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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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Despite All My Rage

Chapter Five

Despite All My Rage.

I am trying my best to hold on, but now my sanity is slipping away. I can hear the ponies around me talking but their words are coming out as gibberish at this point. I think Spike wants to take me to the hospital and Rarity is kinda siding with him about this. Rainbow Dash is saying something about needing to take me back to Cloudsdale so she can fill out her paper work and be done with all this. While Twilight is looking more and more unnerved at me. I am just looking at the ground trying to comprehend all this.

How could they do it?

That question poses not one but two riddles in my mind. One is the means by which I was transported here, and the other is...how could they do it? The first question is boggling my mind. I know that Rhonda claimed herself to be High Queen of the Fae...but I don’t know even enough about the mythology of such creatures to think about whether or not they could fling someone across a universe!

The next version of this same question is stabbing at my heart. I did hurt them. Our relationships ended horribly, with me being too neglectful, too emotionally unavailable. All except the last one. I gave a great deal of myself to her. However, she was already married.. This was a sort of strange open ended relationship, but Dave never really liked me. Never approved of me. That was made all together too clear...

I feel something drip onto the floor next to my hoof. I realize that I am crying. That’s not abnormal, what is however is how easily it is coming. The flood of memories and emotions dealing with these matters is too much. Normally there would be a dulled sense to all these things. Like a dam that holds them in check, a wall of separation between emotions and logic. But it isn’t there. Or if it is, it is failing dramatically. I don’t know what to do now. My head goes down and cross my front legs over my face. I need to block … this...world out.

“By Celestia! Everypony Stop Talking!” Twilight shouts. The room goes quiet. “Right then.” She begins. “Clearly there is something wrong here. I want to find out what it is. Rainbow Dash wants to find out what it is.”

She turns looking at Spike and Rarity.

“Taking her to the hospital on the surface seems like a good idea. She has been through a great deal of trauma from falling that high. However, there is something else...” She pauses.. “Something I can’t place my hoof on.. However right now in her current state. I don’t think we should take her there.”

I blink, that’s not the Twilight Sparkle I know from the shows. Then again.. what do I know?

“But Twilight...” Spike begins.

“No Spike. There is something else going on. You said it yourself. It’s one thing to have strange ponies falling out of the sky. It’s another to have them fall out of the sky and know your name, let alone your friends names,” She looks back at me. “And a rather detailed recollection of an event in our lives...”

She walks up to me. I am shaking, I am feeling all sorts of things and they are all happening at once. Control yourself damn it. Stop shuddering. What is wrong with you?! Man up!

“Right then. Who ever you are, I know you’re confused. You’re kinda lost and it’s apparent to everypony here that you’re afraid.” She says quietly. “But we are all going to need an explanation and you’re the only pony that can help with that...can you do that for us?”

I shake my head in a no response.

“No...?” She looks confused as if she had prepared a speech in her head, one that was perfect only to find that it failed at it’s intended purpose. “Why not?”

I am fighting to find the words. Damn it, what the hell is wrong with me?

“I-I...Don’t Belong here...” I begin.

“Well...We all agree on that.” Twilight states in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

It kinda strikes a nerve the way she says it.

“No. I mean I don’t belong here.” I say using my hooves to point down at the ground.

“Um...in the library?” Rainbow Dash asks.

I push myself up off the floor. Ugh. I am not making myself clear enough.

“No. Here!” I say waving my front legs around.

“Ponyville?” Spike asks.

“No! I mean Here!” Now this is starting to annoy me. More so than it should actually..

“In Equestria?” Rarity asks.

“No! Here Here!” I exclaim. I don’t know what’s annoying me more, they aren’t getting it or that I am letting them not getting it get to me. The four of them are just giving me a blank look.

“I don’t belong in this World.” I explain. “I don’t belong in this Universe!”

They are still looking at me strange as if I have lost my mind. I push a hoof up into my mane...I look at the hoof. It’s unsettling. It’s not right...I try to wiggle my fingers, but my fingers aren’t there. My head drops.

“I just want to go home...” I finally squeak out hugging myself.

There is a lull of silence that comes over the room.

“I think we should still take her to the hospital.” Spike says.

“Spike!” Twilight replies glaring at him.

“What? I’m just saying...” He kicks his feet on the ground.

Twilight rolls her eyes. “Rainbow Dash. What do you think?”

Dash sighs a bit. “Why do I have to say anything?”

“Cause right now you are the closest thing to an authority we got here. You’re Cloudsdale security.” Twilight explains.

Dash opens her mouth and then looks at me. She takes a serious stance. “Right. The way I see it, Somehow our mystery pony got through security. However, she’s not a unicorn. So she couldn’t have done it by herself...” She replies tapping her chin with her hoof. “So. Even if she is all confused, it wouldn’t be her fault that she landed up in Cloudsdale. After all, Somepony else had to have sent her there.”

Twilight smiles. “Right. Somepony with rather powerful magic.” She looks at me. “And such magic will lead a trail behind. A trail that we can follow back to its source.”

“And how do you propose that we find this source, Twilight darling?” Rarity asks.

“Um.. That’s rather easy enough Rarity. I’m the one who is the expert in magic here, I’ll go back to Cloudsdale with Rainbow Dash, explain the situation.. and investigate the actual cause of all this.” She says in a matter of fact sort of way.

“Which will save me the trouble of filling out paperwork.. And I won’t lose any time on my time card! Score! Daring Do figure number 25 here I come!” She exclaimed. “Um... I mean..." she looked around and rubbed the back of her head. "I got nothing.”

“And…what do we do about her?” Rarity asked, shooting a glare at me.

“You two can watch her back here, right?” Twilight asks.

“Oh...no,no,no..” Rarity replied. “I need my beauty sleep, I have several more orders to fill tomorrow...”

Spike almost right away protests before Twilight can say anything. “Leave me here alone with little miss fruit loops over there? Not happening, Twilight..”

A voice comes yelling from downstairs. “Hey Twilight! Rarity! Rainbow Dash! Are you having a party up there without me?!”

Twilight looks at Spike. “Huh? Really? Do you think that is a good idea Twilight?” He asks already seeing what she is plotting.

“We have no other choice here, Spike. Not unless Rainbow Dash wants to go fetch Fluttershy.” She responds.

“I could do that...” Dash says in an absent minded manner.

“Actually that might be a good idea, Rainbow Dash. It’ll give me time to prepare the spell.” She looks at me. “You’ve been awful quiet in all this...are you alright?”

I blink at the question. “Yes.. no.. maybe...I don’t know...Ugh!” I stomp my hoof on the ground. “How could they have done this!?”

Twilight backs away. “Spike, I am going to trust you to keep an eye on her, alright?” Her horn glows and she picks up a quill and paper. “I have an important task for you, I need you to find and read this book while I’m gone ok?” She says letting the paper float down to him.

“Um Twilight this book is about-”

Twilight covers his mouth. “Something very important.”

Just then a pink tuft of mane bounces into the door frame.

“Who’s Ready To Party?!” She Exclaims before blowing on a party favor. “Whoa! Twilight! What happened in here? Why is there broken glass everywhere? We can’t have a party where there is broken glass, somepony could get...” She pauses for a moment. “Hurt.. Whoa...” That’s when she notices me and zips past the others before they can even talk. “Oh Wow! You look like you got hurt pretty badly! Are you ok? My name is-”

“Pinkie Pie.” I say without much emotion in my voice.

“Uh.. Yeah! Do you know me? Cause I don’t know you, and I know everypony in Ponyville! And that’s cause they’re all my friends! Course the first step in becoming another ponies friend is learning their name! And seeing that you already know my name, I’m half way to having a new friend!” She claps her hooves together.

The sound grates on my eardrums in a harsh manner.

“So! What’s your name?!” She asks me.
I blink and stare at the floor. “I...I don’t know anymore...” I reply in a detached manner.

“What? That’s silly, everypony knows their own name.” Pinkie replies.

I glare at her angrily.

Rarity intercedes before anything can happen. “You know what? Those orders can kind of wait a bit...I’ll stay here with Pinkie, Spike and…her. Just to make sure that nothing terrible happens..Just at least until Fluttershy arrives.”

Twilight smiles. “Excellent.” She says trotting off. Rainbow Dash is already gone.

I look up and see a flash of smiling pink at me again.

“Darn it, Pinkie...” I begin. “Why couldn’t you have shown up when I thought this was some sort of amazingly strange dream?”

She blinks. “Uuuuuuh...Huh...Don’t know!” She says trying to lean against me.

I move away in an irritated manner.

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