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To fill an order of clothing, Rarity must experience first hand what it means to be an adult foal.

(Contains diapers and ABDL themes)

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You get major props for writing a padded Rarity fic. Rarity is without a doubt, the hardest of the mane six to diaper. Given her standards, and perfectonist attitude. You really captured how Rarity would react to being in such a situation, and the pacing felt very natural. :raritywink:

"Why just last week I had a strong Apple stallion to diaper up. He just wouldn't stop whimpering and squirming..."

I'd love to see a prequel to this involving a padded Big Macintosh. That's another rare to find padded pony. :eeyup:

Nice. I know that Rarity is Rarity, but I would have preffered a little more kinkiness. :raritywink:

Typos common for all your stories (you may want to check others too):
defiantly / definitely
than / then

4149036 Thank you for the compliments. It's much appreciated.

I'm not saying you're right or wrong, but that Apple comment was meant to be a bit on the vague side. Could have been Braeburn or Apple Cinnamon for all we know.

4149144 Duly noted!

'Than' and 'then' is a constant problem I face. I'm aware of the differences, but sometimes it's rather difficult to decide which one to use or I just forget to double check. 'Definitely' has always been a thorn in my side. Hard to spell right the first time and spell check always provides a word that's close enough to look like the real thing.

an apple stallion? we talkin' :eeyup: here?

4155091 Would sure seem that way. He's strong, and certainly the kind who would likely make a fuss about being diapered. He's use to being in control.

That was to 97,36% what I had in mind! Maybe not the ending, I had thought that, Rarity would become a regular customer for some relaxing time. But It was still a AWESOME story! :rainbowdetermined2:

4149036 I agree. You really captured Rarity personality, reactions and professionalism. :raritystarry:

I hope you keep doing this one shots. As I said in other comments, they are short but perfet detailed. :twilightsmile:

And thanks for the credit and the use of my idea^^

an intyersting ending. i'd honestly expected rairty to find a small amount of enjoyment, maybe even learn to like it. who knows, sweetie might be intersted in it and they could've been foal sissters.:facehoof: that sounded a LOT better in my head.

anyway, a nice, funny little fic. well done. you've earned a like and one of these:twilightsmile:

You gotta admit that's dedication to your craft. But she could have at least ended up liking it.:raritywink:

4446275 To some extent her decision to not indulge in it further is understood. If she were presented with the chance to just wear diapers, but no be obligated to use them, perhaps she might reconsider.

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i really really liked this one the only thing missing was a nap time

This was honestly very good. I can see Rarity being open minded enough to try, if only to understand the clientele. The fact that she didnt enjoy it was understandable since she had never heard of it. Very well done!

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