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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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Sister, Sister

Chapter 19

Sister, Sister.

The grand ornately carved doors open and for a moment I am blinded. The Princesses’ Throne room expands out before me. Stained glass windows portray inspiring murals of the Equestrian world floating among clouds, faded tapestries adorn the walls. The red carpet leads to the sparkling golden throne. In the background there is the gentle sounds of a water fountain. It is everything I imagined this seat of power to be and much more.
And in the center of this all, the most regal, most enchanting and purest white creature I have ever seen.
With a spire of a white horn and large expansive wings she sits at her throne. Her constantly flowing multicoloured mane adorned with the royal crown hides part of her face. I look upon her... and despair.

The others have approached the throne with their heads bowed in reverence, and kneeling before their ruler.
I am left in stunned silence nearly frozen not even six feet from where I walked in.

She looks down at her subjects smiling a soft and compassionate smile, however once her gaze turns to me, that smile dissipates quicker than morning dew on a summer day. Her pale almost pink eyes feel like they are looking right through me. They know that I am not really a pony, she knows that I am interloper in her territory. I lift my hoof and back up slightly. The doors slam hard behind me while she looks down her muzzle at me.

I am so screwed.

“Thank you for seeing us Princess Celestia.” Twilight says “I have reported to you as much as Heartbreak and I know about the situation as it stands.” The way that Twilight explains this is very formal, very exact, very Twilight Sparkle.

“And there have not been any other developments in Heartbreak’s situation?” The Princess asked.

“Um...” Twilight seemed confused at the question. “None that I know of.. The rainbow portal that appeared in Cloudsdale turned completely black and burned the tank of liquid rainbow with in. I can assume that it could have been used to send her back to her home world.”

Celestia’s gaze has gone unchanged. The others are now looking at me from nearly the other side of the room. Twilight uses her head to signal that she wants me to join the group. Hesitant at first, I slowly walk over to the others.

Calm yourself. Panicking isn’t going to help matters here. Show her that you don’t mean any harm, that you just want to go home. That’s what you want right? Right.” I tell myself. Twilight coughs out a slight nervous laugh.

“I see.” The Princess replies, her face is stiff and almost unreadable, however after watching the show for as long as I have, I know Celestia’s tells. When she is worried, angry, sad, joyful and concerned. Her expression comes off a mix of things. There’s anger to be sure, but it is mingled with other things. Determination, sadness and even desperation. But with that gaze nearly burning a hole in me, I turn away. I don’t think I want to stare at the sun for too long.

Twilight Sparkle begins to speak but pauses. “Princess Celestia. With all your knowledge, power and wisdom, as I have told you in my letter, that it is my hope that we can send her back to where she belongs. That we can restore her to her friends, her family and to her world. Princess Celestia, is there anyway, using our magic that we can recreate the event that sent her here?”

Celestia’s composure breaks for a moment as she looks down.
“No there is not.” She replies.

I don’t feel my heart drop in this. I expected that once I crossed that rainbow coloured bridge and fell from the sky, the Council of Nine would burn it behind me. I would have to build a new life here.. Starting from scratch. It isn’t a pleasing prospect.. However, I still have talents. If I try working on my skills that I had back home, my ability to draw, to write, maybe to learn and teach, I could build a life here. Maybe. The others are much more disappointed.

“There isn’t even a way that we could establish a connection back to her world?” Twilight asks a little desperately. “Isn’t there anything you can do to help her?”

Celestia shakes her head sadly. “Even with all the magic in Equestria currently, we could not do what the Council of Nine have done. The bridge they built was based on ancient rituals, a nearly limitless supply of raw power and the emotional tethers that kept your Heartbreak connected to the council. The Council through shear force of will cut their connections of passion and desire, their fears and hopes, their compassion and love to this one. They even went as far as to cut her from their universes cycles of life and death. Once this was done, they took her Name and replaced it with another.” The way that she explains it makes so much sense. I still don’t understand how they propelled me across the void however. “Without these connections, without these bonds of friendship. Heartbreak has no hope in returning back to the world she came from.” Celestia finished.

Something occurs to me.

“Ehem.” I cough raising a hoof. The group looks at me, I almost shy away but instead take a deep breath. “As much as I love being talked about like I am not here..I was just wondering.” I look at Twilight. “When did you mention that they changed my name Twilight?”

Twilight blinks. “Well... Hum... Come to think about it, I didn’t mention that.”

“Not even in the letter you sent when you captured me?” I ask very worried. Twilight shakes her head no.

“Then.. Um please.. Explain to me Celestia..” Celestia gives me a look that would send grown men into cowering curled up balls. “P-p-princess Celestia! Princess, if nob-b-b-” Start stammering on a word.

“Please Heartbreak. Do not fight the changes in your speech.” Celestia says.

A cold sweat forms on my forehead. She knows about the changes in my speech. The good news is that it helps to confirm the fears that my next question poses. The bad news is ..well.. wait. That is the bad news.

“You know.” I say in a hushed whisper. Twilight and the others look confused.

“Know what Heartbreak?” Twilight asks.

“I was going to ask how ...Princess..” I pause on the word. Fear is gripping me hard and I am starting to back away. “Celestia.. How she knew that the Counsel had stolen my name, but the only way that she could have known that was..”

“If I was aware of your arrival in the first place.” Celestia says. “Yes. This shouldn’t surprise you Heartbreak. I am Princess Celestia, Ruler of Equestria. There is little that goes on in my realm that I do not know about. I was aware of your arrival to Equestria. That you had fallen near or in Ponyville. And that those who had sent you here had taken your name.” Her wings fluff and ruffle. “I also helped soften your fall from Cloudsdale. However once you landed, I found it difficult to pinpoint your location. It was as if you were in two places at once.”

I really want to run to the door right now, I want to smash through it and run. I push and push my hooves to produce a running action. But to no avail. It is as if fear has glued them to the ground.

“Which is why I was pleased that my Faithful Student Twilight Sparkle was able to find you and bring you to me.” Celestia looks at me and suddenly I feel a slight force pressing my body. I see why I can’t move now. A golden glow covers my hooves and is creeping up my legs. “While we can not send Heartbreak back home Twilight Sparkle, we can indeed help her.” Twilight looks fearful now. She has a question on her mind. They all have the same question on their minds.

“H-h-how Princess Celestia?” She asks.

Celestia picks me up with as much effort and ease as someone would pick up a rag doll.

“By giving her a completely fresh start.” Celestia replies. Her eyes are nearly drilling holes in my skull with how hard she is focusing. “We must erase her memories.”

I struggle and fight upon hearing what Celestia is going to do.

“What?! No! Put me down!” I scream, I want to tell Twilight that I told her so in this moment, but I have more pressing concerns “Let me go!”

I see Twilight Sparkle out of the corner of my eye. She looks horrified. They all look horrified, even Rarity.. I look face to face with Princess Celestia.

Alright, This is how we are going to die. I would ask for last thoughts brain, but that last one was a dud. Goodbye Me, it was really nice knowing you...


Twilight Sparkle couldn’t believe the words that came out her mentor and life long teacher’s mouth. Heartbreak was right. Something horrible was about to happen in this moment. It wasn’t like being locked way in stone, in some ways it was far worse.

“What?! Princess, Why?!” Twilight exclaims. “How would that help her?!”

Princess Celestia pauses what she is doing and lowers Heartbreak without letting her go.
“Twilight Sparkle. You are a wonderful student, but the magics that sent Heartbreak here are strong, powerful and chaotic things. They have taken what would be a normally gentle soul and corrupted it. Twisted it.” She looks at Heartbreak, fear is washed on her face and still futilely trying to struggle free. “Because she does not have any bindings of friendship, she is now in a state of disharmony. You must have seen this on your trip to Canterlot. She is violent, full of fear and lashes out based on these poor experiences.”

“But .. Princess..” Twilight begins.

“No Twilight Sparkle. I am sure that you have noticed that her words are at times cruel and deceptive. That she wants for only one thing, while spreading fear and pain. And the moment that those who are reaching out to her turn their backs... She runs.” Celestia explains. “This isn’t a coincidence my little ponies. For Heartbreak is so out of harmony with not only Equestria but herself, She runs the risk of becoming the next Discord.”

There is a frightened and shocked gasp that echoes through the six.

“Begg’n your pardon Princess Celestia, but is that even possible?” Applejack asks worriedly.

“I assure it you it most certainly is.” Celestia responded.

“But-But I haven’t even had a chance to give her a welcoming party! I don’t know whether or not to give her a super secret spy party or an out of this world alien party!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“So you’re removing her memories!?” Fluttershy gasped. “T-t-that’s Horrible!”

“Yeah! Will she even be the same pony?” Rainbow Dash shouted. If Heartbreak wasn’t Heartbreak anymore.. how was she to get back at her for tricking her into crashing at the bottom of that hill?

“She will not be. In order to ensure that she does not bring about the destruction of all Equestria, I will have to remove her entire life prior to this night.” Celestia responded.

“Princess Celestia, Please reconsider!” Rarity shouted in protest. “I might not like Heartbreak and thus far she has been nothing but trouble, but she has had so much taken from her already! Why.. her memories are all she has left!”

“I am sorry my little ponies.” Celestia responded turning her face away. “This must be done for the good of all of Equestria.”

Twilight looked desperate. Those exact words were what Heartbreak had warned her of. She glanced to the door. Right now there was only one hope. One hope that she had hoped that it wouldn’t come down to. “Please Princess Celestia! There has to be another way!”

“I am sorry my dear Twilight Sparkle.” Celestia said fighting back her own emotions in the matter.

Heartbreak had fought so hard and struggled, but it was looking to be all in vain. She appeared to be preparing herself for the end as Celestia’s horn was coming down upon her.

“Why... Why not just... Kill me?” She asked.

“That would unleash all the chaotic magic within your being on to Equestria. There is no other way.” She replied.
The quiet was broken by the splintering of wooden doors and the shattering of glass. They clattered to the floor. The night spills into the room with lightning and thunder.

Princess Luna stands in the door frame. “Sister! Cease what you are doing this instant!”

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