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Every night, in a little stable just outside of town, an old mare lays down to sleep. And every night she has the same dream of rainbows and open sky...

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Hoover Dam, son. This is depressing.

So glad this story is on here. It's probably the best oneshot I've read yet in this fandom.

Keep being awesome, Patchy.

This is awesome. Found it through a bottom-strip link across a different story and clicked on it for some reason. Out of all the others there I chose this one. And I am actually GRATEFUL that I chose this one. This is AWESOME. :rainbowdetermined2: A bit sad, but AWESOME. :fluttercry:

So it's awesomely sad? Sadly awesome?
I have to say, I'm liking FIMFictipn's sidebar a lot myself, it makes it nice and easy to find more stories you'd like, rather than just guessing by genre and description. Anyway, I'm glad you stumbled upon my story! Thanks.

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I guess that happens if Humans conquered Equestria.

This is the first fanfiction I've added to my favorites,and for good reason. This is one of the greatest fanfiction I have ever read. BRILLIANT concept, the writing is perfect for this type of story, and so beautifully, wonderfully understated. Not much is actually happening, Rainbow Dash walks through town and runs into some old friends and reminisces a bunch. It is a very simple story, but masterfully crafted in a manner that really tugs at your heartstrings. It's sad, but it doesn't shove it in your face. It's a quiet little story of hope, even when life is dreary and rough, with some imagination, you can create a world that no one can ever take away from you.

A masterpiece of tears and inspiration. I don't want to favorite it because it is so sad but at the same time it speaks to the nobility of spirit and I know I must. HikariAkai 34814 summed it up perfectly in his last sentence. It intertwines beautifully. I cannot encourage you enough to write more. If my heart can take the strain.

20255 Which is why humans must never learn of Equestria. I fear no matter how good the intentions this would invariably be the result.

-Nikola of Tesla
Head of Applied Magic, Canterlot Institute of Technology

Wow that story wasn't as sad as I thought it would be.......:fluttercry:but still.....:applecry:

I loved this story. I didn't find it very sad, more wistful, but that doesn't take away from the quality of it at all. Then, for some reason, it did strike me as sad when I was thinking back on it a couple of days later. Such is my brain. Either way, it was beautiful.

Perhaps this is the sad story that precedes the story of the downfall of mankind and the rise of ponykind?

based on the song?

this was beautiful. have some stars

Wait, is this a "humans have taken over Equestria" story, or a "normal earth horse dreaming of something better" one?

This is the most beautiful, brilliant, haunting fic I've read. And I've read quite a few fics, including most of the famous ones.

this is way to good, just reading it makes me dream of a better world.

I will remember this story for the rest of my life, thank you.:fluttershysad:

didn't cry, but it left me depressed.....now i feel bad for horses :pinkiesad2:

it's probably up to interpretation, but i think it's the second one

This is just amazing. This is easily one of the best stories this fandom has ever produced. I am so glad I found it again.

Simply... thank you.

moar please? :pinkiesad2:

this is so beautiful... how old are you?

this is really good. like, seriously.


Hello, Rio. This is Mario. I met you in two San Antonio brony meetups. Your interview just came up here at FimFiction, and I just remembered you told me about this story. I will download it to my smartphone and give it a read.

Seriously one of the saddest things I've ever read.

So, does this story take place during the Reconstruction era or perhaps during the American civil war?


Somewhere around there, yeah. I never really hammered down any specifics (since a pony wouldn't really know anyway), just that it took place somewhere between 1800-1910, and probably in America.

Well thanks for the reply. I enjoyed your story. It gave me a strong message about how some animals are treated in this world. I'm actually surprised that your story is not well known, it has potential to be.
In my opinion though, Rainbow Dash and the others should have been regular mares and should have not looked like their MLP counterparts. This way, a sense of realism can be expressed and therefore a sense of doubt for the world that Rainbow Dash lives in. However, it's your story so i will no further chide you.
Overall interesting story to read, thank you for posting this.

It's not majorly famous, but it's fairly well known in some circles. I think maybe some people were scared off by reactions of how hard their hearts were broken, and as I can tell sadfics in general aren't all that popular overall. (Except maybe My Little Dashie, which sort of fascinates me when I compare/contrast it to my own story, and the reactions to both of them, but that's an entirely different story)

As for the second thing, I think maybe you might have misread? Dash and her friends in the "real world" (I hate using the term "real world", but it's the best term I have at the moment) all ARE regular mares, save for having technicolor dream sequences (and manes that are abnormally sticky and thick). Only their MLP counterparts look like their MLP counterparts. However, for the most part there's not many physical descriptions of the ponies, save Rarity and Applejack whose colors could be plausible anyway, though Applejack's more of a palomino than straight up orange, but close enough. Otherwise, colors aren't mentioned and Dash herself is ambiguous. Since we're here talking colors anyway: Dash is blue roan, Twilight's black, and Pinkie Pie's unnamed equivalent is a reddish chestnut.
And Fluttershy is... Miss Not Appearing In This Fic because I couldn't find a place to work her in :unsuresweetie:

And thank you too. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Also, your username makes me laugh.

Honestly, with all due respect, I like this story better than My Little Dashie, in terms of plot twist. Kind of makes me think that we are all living in a dream.

Im so glad this is here! I originaly found this story thanks to RD presents and I am so glad I read it. Why dosnt this have many likes? I thought this was pretty famous on Eqd and I would say it is MLD tier writing. I love thought provokers. Anyway, great job!

This is the only story that actually fucked me up, and I hate you for it. I read, write, and review the shit out of grimdark. Pony war? No worries. Well-executed tragedy? Moar. Intense pathos and conceptions of betrayal? Fuck yeah.
Your story? Your story wounded me sir! So yes, very, very well done. Keep it up, you excellent bastard.


This is something I agree with. It just has that kind of passive, kind of apathy-inducing level of sadness to it.

It was pretty alright for the first while explaining Dash's real life, but when it got to her old friends, that was just some hardcore sadness. I like how you tell things as they are in this fic too. No melodrama or exaggerating to make the situation feel sad, it just is sad, which I believe was well displayed at the ending.

I'd prefer the formatting to be done differently, and found a sentence reading, "For a moment her legs were began to violently shake", but I'm ages late to reading this story. No point in nitpicking over these details.

Great stuff though, really. It isn't often that literature in this fandom gives off the vibes that this fic does.

I love this story. To me, it wasn't the same as My Little Dashie on the "Manly-tears" shedding scale, but it was still a powerful story. I was left after the end just staring at the screen thinking "Wow." Congratulations on a fantastic job. I'm surprised I never heard of this before.

I can't stop crying, its so sad and now my face is all wet.

awwe sadly awesome :twilightsmile:

Ok, this story, is amazing. i came here because of the "Rainbow Dash Presents" videos, because i wanted to see how well the actual story read... now i'm crying and... ... :applecry: :fluttershysad: :pinkiesad2: :raritycry:

also, whoever gave the thumbs down.... your a heartless SOB

That was terribly depressing. Well done. :moustache:

Now I'm gonna cry!
Why do I have to like all the sad fics?
I think I have been emotionally compromised.
I now relieve myself of duty to go and cry over this fic for a couple hours.
:raritycry::pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry::ajsleepy: Sad ponies.

This was very depressing man

Sincerely the now very depressed timelord

That's beautiful. Kind of makes me think of Black Beauty.

No pun intended. :ajbemused:

Rainbow Dash Presents.....

That is magnificent. I love the shift in perspective from dream to reality and the utter contrast between the two. Solid four stars.

So many feels... So... many... feels....

This is truly a masterpiece, a work of genius rarely seen throughout literary history (as far as the brony fandom goes, at least). I was hooked from the first word to the last, which doesn't often happen for me. I read this on GoogleDocs, ran over here and found it. Insta-like, insta-fave. (P.S. Why isn't there a link to here on the EqD page?)

Now, that said, there were some (very minor) errors in the GoogleDocs version. I didn't read this version yet because I don't have the time right now, but would you be okay with me going through and finding them again? The errors I found on GoogleDocs were minor, but noticeable, and I just wanted to make sure it's alright with you that I go and point them out to you. I'm gonna read this again anyway, probably tonight, I'm just asking your permission to nitpick a couple of spelling things that may not actually be in this version. Regardless of your answer, thanks for reading all this stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

Thank you very much for the kind words :twilightsmile:
And yes, you may! The sad thing is, I'm usually fine at checking for grammar in other people's work, but I'm awful at my own, and always prone to typos, despite how much many times I check. Sneaky, sneaky errors.
The link's not on EQD because this story actually existed before FIM existed! I just never got around to updating it yet, heh. :twilightblush:

Yeah, it's always tough to catch your own mistakes. I'll look over that... soon. I'll send a PM rather than put that in the comments.

So fucking depressing, man. Damn. Absolutely beautifully written. I think the only thing I loved more than the story was the way you wrote it. Entrancing, truly and completely, by every definition of the word. Great job, my friend. Great job. I'll have to read more of what you've written.

poor Applejack and Rarity why must people bad things happen to the two best ponies:pinkiesad2: this reminds me a bit of Black Beauty except the whole rainbow pony thing Rainbow Dash may be my least favorite at the moment anyway. i feel so bad for her imagine living in such a bleak world and then dreaming of paradise

OK, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So instead of writing a 2000 words essay on what I think of this fic, have those:

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?

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