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Once upon a time, Silver Spoon's life made sense. She had the right friends, the right house, and the right school for a young lady coming up in the world. Once upon a time, Silver Spoon lived amongst proud towers in a vibrant, bustling city that never slept.

Now she lives in Ponyville. Not so terrible once one gets used to it. Silver's learned to appreciate some ponies, harbor grudges for others, and tolerate the rest. But sometimes, she wonders if one pony in particular is as popular as she thought.

Preread and edited by Autumn Wind, Cthuluigi, and SaddlesoapOpera

Chinese translation by hehelover

Chapters (30)
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New fic, about (pre-S1!) Silver Spoon, from the author of one of my all-time favourite fics (Somewhere Only We Know)...


Faved, tracked, etc.

It felt so short. But it had a few cute moments. But that brick wall stop at the end. Ouchy, my face. It certainly has me wishing there was a bit more to read.

Looking towards the next chapter.

Still mulling over why this chapter felt so... thin. Like, it went by fast. :rainbowhuh:

Best part of the story is how genuine the characters feel like you're actually seeing and hearing them. This is true SL right here.

Loving this fic up to now, and I don't just say that as one of your test audience. ;)

I'm looking forward to more!

Comment posted by Zaveryn deleted Aug 2nd, 2015

Nice. Silver is New England rich, Diamond is LA rich.

This is a very interesting characterization. Nuanced and complex yet it still matches what we've seen in the show. Very enjoyable and I look forward to more.

Silver is acting the way she was raised

Nicely done. Don't suppose I got ever et you to pre-reward my own silver spoon fic one day

Hm. I'm really liking the premise, so far. Its certainly a different take on those two troublesome fillies. I checked the story mainly because it was a Silver Spoon one, but still, its pretty good. I'll be following this to see where it goes.

Comment posted by Zaveryn deleted Aug 2nd, 2015

You've captured their voices perfectly. They are not evil, they are just kids trying to climb and survive the social ladder of their environment.

That's just like all schools. There only place I remember that being all thrown out the window was college then the real world brings it all back again.

That was a fun chapter. Poor Scoots. ruled by jealousy and too prideful to submit to the girly hierarchy. xD
Bet she would have loved going. She's just too different I guess to be accepted by those two.

"[...] We need to do something about how you handle recess. Tea is nice and all, but—”

Silver Spoon’s ears shot up. She loomed over the pillow, staring her friend dead in the eye. “Teatime is in the afternoon, Diamond Tiara.”

Don't mess with a filly's tea time. That is nonnegotiable! XD

Overall it's a fine chapter. Nice to see a story with a more serious tone to an origin story for these ponies. Things are going to get real once that list gets shown. I like how well this story plays off the how well Diamond seems to balance wants with family/business obligations. Just odd how she and Silver go from this to teasing AB. Is it just the fact AB makes such a big deal about nothing and just drives some ponies nuts? I have no idea. There is too much for Diamond and Silver to find genuinely annoying about Apple Bloom.

Waiting another month is going to suck D: but at least Diamond and Silver's comic comes out in 8 days xD

Actually, the rough draft for the next one's already done, since I originally meant for it to be one chapter before it got huge. So, it'll likely be up in about a week.

I can't help but wonder if this is in any way connected to A Diamond and a Tether. I'm a sucker for continuity like that.

As for the story itself? I love it. It's great.

because Silver Spoon did perfect work She traded nods with Silver

You accidentally a period.

Good stuff, and interesting perspective on the way those two act. Looking forward to seeing how they handle Nightmare Moon and such.

This feels exceptionally good so far. A very enjoyable story delving into high-strung school politics, which makes Silver Spoon an oddly sympathetic character; like 5872066 said, it shows how she is simply acting according to how she was raised. I look forward to reading more and seeing what this story blooms into!

Finally! A popular story about me! Thank you, you mystical author!:pinkiehappy:


I think the important thing to take from all this is that it's totally Berry Pinch's fault. YOU SUCK, BERRY!

I am really impressed! We continue to expand on the concept of looking into these characters' minds and that, in reality, there may be a lot less maliciousness to them than might appear; that this is simply their business – their way of being. And yes, perhaps that way of being is petty and maybe even inherently malicious to an extent, but they're not villains. Though, they may yet become that, if this story follows their progression into the much meaner versions of them that we see bullying the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the show. Whatever may come, I can't wait to read more!

5992131 I think we can all hope that at the after-party, Princess Celestia banishes Berry Pinch to the sun. Good to know that someone besides the CMC has released a season-opening villain.

I must say that the presentation of child games, child worries, and child fears is executed all but flawlessly here. This story is adorable, the cast is adorable, and The Dink needs her own FiM episode.

Bravo! :twilightsmile:

DT be jelly. So her mark is in being proper and keeping proper order or is it in hosting tea parties?

It's something of both. I think of cutie marks as representing several aspects of a pony, not just talent but also who they are.
Silver Spoon's specific talent is tea parties, but that's a manifestation of her Self, which is being proper and keeping order.

I'm pretty sure an episode starring The Dink would either be a ghost hunt show or she'd host some sort of Tales From the Crypt thing, sharing various spooky schoolyard yarns (school-yarns?).

This is quite excellent. I think this just might be the best Silver Spoon story on this site.

Silver Spoon wrinkled her nose. “I hate it.”

"Look, Silver, there's your new school! Looks great, doesn't it?"

"It's gonna stink. I liked my old school."

And then her father took a shortcut to get to their new house after missing the turnoff and they ended up in a bath house for the spirits.

(That time this story was spirited away by random crossover errors...)


“There are actually some plants that are carnivorous, too. Who can name one?”

A strange colt with wild white hair and thick green goggles wildly waved his hoof while wearing a manic grin on his snout, "Audrey 2!"

Cheerilee blinked, then sighed. Nerds were just the worst.


True, Audries had been rumored to exist... but they hadn't been seen in hundreds of years... right?

Somewhere not so far away, a lone pony found his newest acquisition from the Everfree had grown unexpectedly rapidly...



“Fine.” Diamond turned back to the stand and put down five bits. “Actually, I think I’ll get a spray of mountain laurel.”
“Great choice, Diamond.” Daisy nudged the bits into her bag and bundled the laurel with bright pink string. “These blossomed just this morning. Lily’s just so proud of them.”
The pink filly twitched her nose at the strong scent. She tasted a petal. Her ears pricked and her eyes grew big and wide. Diamond chomped the rest of the stem in two bites.
Silver tried one for herself. The blossom was even better than she anticipated, with silky petals and a sweet aftertaste.

And then they died from the grayanotoxin and arbutin present in most laurels... :twilightoops:

(Of course, daffodils on Earth are deadly to most species and yet Equestrians chow down on them frequently... Could Equestrian ponies be... ALIENS?! :pinkiegasp:)

AJ: We're livin' in another dimension, sugarcube. Ah reckon that's pretty much a foregone conclusion. :ajbemused:

(Oh... carry on with your toxic flower consumption then.) :derpytongue2:

I must say, THIS is what I call a proper fanfic!

It takes place within the world of the show, generally inside the timeline, keeps to the events, BUT moves the story along from a totally different point of view and in an original manner such that it's not simply rehashing the event.

The characters are richly personalized and individually engaging, the narrative flow is perfectly paced, the settings are described properly as details are woven within the movement of the story rather than standing out awkwardly.

I'm enjoying this very much indeed.

5991960 You are a mean little filly and Nightmare Moon's going to gobble you up one day!


6018688 I've seen the error of my ways, and I promised not to bully again.

6018929 Hmm... so you say... *does the 'I'm watching you' thing with pointing to his eyes then to you*

So she got her mark in hosting tea partys? Well its a talent I guess.

You know, there's an interesting point here.

The audience is generally inclined to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and ask themselves why anybody would ever prefer their company over the Cutie Mark Crusaders'. However, really think about it—would you be eager to be friends with a group of girls who feed the ponies who trust them love drugs, steal magical potions, or give customers horrible makeovers?

This is such a wonderful fic. Excited for more.

That was sad, tragic even, it felt like the stories from the Titanic about how people knew the ship was sinking and couldn’t do anything about it so they just sat there and carried on like normal… it made me tear up anyway; which is an accomplishment in itself considering these are characters I don’t normally care about.

I think that Silver’s Cutie Mark is about how she physically and metaphorically added a spoonful of sugar to the situation to calm everyone down.

“Silver Spoon added a lump of sugar and gently stirred, just enough to bring out the passionflower’s flavor.”

I also really like the way you’re handling these characters as children first, even though they exude decorum they keep their youth and know that they’re not the end all be all; unlike how so many other stories write them, Diamond knows that these friends aren’t rich or ‘very important ponies’ but they are on their level for their needs in this town. I really appreciate that because it keep the characters more realistic, more in character, and less snobbish.

This story is well on it’s way to my favorites list if you keep this up, I’m looking forward to more!

That 100th episode. Lyra and Bonbon felt like fully grown mares of Diamond and Silver. xD Those two were adorable. So much to digest.

Won't say anything in fear that you've yet to see the episode. So instead I'll ask how goes the next chapter in this incredibly increasingly adorable story? :raritystarry:

I like that rump-bumping seems to actually be the Equestrian fistbump/high-five/whatever and it doesn't just come in sugar-lump variety.

Next chapter's coming along smoothly. The rough draft finally finished earlier this week and the final draft started yesterday. I'm hoping to upload next Tuesday.

6089254 Sweeet! I can't wait to read it! xD

And yeah. I like the implication so far that ponies who do that are the ones that just "GET each other" and spend most of their days with together (and seem to have that Valley Girl thing going for them) seem to adopt that signature bumping of rumps. 10 bits says Lyra and Bonbon saw Diamond and Silver and decided to do their own version.

OH! Better yet... Diamond sees Lyra and Bonbon do that and figure if THOSE two were so close and open with each other then why not her and Silver Spoon, too? I can only imagine how your Spoon would react to such levels of affection being thrown her way.
(If only Diamond knew WHY those two were so close~. Oh well, it'll click some day.
derpicdn.net/img/2015/6/13/916060/large.png )

It was great seeing more rump bumping among the wonder mares. Twilight and Cadance shake their rumps in a dance, Lyra and Bonny slam each other, and Sugarlumps make it a secret hoof shake. Only other pony to do these things is Pinkie Pie that I can recall, always bumping into others. Though Rarity seems to slam her ass into others that don't seem to pick up on things quick enough or aren't paying attention. :P

A society where you're limited on ways to express yourself the way we do with hands has led to some very genuine and heartfelt ways to express those emotions. If only we fostered expressions this freely growing up rather then further demonizing and segregating ourselves. Well, I guess we can always just join the human world's equivalent to Ponyville: Join a nudist colony!

A stair party. I want that for my party.

Of course Diamond Tiara of all ponies would have a leather saddle bag in a word where all the animals talk. That's just a whole new level of evil.

Ocean leather, actually. It's made of kelp.

You'll get a mountain of RSVPs from King Sombra.

I had forgotten about this story. I can't stand SS & DT, but I like the story...lol.

I like this, we've caught up to the start of the adorabullies, now we can see how things progress from their perspective.

I love the depth you've given them. DT is still intolerable though.

DT and SS eventually mature... and become supervillains: The Mistress of Beeyatching and her henchpony The Skank. :trollestia:

If at times it seems the gods stand up for bastards, it is well to remember that sometimes bastards stand up to gods. If only by hosting tea parties :raritywink:

But seriously --- this has the feel of a series I read in childhood, one that included Ramona Quimby, Age Eight. I don't know how I got into the series (there were no mile - long space dreadnoughts on the cover), but I remember being fascinated by the way the characters seemed more like me, and the kids I knew, than the kids in any other books I had read. They were recognizably us, warts and all -- yet I still liked them.

Really, really good story, here. Thanks!

DT: I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!

You got featured!!! you gor featureeeeeed!! :yay::yay::yay:

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