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Reader, in ancient days, the old lords of the world numbered in thousands. Then hundreds. Then even less.
Now, they are found only in tapestries and fanciful ballads.
The creatures are all vanished. All but one.

Rumors say there are more of him, somewhere far away. A young and supposedly gifted mage called Star Swirl, and Heartstrings, a gentle spinster, have joined him on a journey to find the rest.

Featured in The Royal Guard's Fic Spotlight #5
TV Tropes page (that could use more love)

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Did you just make a The Last Unicorn crossover?

Did you do it well?

Am I going to be keeping an eye on this?

Am I going to continue asking rhetorical questions?


Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 15th, 2013

MOAR!!!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:


They were just a smidge more advanced than we are now.
(EDIT: Outdated answer, written before I'd gotten that deep into worldbuilding, disregard)

And no, not much of an idea of how to use tech, though he might have, had the electrical grid not shut down. (Heh, there used to be a huge section on that, but I moved it)

In order:
That'd be nice
Of course


Are you being sarcastic?

Am I waiting impatiently for the next chapter?

Will I rip this to shreds if you do it poorly?

OK, I'm not going to continue doing that indefinitely. But yes. I will rip this to shreds if done poorly. I'm just that petty.


Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 22nd, 2017

"Iron" is a bit of a catch all poetic term for metals in general. As for the rest, well... there are answers later, but you'll just have to wait and see. :ajsmug:

Hmm. "The last human", eh? Nice looking description + coverart, guess I'll open it up and have a--

>by PatchworkPoltergeist


Wow. I'm looking forwards to the rest of this. Oh, and just to let you know, you've got some problems with the format. Your paras. occasionally clump together. Oh, and:

>but it the library taught him their names.
>that afternoon Echoes from (lack of a period)

Anyway, gorgeous story, tracking so I can see more of it and the fact that I found this through serendipity proves I've been an idiot in not watching you. Consider that corrected. :twilightsmile:

Ooooh, neat crossover. Last Unicorn in reverse.

Definitely going to continue reading this. I loved the movie and this seems to be good.
Park1, Yield2, Subway3, Fines4, Low-Bridge5, Starbucks6, and little One-Way7, who had a charming spot on his head. These six the man resolved to never eat
I kinda count seven main pigeons.

Whoops! I forgot to count in Low-Bridge after I added him to the list.

Aw, I'm relevant! :twilightblush: Relevant and still missing typos.

Oh FFS, who downvotes something like this?

Anyways - very nice story you have on your hands here. Love to see more. :yay:

Considering how fast the downvotes came, I am assuming it was folks who just kneejerk blast anything with the Human tag.

Their loss -- I am really liking this story so far!

Yay for Patch! :pinkiehappy:

This was amazing!
One of the best story ideas in ages!
You even wrote it well! :pinkiehappy:
If you dont continue bad things will happen... :pinkiecrazy:

Last Unicorn? Last Human?
This is so awesome! :rainbowkiss:
Well written, and I'm really liking the story so far.

More chapters now! :flutterrage:
Um, I-I mean... if it's okay. *meep* :fluttershyouch:

You have my interest sir. And if I'm not mistaken, you made a reference to G1? I take it the world in your story is not the same earth as our earth? I hope Celestia didn't murder them, because that would just grind my gears. I look forward to the next update.

Now this is a complet twist to the "The last unicorn movie" i do belive i will greatly enjoy reading more of this fic.

Yeah i'm aboslutely tracking this one.

That was possibly the most emotional story I've read this month. So many feels, I can't even begin to count them...

Beautifully written, and i absolutely LOVE the way you described the human!

I would love to read more! :pinkiehappy:


I shall see where this goes from here.
Then make a decision.

Cool story again.

The seapony references some human songs, right? It's saddening, in a way.
The human will never know where they came from, and I'm not even sure the seapony knows what it is singing.

Good job on this, keep on going. :rainbowkiss:

Awsome, that's all i can say.

This is absolutely brilliant so far. An original take on, and a wonderful ode to, a good movie and an even better book.

This sounds rather interesting. I shall track and read when I can. :twilightsmile:

1417859 Why so many duplicate pictures? I assume you didn't mean to...

1417985 Well, that's certainly not obnoxious in the slightest!

Yep! About 90% of her dialogue are song lyrics. I think the only ones that aren't are the comment on the human's singing and maybe two sentences about the roc.

Oh my, yes. That book is amazing and has been my favorite novel for 13 years.

Mostly OCs, and a few kinda-canon characters.

Awww, thanks! Also, I love how much your avatar matches the comment.

Very nice take on the butterfly scene, and Mommy Fortuna-analogue looks like fun.

I'm confused... I'm also guessing the seapony can only say things she's read or heard before but nothing of her own thoughs?

Interesting, I shall track.


awesome story keep going.:coolphoto::moustache:

Kinda canon as in Starswhirl the bearded, Private Pansy, Princess Platinum, etc?
I would sure hope so, especially Private Pansy, Fluttershy in old conquistador armor is pretty much awesome and cute.

Hey our singing is not that bad!

Well well well, the analogue to The Last Unicorn continues. I find myself completely enthralled with how you're progressing do far, but I do admit to some worry that you will merely rewrite the book with the humans and ponies having switched roles. I do so hope I will be proven wrong in this regard.

That all said, I still love this story thus far and eagerly await the next instalment.



wait wait wait

The part where she describes humanity's full scientific classification...is a song?

Heh, whoops. Alright, the scientific classification too. Actually, most of humanity's description is regular old prose before it hits the rune poem describing them as "adorners of ships" and it unravels back into song lyrics.
(That's what I get for typing before thinking!)

Oh, they're her own thoughts, she just expresses them in her own strange way. And also tends to get distracted a lot.

There I stood, a lonely soul in a sea of eyes
a thousand, thousand reflected in my own.
There I stood before him, but none
a lonely soul alone, save himself.
There I stood, a silent smile
a mirror I regard...

Were Peter Beagle aware of MLP... I have no doubt that he would approve. Well written, and suggesting depths to Humans that might not be so easily discerned. IN other words, I like this.

Holy crap, I freakng love your prologue. :yay:

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