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This story is a sequel to 1000 Years

1000 years later after the events of 1000 Years, Null will be thrown into the deep end, seeing if he will sink or swim. How will he cope with his newfound freedom? Will it be what he hoped for? And most importantly, what will crack first? the eggshells he treads on, or he himself?

WOOOO. featured already from the first chapter with a couple hours! 5/9/19

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Ooo its gonna be a good story ride

Comment posted by Bl4z3r1 deleted May 9th, 2019

Reading this wile listening to this

on spotify of course.

This is so going to the tracking list.

Favoriting will come later, when I see Null wiping the floor with Celly's face.:pinkiecrazy:

Have a thumbs-up!:pinkiehappy:

Ah, so he did figure something out then? Good for him!

And I expect a very high quality rant from Null, he's had well over a thousand years to consider it.

Quite frankly...Celestia deserves whatever he's about to do to her. While, granted, her putting Null in stone may have actually been something of a blessing in disguise since it allowed him time to get a handle on his powers...she didn't know that at the time, and had him petrified for very flimsy reasons.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you…” he said in a chillingly calm voice.

Video file:

It begins!!!
Let er rip!!!

Seems nice so far

Thank Christ somethings actually happening.

Holy fuck did no one else get that this is a Sans reference?

the sequel started a very good chapter excellent work👍👍

Yessss i love it already!!!

This is a logically bad idea

someone probably already made this joke, but null is just sans undertale lets be real

I have never been this pumped for the next chapter of any fanfic ever!

Really though I am excited to see null tear Celestia a new one... maybe nor physically but at the very least tell her subjects how much of an ass she really has been.

I tought you said you were continuing the seeing tings through the statue shtick

i remember distinctly saying quite to opposite...
how so?


Sorry that happens all the time:twilightsheepish:

usually not when I read though hmmmm:trixieshiftleft:

i'm watching you fimfiction

It is not but they do seem similar.
Wait I got it my bad.

>He stood there in the broken up doorway, his Left Eye glowing a brilliant blue as he scowled and seethed with rage.
>“I’ve got a bone to pick with you…” he said in a chillingly calm voice.

it's sans undertale



"Kay, Imma let a god go for this one. NERGAL! GET YER ARSE OVA' HERE!"

"Yeah, f*ck you too boss,"

"Anyway, ya honorary, not so honorary, god Nergal Jahad speakin' 'ere.
Now lemme lay out 'dis situation to ya real quick"

"You, rumored powerful, possibly world-ending entity just got freed from a thousand years unjust imprisonment from two godlike entities.

One of them is empathetic to ya' and realizes that shooting first is probably not the best idea.

The other one is a paranoid freak who is obsessed with virtue, righteousness of herself. and has even stated that she blames you for an inevitable event that she herself caused. ie. she is willing to shift blame to avoid self-guilt despite how flimsy her evidence is.

As you can imagine that may build the conclusion that the second sister is most likely looking for a reason to justify her unfounded claims and in doing a rash action,

For example:

Barging into a throne room with the expression of an angry akuma then speaking cryptically, while the very item you were imprisoned for appears to be active

You may give her an excuse to throw you into a dungeon, then taking in how skittish her people are, they'd praise her even if you were, once again, innocent.

In that sense, this action of the boy, is very, very stupid. I mean, I'm a bloody god! Leave reckless shit to people like me who can't be arseclapped by god-like, mystical horse things."

Celestia, In the words of the Immortal Alucard:

I hope you liked your Castle, it ain't gonna be there much longer.

Also I can't wait for more! How often do you plan on updating this?

"But Mr. Jahad, Null's mental capacity is probably off the deep end.... Will have to think more on this... "

hm, hm, a fair point. but think about what you just said. just got free'd from wrongful imprisonment. after a 1000 year bender, and clearly not right in the head. you think he'd be capable of making a proper logical decision that would make sense? hell nah. he's pissed. on top of which, what would you expect him to do? knock on the door calmly and ask to talk? nope. for him, this has been a long time coming. he's gonna do what he's not gotten to do in a long ass time. VENT.
as often as I can good sir.

"Ya know, Catain Bookboi just brought up that one. Eh, all's fair and ends fair. Though I for a fact know that this world of theirs is unfair. Almost as much as that one, literal, kid who Celestia chased through a continent."


You know, I've never really considered what Nurgle actually sounds like before, but I think you're spot on. That kind of indeterminately accented seedy pawnshop owner, the guy who smokes like fifty cigarettes a day but still wants to give you sound lifestyle advice.

I will be honest with you, when I saw your reply pop up I had to do a double take as I thought it said Dekashitz :rainbowlaugh:

The timing was purely coincidental. Good on you though, whoever's behind this.
No idea who nurgle is, but okay. As long as y'all are having fun.
Wow, rude? Lol, you've seen my name now many times?

Okay seriously who the fuck is nurgle or nergal, or whatever this person's name is?


Several, I think it's the tiredness that made me see it! I had bugs dive bombing my face all night last night :raritydespair:

Sorry if I offended, just thought you would find it funny :rainbowderp:

No offense taken, I did find it funny lol. Get some sleep man!

"Hey, he's immortal, we aren't."

"N-E-R-G-A-L Jahad. I swear to the Pacacian Gods, boy, we ain't in th' dark ages! Cut that sh*t out, I stopped tormenting mortals an oxymoron ago. And yes I do mean an oxymoron. It makes no sense logically."

"Yes, and to what do I owe the indulgence?"

Statement: Nurgle is the plague god of the Warp.

Statement: You speak to Trixie lone dweller of the Void.


Ah, my mistake. I must say, I've never known a war deity to abandon it's aspect before, what provoked the change of heart?

Celestia: oh buck, here we go again...

"Personally, I'd prefer being called the 'Human God' but whatever keeps ya' comfy."

Exclamation: The Omnissiah is superior fleshy meatbag!

"That'a common confusion mortals make. See, Gods ain't called gods for squat, and an aspect ain't even an aspect to begin with. Mortals like to assign roles and labels to everything' they see based on How they see it. It got so far with those, till they named half the whole f*ckin' pantheon and most 'a their planet. A god ain't presiding over any aspect. What makes a god look and act the way they do is how much power they have, And how that power aflicts everything around them. No labels here, you can call Aphrodite, Venus. But at the end 'a the day e's the same petty nimbitch with a black-hole for a c*nt and an attention-seeking compelx that rivals Zeus's sex drive."

"Ya know, I'm tempted to explain the fundamentals of the word 'God'. Luckly Ah'm a bit too lazy for that."

Yeeeeeees moooooooore!!!!!!!
Would have been hilarious if Null completely forgot how to move. Luna would just carry him around like a teddy bear.:rainbowkiss:
I know its not tagged, but I do hope theres some romance in the future.

Exclamation: SHUT UP MAGOS!
Statement: Sorry about that he can be... Dedicated at times.

I hope Celestia gets to spend a few years as a lawn ornament... preferably staring at a wall the entire time.

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