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When it came to matters of the heart, Anthony just couldn't win. In his path, a rainbow coloured trail of broken hearts were left. With the final relationship he had, his strange exes decided they had enough. Now crashing through the universe and robbed of everything that makes him who he is: Anthony has been abandoned, branded and renamed by his exes. Find out how a pony named HeartBreak has to learn -her- place in this new world.

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Chapter one and two bundled together! Surprise! In the last little bit, I squeak in the connection to Friendship Is Magic! What is going to happen to our OC here?!

Epic. Tracking.

That was epic... no other word can describe this.:pinkiehappy:

Very nice. There's a lot that I like about this story :twilightsmile:

Very nice. There's a lot that I like about this story :twilightsmile:

"I like turtles."


XD Classic! This story is amazing so far. Keep writing, this is amazing.

Stayed up late to read this on my iPhone. Very, very epic. Love it.

Hey, This looks oddly familiar... :pinkiehappy:

Well that was a great way to wake up in the mourning, 4 new chapters and I loved them all:twilightsmile:

Hahaha! Well done with changing the point of view, although I have to wonder why it wasn't done in first person like the first chapter (first person from RD's perspective). Is the rest of the story going to be in third person, or will we bounce back and forth? I don't think that would be a problem if done well (like Maximum Ride).

Your RD is good - maybe a little more mischeviousness, and why did she get stopped by the security guard when our MC clearly just fell through the cloud? Then again, this is RD we're talking about. :)

A lot of back and forth and side to side. Let's start advertizing and make some real Money!

I would like to take the time to thank all the bronies out there from Equestria Daily that helped me with this story. It has been something that has been in my brain and wanting out for the longest bit of time now and I am not even sure how long I have been writing it. So Thanks Waspinator, Exlolguy, MoodyMan, Kiyye, NoPonySpecial, Aerial, Applebloom, (I will have a list of ponies to add here that I want to thank) Ruhadir, Laurn Faust, the creative team at hasbro, the song writers and every pony who has been cheering me on in this creative endeavor. Particularly Colleen. You might have seen alluded but there are going to be eleven more stories to this whole thing. Below is a link to a video that you must listen to after reading all this. You Must. You Must. YOU. MUST. Rarity commands it. :raritywink:


Well shit, I remember this story.

When you write the next one, I'll do a better job of keeping up with the proofreading. I've had a hectic month, you know that. I'm so sorry I couldn't stay on top of it though.

I can stop omg that was genius :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiecrazy:This story is not only a mind bucking for the reader, but for the characters! :pinkiehappy:

I have never seen a main charterer kicked in the balls harder than what you did to this one. holy fffffuuuubuck.... Gdamit

I can't wait for when you start up again!!!:pinkiehappy:

This story was sorts of EPIC:rainbowdetermined2:

409523 Comment made me laugh haha

Pretty good story, I have to assume theres a sequel coming soon? If so I'm looking forward to it.

Plus my GOD Celestia & Rarity have been total bitches, it isnt even funny. Gonna have to smack a filly.... & I still cant figure out how to post pictures... Whatever you get the msg..

Any pony can make a story about ponies playing ro-sham-bo, where they kick each other in the nads, but this is a mental bucking. The mental states of the characters and how they have to react to everything... Yeah.

I think heartbreak's emotion and thinking can be sumbed up with a few words from reznov " we are all soilders without an army betrayed forgotten abandonded

406142 Heartbreak had already fallen through the cloud cover before Dash could get there.


Seems that you have had changes in your speech. Don't fight it. So Sayth Celestia.

I like the concept, and feel bad for the poor guy.
Quick question, you say the end in this chapter but the story is marked incomplete? I'm assuming there will be a sequel, or at least I'm hoping so. :pinkiehappy:

433979 That and I don't know how to mark things as complete. :derpytongue2:

Hehe, happens to the best of us.

I've gotten this far into it, and you've got me in the story.

Hook. Line. And sinker.

Good job!

Okay, now this was good. I opened it and started reading right after I was talking to you earlier, and I havent really stopped but for walking between classes and driving to work.

It was great, it was good. You kept me sucked into the story and there were no big things, or really any small things, that tugged me out.

444983 Squee. Hopefully Creativi-Tea is going to be just as good of a read.

Hey Jet_Black its me, TrustWorthy. Figured I would let you know on Fimfiction as well that I enjoyed your story. As I stated before, I like the way you made Celestia out to be the bad pony even with good intentions in mind. Look forward to reading more :)

"I like turtles."


And now random people are looking at me funny... thanks alot. Third shift on my new site and people already think I'm crazy... I like turtles indeed

There are 4 words to describe this story: Heartbreak is best pony!!!!!

This was a very riveting read.
I don't normally enjoy sad stories, (even less dark ones),
but here I am enjoying this story. :pinkiesmile:
There were quite a few twists in the story, some I predicted, others caught me by surprise. :pinkiegasp:
All in all, very well done. I only hope for a sequel, I would definitely read it. :raritywink:

629023 There is a sequel. Creativi-Tea.

663614 What's a GB-Oh! Genderbending! Yes. Yes it is.

Wow, that was horrifying, I feel like I can imagine this happening to Scott Pilgrim.

665070 Nope. Oberon is someone else...Necros is... unpleasant.

664573 Yay. Scott Pilgrim jokes. It's already been done. I swear I didn't do the seven exes thing on purpose. I just did it as a salute to Green Lantern. Plus I really have had that many people in my life as far as relationships go.

665183 Yup! This chapter was meant to be dark. And twisted.

I keep hoping that the princess ISN'T like the one that Heart was talking about. but to go this far and scaring everyone like that.. There's still time so I better check the next chapter.

665183 Yup! This chapter was meant to be dark. And twisted.665241 Celestia will do anything to protect Equestia. And any threat she sees to her realm... Well keep reading. Your only hope is that there is a second story currently out.

665331 That is a good question. If there is a puck, he is else where. Just like Oberon. I haven't thought of any stories involving him. But... he might make a showing up else where... hmmm I will have to suggest it to the one writing the companion stories to these stories... Two other writers joined me in the endeavor.

I was talking about Scott being punished just as harshly since he was a nice guy and a great one to hang out, but a TERRIBLE boyfriend. But all he got was being haunted by Nega-Scott just to remind him how bad a boyfriend he was and all the break ups were his fault. It just seem like the situation here would do that to him.

Well I did now, at first I thought that Celestia was a fake (maybe one of the Council of Nine, the one that believed that he could find a way out of here) or mind controlled and ready to jump the gun at her if she doesn't back off on trying to erase his memories. It was just strange that now all of a sudden that Celestia was dead serious about all this and it wasn't even some kind of test. I feel like Twilight's perception of Celestia has changed because of this now.

It was an interesting read or skimming. Yeah, I mostly skimmed your story except for maybe the first two or three, Ch. 6, and the last two or three chapters. The reason I ended up being here, was because I was linked here from DA by someone doing a fan art of your story and mentions transformation. When I started skimming I was surprised that this story is mostly like First Pony View except with Anthony going to Ponyville and was more paranoid then the main character from FPV, before it turned out that he was properly paranoid. Anyway, like I said it was an interesting skim, I wish you luck on completing the whole thing.

665528 Squeee! There is a reason why everything here is happening. There is a reason why Celestia is acting the way she is, why I have put everything that I have put here.
I do hope you keep reading. It's going to be one hell of a magic carpet ride.

665571 You are welcome to disagree. I am not going to give you any spoilers though.


Heh heh, kind of like my story. But sorry I'm not that much interested in it. But I don't mind if you skim through mine as well. ^^;

665952 It's better than what some people have said. ^.^ At least you took the time to look, and if you know someone that might like this story better, then you can refer them as a sort of present!
I had one person say that every plot point was a negative to the story. From Alpha to Zed.

667401There is a sequel. Creativi-Tea. Oh Heartbreak... You amuse me so..


Can't tell you how sad that made me when Shin was telling me I was getting people interested in a bad way. Anyway, I was wondering is it okay that I can add your story to a group called transformations to see if the rest of the members like it.

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