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Evil/Good and Problems · 7:58pm Apr 29th, 2013

Evil for for Evil's sake: Stories are often just about the hero, even though alot of the time the villain is the more interesting. I prefer my antagonist with baggage or even better, a different concept of right and wrong. Evil just for evil's sake is just bad writing, and a cheep way to defeat him away is to make him/her see the light. This is why I hate what the elements of Harmony did to Nightmare Moon.

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Thanks for giving The New Steed a fave. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Well, when you do find a chance to read it, I hope that you'll find it to your liking.:twilightsheepish:

1005441 Hmmm am I unaware of typing my thoughts when I do this. Either way, I am impressed with your ability to guess that this is one of the few stories I faved before reading. (I tend to only do that to keep track of stories.)

Thank you very much for the Fave of Zenith! I hope that you enjoy finding out where Spike goes on his journey!:twilightsmile:

I still hope that you enjoyed the story overall

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