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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Meanwhile, Back at the Farm

It has been settled. This month, Twilight and CO agree that for Heartbreak to live in Equestria, she needs an actual place to live in. A real home. With money tight, and Heartbreak not having much of anything of her own, how are they going to get her this dream home?
The answer will drag both Heartbreak and Rarity kicking and nearly screaming through a series of seemingly unfortunate events involving travel, discovery, and later on: The Cutie Mark Crusaders!
But there are dark secrets still being harbored within both Heartbreak and her new home. Will Rarity, a pony who prides herself on her looks, charms and grace be able to teach a pony who doesn't care about any of those things anything about generosity? Hopefully. And hopefully before one of them strangles the other.

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Pfft. Oh my god. "I like you. Will you be my new mommy?"

No wonder she went running for the hills.

Nope, I can't do it. Rarity's characterization makes me want to murder you. Bye.

YES new story please update sooooooooooooon i love this story

2207320 Yes, this. I thought that was very hilarious.


To be fair, HB antagonized the CRAP out of the Mane Six in her original appearance.

2207591 Don't care. That isn't Rarity. Was hard enough putting up with AJ last story.

Haven't read it, liked and favorited anyway!:pinkiehappy:

Edit: And now that I have read it, I am happy to report me doing that was justified.

How did you put how it, Rainbow Dash?

You might want to get rid of one of those "hows"...

Haven't begun to read yet but I expect strangling within 4 chapters. And by the end understanding but not necessarily happiness.:eeyup:

considering how long the last 3 stories were, i'm contemplating if i want to hold off on reading this till it is finished.....:unsuresweetie: well food first then i will decide:pinkiehappy:

2207628 Kay! I wish I could say that you'd be missed!

2208122 I was thinking Rarity seemed alittle overboard... then I started remembering the first book. Yeah, it's a long time to hold a grudge, but if anypony was going to hold a months long grudge over something trivial it would be Rarity... especially over something like appearance.

2208293 There are other things that HB has been doing that have been upsetting Rarity. Most of them dealing with this situation, her thoughts on said situation, and the whole "We have had a pony dumped on us" part of the situation. Rarity might soften up after a bit more interaction or she might put her hoof down.

I vote for Cream Puff to be a reoccurring character!:pinkiehappy:

And here I go forgetting how you pace these. How does chapter 40 sound?:trollestia:

I swear, one of these days I'm going to read your stuff.

I hope to see Cream Puff torturing HB some more, it's adorable~

omy god.....fangasm need to read

This one's off to a really good start! You have all my want. Deploying fave.

HB SHOULD BE A MAMA JUST TO FUCK WITH TWILIGHT (CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!):flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::pinkiehappy:

made you a cream puff :pinkiehappy:


why do i have this bad feeling that she says that to every mare she been with more than 5 minutes... cream puff, one of the last true horrors of ponyville

Congratulations on getting featured. I didn't think this story series will come out as big as it did when I first saw it.

Just to get it out there, I have no problem with the Rarity portrayal here. A lot of people seem to make the assumption that the Rarity (or any other character, or else background laws of reality) will be exactly as portrayed in the show. Aside from this being something of a more "realistic" view of Equestria (with MLP FIM being a cartoon version of "Real" Equestria events, similar to cartoon versions of human inhabited realities) Which causes a number of differences innately, I would note that people (or otherwise) can and will change over time as a result of events, and first impressions are very heavy insofar as the weight you give them compared to later interaction. Considering that Rarity was rather thoroughly insulted while HB thought she was dreaming, and with them not being 2-dimensional cartoon characters, but being portrayed as 'real' people, I am not that surprised at Rarity's behavior.

Anyhow. Keep up the good work.

You too, I just showed up here because one of the featured stories that I watched has updated so it was my cue to take a look at the front page and lo and behold, I found you and your story. ^^ What a surprise!

I hope you don't mind that I only took a look at a couple of the last chapters from your other "books" to see Anthony's progress for a bit.

What's wrong with Rarity? Seeing that H.B. isn't exatly the easiest pony to be around I would say that the mane six are actually quite loving and caring.

Still like H.B. though.:pinkiehappy:

I haven't started reading as of this post and the Blondie song "Heart Of Glass" Is coming to mind.

Have a Derpy:


H.B is very explosive here, I see. I think she needs to give up on anxiety, fuming and fretting if she's to get some peace.

Is the house depicted in the story image supposed to resemble an abandoned house from an Andy Griffith Show episode? (The one in which Opie or his friend threw a baseball into the house.)

I can safely say that, after reading the first 3 books in their entirety, you have gained a follower. Will H.B. become a one mare CMC as far as destruction potential goes (don't forget the tree sap)?

Also, I noticed a pattern with the chapter counts. 20, 30, 45. Each time, multiplied by 1.5. That math would indicate that this book will have 67.5 chapters, and seeing as .5 chapters isn't possible, I will round up to 68 :trollestia:.

"Mommy" I feel for Anthony,I just hope that he can learn to live with his femaleness, for his own sanity's sake.


I'm sorry but how isn't this Rarity?
She's a bitch to ponies she actually like in the series, so it makes sense that she'd be something of a cunt when it comes to somepony she dislikes.

Yes she can be nice, but 70%+ of her screen time has her being a prissy unlikeble little hissy bitch.

2217188 I'm sorry, where was she an actual bitch in the series? An argument with AJ, being prissy, and being an attention whore does not make her a bitch. If any pony can be called a bitch, it'd be Rainbow Dash, Trixie, or Blueblood.


Without even thinking about it, 90% of Sisterhooves Social and the entire episode of Sleepless in Ponyville.

I do agree that Rainbow Dash is more of a bitch tough, mostly because she's second worst pony (after Trixie) and a giant cunt.

2217848 Sisterhooves social. Do you have a younger sibling? I'm going to assume you don't, because, if you did, then you would know just how fucking annoying a kid half your age can be if you practically live with them. And Sleepless in Ponyville? She didn't even want to go camping, but went because her sister wanted to. Sweetie carried the stuff and Rarity was more than nice throughout the whole thing.

Try again.


I do have a younger sibling, and I treated him about the same as Rarity does Sweetie Belle wich is how I know what a terrible big sister she is, since I was a terrible big brother.

And even if she only went to the camping trip "to be nice to Sweetie" she still acted like a overgrown cunt regardless.

It's quite obvious that I'm no fan of Rarity (being second worst mane6 in my book) and I'm hard pressed to think of moments where she was actually likeable, I can't really remember all the scenes (I do hope you forgive me) so I'll just leave with one last episode.

Sweet and Elite, that entire episode is a typical Rarity moment.

And for the record, doing "the right thing" in the end of Sweet and Elite does not exuse her behavior for the rest of the episode.


After reading other fanfictions, I LOATHE Rarity here. The Empty Room, The Immortal Game, Designing Intrigue... Yeah, your Rarity is a cunt that doesn't even touch upon my head canon. I'll skim the chapters for now, but that's about it. Interest is fading somewhat. Vindictive cunts that turn into Trixie-like levels.... eh.

Apparently you need to read some actual good stories with Rarity in it. See the italics for ones worth reading. Worst Mane 6 is Fluttershy, cause she a spineless bitch that lets any and everybody push her around. Rarity is actually 2nd best, Twilight takes the throne.


I have read a few good ones, but that doesn't change that she's a bitch in the show, just like she's in this fic. (although she might be slightly worse here, on account for really dislike both H.B and the general situation.)

2217913 So, she's a bitch for hanging out with the Canterlot Elite, the ponies that can seriously help provide her with income considering she is quite often giving out free stuff because of how generous she is. Her career is vastly important in her life. It's what keeps her from living out on the streets, something that nobody wants to do. She tried to postpone her return to Ponyville so she could 'finish' the dress for Twilight and keep her standing in Canterlot. Again, friends don't pay her to be friends. Her job pays her.

Sure, they would have understood if she had just told them, but she didn't know that, did she? She could only assume that Twi and the others would be furious with her. Please, if you're going to use situations against a pony, use one that isn't something that anybody will do. If you had a choice between living in comfort with effort on your part and postponing your friend's birthday cheer/gift for a day, or having to work extremely hard to get your arguably small customer base to keep coming back just to finish a dress and travel back to Ponyville to celebrate a birthday that can be postponed, then I'm very certain 99% of people would choose option A.

2217927 Two chapters and we've already decided what the whole of the story is about? Darn. I better get more chapters out eh?

2217927 Also. There isn't going to be much in the way of shipping or sex in my stories.

Wait H.B likes Luna?

Yay update!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This is going to be a good story!

Ohe yeahh, new story, new chapters, now lets dive.:yay:

Aw yeah, round four! Finally got a chance to read.

I like the way this is progressing in that all the installments so far have had a kind of different flavor to them, and seem to actually be progressing in some direction - It's not just like a video game where HB has to beat all 6 levels or something, which is a trap a lot of fantastical/high-concept serials fall into.
It sounds like with the "mommy" incident, the gender problem might start eclipsing the pony problem, especially if Rarity is really getting involved.

2228579 Those two problems are primary problems that are like a binary star system.

Now that I am all caught up. I have started wondering why I like this series so much. I have to say, you make the characters so damn human (even (the hell bent on ruining your life) Rarity). Not only must we deal with H.B's problems, but every pony she interacts with has their own and then leaves developing too (Dib, maaan D.I.B.). This series is amazing so far, and I would like to thank you again for writing it. I am ripping out my hair waiting for the next installment. Until then stay classy Jet.


2217950>>2217913 The fact that you two feel the need to argue over this is somewhat silly. Can't we all be friends? It's pretty obvious this story doesn't and won't stick to the exact cannon, but It's the authors head-cannon. Also, who is to say Rarity won't change her attitude towards H.B.? Twilight changed, AppleJack changed. This is an angst-y story, so it would only make sense to take some of the characters flaws and increase their proportions. Other wise there wouldn't be the Dark or Tragedy tags on the story. Just trust that JetBlack will do what authors do and make a good story.

2232799 I'm not even going to bother. This was fun until it wound itself up into a coil ready to spring and then just lost all it's tension. From the way it's going, it's obvious that she's going to change her attitude. You'd have to be a moron not to see that. And, if by some twist of fate that she doesn't, then that just further goes to show that Jet isn't keeping them within character.

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