I'm just hoping you give a little more care to maintaining suspension of disbelief.

I was on mobile when I started this, and so couldn't read the spoiler text. When I realized it was one of those fics, the only thing that surprised me was that she actually didn't chug the cider first...

I guess the universe just wanted Rainbow Dash to end up as a foal today. :rainbowlaugh:

I am loving this! :rainbowkiss: Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

Why? Why did you have to stop on a cliffhanger?!

I like the progression and her having those denial of her liking it. Almsot thought she wiggle the carrage so mucit whee away from pinkie ans she end up at the bottom of the hill all exposed. Beside dashie needed her wittlw nap time
:rainbowhuh:" guys stop it , yoir embasing me"

A huge chunk of the chapter is bolded. It starts at this line:

She gulped, pressing her thighs together to feel cold, wet padding greet them.

7734364 To quote Sokka "The universe just LOVES proving me wrong, doesn't it?" And to quote Toph's reply "You make it too easy."

7734470 Yeah. Ah Sokka, even when you´re in youŕ....I wanna say thirties, you still somehow incorporate your boomerang during a council meeting


This story is awesome!!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

I seriously expected this kind aftermath:

RD: Hey Rarity?

Rarity: Yes-?

RD: *throws the wet, dripping dress into her face* DON'T EVER ASK ME TO MODEL FOR YOUR STUPID, STUPID DRESS AGAIN! *zooms off*

This really should get a sequel where Rarity goes through similar humiliation.

Sooooooo cute! I want an adult baby Dashie! :rainbowderp:

A sequel would be awesome!

8277481 Rarity would take nicely to a humilation style padded pony fic. I'm actually surprised there aren't any out there featuring her.

i wanna see an aftermath pic

Great ending. It was rather funny. Probably one of my favorite fics involving diapers.
2019 Edit: Ok, this was VERY FUNNY. Every time I read it I'm on the floor.

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